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Emilio Pucci Miri Tunic

 This time I changed a bit of the format. Usually it is always focusing on the bag, and I will suggest the matching shoes, dresses and other accessories but this time, the attention is this beautiful Tunic dress.


 This tunic caught my attention because of its name, Miri. I just love it.  I don’t know why they named it Miri but one thing for sure I’ve been to Miri and me kind like love it. It is a very beautiful town and a place of the biggest cave in world, Niah. This tunic is everything about Miri and Niah, lots of trees, free and easy to look at. Made from silk, so expect something luxurious even you are in your most casual day.

Miri for GBP572.76 at net-a-porter



Bottega veneta woven top handle bag USD2100. Pre order yours at saks.



Banana Republic Jackson  stretch cotton trousers USD89.



Modern vintage Janara Gladiator flat at bluefly for USD117.99

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Katie Holmes for Miu Miu

Below are the benefits of becoming Mrs Cruise?

  1. You can like ‘having’ it with Mr. Cruise on daily basis
  2. You can have a cute, adorable child in the whole entire world, Suri
  3. You technically don’t have any big movie now but yet you are famous
  4. You can get away with anything like “that not so flattering rolled up baggy jeans” and yet people called it latest style
  5. Your BFF is Victoria Beckham
  6. You’ve been selected for Miu Miu’s spring/summer ’09 campaign


Speaking about reason No 6, the above is the new look of Katie Holmes for Miu Miu.

For those who think Miu Miu is a name of a cat, you are wrong. Miu Miu is a cheap, affordable version from Prada house. It is taken from the designer, Miuccia Prada’s nickname. It is like CK Jeans for Calvin Klein, DKNY for Donna Karan and Versus for Versace.

Katie is photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Holmes portrays “a luminous icon radiating a sense of mystery and theatricality.” Erm… I can read that word but to interpret I need like 20 seconds. If you can’t interpret this, don’t worry. It’s nothing wrong with you. Blame Katie because she looks super hot, skinny and classic. BTW, where those cheekbones come from?

Past faces of Miu Miu includes Johnny Depp GFF (girl friend forever) actress Vanessa Paradis, Kirsten Dunst and Lindsay Lohan.

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Balenciaga Pleated Clutch


The thing that so make me so can’t keep my eyes from this clutch is because of the structured pleated details. It makes this clutch looks so strong but at the same time not too overdone. The suede on leather makes this one of exclusive clutch. It is not wrong to pair this with soft material dress and if you want to an impact why think something manly like slim cut tuxedo?

Balenciaga pleated clutch bag for GBP495 at brownsfashion .

Carry the clutch with:-



Think Anne Hathaway at her best behaviour and you get a very feminine and demure dress from Isaac Mizrahi Sweetie pie Gown for GBP3,572.42 at net-a-porter.



Or think fierce Anne Hathaway and you get Vivienne Westwood jacket at GBP448.47 at net-a-porter.



Feminine dress must with the kiiller and most elegant and glamorous shoes I’ve ever seen. Jimmy Choo Presta metallic sandal GBP360.43 at net-a-porter.



Sparkle with Kenneth Jay Landver asymmetrical crystal necklace. GBP194.65 at net-a-porter. Note: this only applicable for the dress.

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Worst 2009 Golden Globe dress


J Lo, your Versace Grammy plunging neckline heyday is so over! It is really cool in 2000 but if you want think you get the same impact in 2008 with that Marchesa dress from Spring/Summer 2009, you are wrong JLo, you are so wrong.  

p/s: you look like a fat sandwich.

Photo from

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Ultrapeel Dermalift System

My friend Brandon was born with beautiful skin. He never takes care of his skin (I really mean never) but yet he has a perfect flawless skin. Don’t you ever ask him what is his secret or you’lbe fool with nonsense tips on how to achieve clear skin. Some just born lucky and unfortunately not me.
But it doesn’t mean I have a terrible skin, please don’t get it wrong. My only problem is bit acne scars, occasional acne and sometimes dullskin. My aim is to have a clear and beautiful skin so I can get more and more secret admirers! oppsss…. With regards to that, I undergone a procedure called Ultrapeel  Dermalift System. If you don’t know what that is, let me tell you in a simplest way possible. It is a superficial skin resurfacing that used a closed vacuum system and it includes some kind of crystals. It is for smoother and radiant skin (hoping for that!). That’s it, don’t ask me any further.  Go to Google!

This is the steps in Ultrapeel procedure. In case if you keep wondering who is the gorgeous patient (or a gorgeous wannabe), he is me.

FIRST STEP - Cleanse the face and the derm will wipe the face until it is really, really dry. If not, the crystal will not really work.

FIRST STEP - Cleanse the face and the derm will wipe the face until it is really, really dry. If not, the crystal will not really work. I look tense. Well honey, this is my first time. Tense but excited. It is like singing 'like A Virgin"

SECOND STEP- The real thing began. Mrs Doc said she used low pressure for that area, and I love her printed tunic dress.

SECOND STEP- The real thing began. Mrs Doc said she used low pressure for that area, and I love her printed tunic dress.

THIRD STEP- Higher pressure vacuum for my white head prone nose. I can feel the crystal bit.

THIRD STEP- Higher pressure vacuum for my white head prone nose. I can feel the crystal bit.

FOURTH STEP - Neutrogena icy cold mask.i felt a bit burning sensation after the vacuum, the mask really help.. do I look fat?

FOURTH STEP - Neutrogena icy cold mask.i felt a bit burning sensation after the vacuum, the mask really help.. btw do I look fat?

Final step- smile. I just have to smile even with big red mark on my cheek. Mrs Doc said it will be gone in a couple of days!

Final step- smile. I just have to smile even with big red mark on my cheek. Mrs Doc said it will be gone in a couple of days!



kiddie room

kiddie room


FYi, the procedure only cost me a cheap, very cheap RM135, it is like Charles and keith bags, cheap and beautiful!You’ll never gonna get this low!

I am not saying it is work because this is my first time. So I just have to try for a few sessions to see the result.

Credit to my favourite derm, Klinik Qistina. I like this clinic because Mrs Doc is such a sincere doctor. She never sells rubbish medication like other docs, who just like robbed my money! Plus, I just love the ambience of her clinic!

 Call Klinik Qistina 03-89434487 for your free skin consultation.

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Celestina black sea shell clutch


I know this clutch can’t really stand it on its own because of it is unsymmetrical shape but it is surprisingly chic. It is not like that kind of chic that almost everyone carries after Anna Wintour declares it chic; but this is a chic and unique bag. Plus this will be never two same clutches because it is made from a real black shell clutch, kind of shell you find on the beach. You won’t find your normal officemate own a clutch made from black shell clutch, and if they ever own one it might be in their living room aquarium. So if you are carries this to company dinner, I’ll bet you’ll invite a lot of stares and queries. It going to be an exciting night. You are carrying a unique piece that is chic and guess what no one can get the same clutch. Black sea shell clutch for GBP547.66 at net-a-porter. Unique stuff also comes with ‘unique condition’. Black sea shell can’t be ship outside EU.




A unique clutch need not so typical dress like Alexander Mcqueen Striped knit column dress with padded angular shoulders for GBP994.21 at net –a-porter. This dress will give you slim illusion because of the combination of optical print and the structured shoulders. If you can, avoid too colourful print dress.


A unique clutch and not so typical dress need something sweet like Kate Spade black patent leather Gina peep toe pump at USD148.99 @ bluefly.

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Porsche White Collection

When I think of Porsche, I will think of boring, conventional design. Most of the design is not stylish at all and it is a negative in my style pH. Nothing great, if I ever stop at Porsche counter at KLIA, I just stop just to say hi to my friend, the beautiful Suzie who works as a Porsche sales personnel. The rack just didn’t give any impact and it doesn’t make me to browse the collection for more than 1 minutes. In short, the car is sexy but the shirt just suck.


With all my impression about Porsche it is kind like change, a bit when I saw Porsche white Collection. It is quite ok. It doesn’t make me jump out of bed and call Suzie to reserve something from White Collection but if I have extra money, I’ll probably buy it (I don’t know when it happened). The white is just like quite hip. I am thinking someone like Kanye West carries the briefcase and wears the shades.  He likes white isn’t it? I am ‘thinking’ about the jacket. I don’t see it for real but from the photo it is not bad. My only concern if the cut is suitable for me. It looks quite hip but I can’t stop thinking about Porsche target market is kind like for rich, typical masculine formal man. If they keep with that concept, the jacket is so not me.


The credit card holder look ‘quite cute’, maybe I can pay a visit to Suzie to ask for her opinion. Hmmm…..


For white experience, visit the site.


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Valentino Glamorous tote


Girls…This is what you should ask from your other half if he is trying to make up with you. Instead of boring roses, you must ask him to buy this flowery…. Or should I say a lot of ‘flowers’ in a form of Valentino Glamorous tote. The calf leather petals look amazingly crafted but this tote WILL or SHOULDN’T be your everyday tote. It is too much flowers in one grab. The reasons why you should ask your man to buy you this is it is not a typical leather tote  because of the petals, obviously and it will be easily recognize as Valentino, also because of the petals (again obviously), if you are in a crowd of rich fashionista.

Glamorous is a tote that is made to only be shown on a very limited event and only certain outfit. You won’t caught dead carrying this over and over again or end up being called flower freak girl. For those who like to carry Glamorous, I would like to recommend something that is just simple, ordinary and modern, something like this Armani Collezioni at saks. You’ll be amazed the attentions you get once you step into the room. This is not a great tote but it has surprise element.


Valentino Glamorous tote at Neiman Marcus for USD2995. Remember; don’t use your money to buy this.

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Anya Hindmarch Speed Chain bag


Now is like everyone is carrying a chain shoulder bag. It is like a virus attack. Why shouldn’t they? It is chic and flexible. You can use your shoulder or carry it effortlessly like the above image.

If you are looking for chain shoulder bag, I am begging you, please take a look and consider at this classic off white Anya Hindmarch Speed Shoulder bag. You can never go wrong Speed. Off white can go with any colour or tone. The shape is so easy on eyes, without any surprise element and at a reasonable size. Speed is just sweet, simple and at the same time very exclusive.  This is the bag that will make everyone; including your so called frienemies will have nothing to say. If they said it is ugly, they don’t mean Speed, they mean you.


Anya Hindmarch Speed pre order at Saks for USD795, now you don’t have any reason not to buy this chain bag. At USD795, it will not make you poor and you don’t need any reason not to buy this bag. Pre order at Saks.

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Azlina birthday gift- Coach Kristin hobo

Azlina and I

Azlina and I

The above pic was taken during one of the simplest yet exclusive and beautiful wedding I’ve ever attended. I still remember my dear friend Azlina and her hubby Mizul looks like a fairy tale prince and princess in Syaiful Baharim. She is a girl who fall into an effortless chic category who never try too much but her style still very impressive. Unlike me, sometimes I look like a walking fashion specimen BUT I always can get away by saying “this is fashion” or “hello…. I saw David Beckham in this very same style” or “did you ever read Harpers or Vogue?!’.

Her latest Coach leather Kristin just proved that she is someone that still managed to stich to her fashion pronciple even now she is very pregnant. This effortless hobo is a birthday present from her Mizul and  it is so  Azlina.

The birthday gift... and can you see my reflection?
The birthday gift… .. erm can you see my reflection?

Kristin hobo is something that I will suggest if you want to get something leather from Coach. This is a bag that you can carry every year because the style won’t fade. Mizul bought this is KLCC Coach boutique. But if you want it to be delivered to your office so you can proudly tell everyone you bought something spectacular, it is a click away only USD598 at coach.

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