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Partying Weekend

It’s been a very busy weekend for me. I am not busy working but busy going out! On Friday night I am in a formal function which I am wearing my bright designer batik shirt that gain a lot of attention and it end around midnight so I slept around 2. The very next Saturday night I went out for a dinner at a so called exclusive Thai restaurant chain but the food just ‘yuck, it makes me wanna puke’, followed by a midnight slot of Bedtime Stories staring Adam Sandler. Quite funny though! I can only sleep at 7 am but not because of Adam but because of teh tarik after the movie. I shouldn’t take caffeine after 4!


Maybe because of lack of sleep I ate like a polar bear in summer on my friend Nur birthday at Shangri-La KL. She celebrates her 24th birthday so as a ‘thoughtful’ and ‘concerned’ friend I bought her yellow Puma shopper canvas bag. I know she really love Coach (she proudly parade her new Coach Ergo at the party). But well you know Nur, according to some intellectual, 2009 will be quite tough so I must be thrifty so I can only afford Puma shopper that cost only around USD30! Actually the actual price is around USD15, I bought the bag after it is on 50% less. Here are some of the snaps from the party.

-Not to outshine but to impress. SUB Zero front-pleated shirt, Padini slack, Primavera velvet leather shoes

My dress code:-Not to outshine but to impress. SUB Zero front-pleated shirt, Padini slack, Primavera velvet leather shoes

Puan Sri Datin Seri Khadijah with my cousin Ekin who carrying a red Guess tote

Puan Sri Datin Seri Khadijah with my cousin Ekin who carrying a red Guess tote

They just love singing

They just love singing

Nur, me with cute little Zarif and Shaz

Nur, me with cute little Zarif and Shaz

Eating like a polar bear is not the only thing I did during the birthday. I also did some bag watching. I spotted Datin Nurul gracefully carry her new Marc Jacobs Stam that she bought in Singapore and my friend Shaz with her new black Gucci medium Indy leather also from Singapore! I just love the smell of new Gucci! I am not sure what happened, is it Singapore purchase day? I am not in a position to comment more on Singapore because I don’t want to ‘spoil the diplomatic ties’ but why so many bags bought from Singapore in one function? Did I tell you Nur new Ergo also from Singapore?

Well, maybe the reason is because of the holiday mood. The ladies went to Singapore for a holiday and according to my own experienced, the shopping mood during holiday season is like 200 percent. Plus I’ve been to Singapore for a few times and I must agree it is quite a nice place to shop and I just love murtabak Singapore!


If you don’t want to travel to Singapore like all the above ladies and you want to have a smaller version of Gucci Indy bag like Shaz, go to Saks, for only USD1395.00.

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Read. For those who can’t get enough of back to back episodes of Friends. Here a solution. Carry a handbag with 7 inch screen on it. Sound too extreme to be true? Not for BagTv.


The London based TV come out with a revolutionary bag that can act as carrier and an entertainment gadget. The seven-inch LCD. MP3 and a DVD player. Plus who need a laptop when you can download photos from digital camera through USD port and SB card slot.


These high tech handbags cost only around 295 pounds or USD763 at Bagtv, quite cheap for TV or even a bag! Plus always remember that you get to watch Jennifer Aniston and a bunch of guys celebrate what it likes to live in 1990’s  while you are in bank, restaurant or during your son soccer practice!


I don’t see this as a very bag idea. Maybe it will not going to be something that will landed you on the top of most fashionable list and some will say this is a stupid gadget but hey, now we can’t live without watching our favourite video from our cellphone right? Ashley M come out with clock bag. I guess they can sell even it is quite erm…. (I reserved my comments).



Crafted in finest leather and it is available in a few colours. Navy and white quite cute.Without the screen, it looks so wearable and surprisingly chic. So what is your choice?




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Tragic travel


I am quite practical when it’s come to travel bag. My travel luggage must be made from a ‘strong’ material and relatively cheap!

Everyone love cheap stuff but most cheap stuff do not compliment with the stylenista principle. As for me, it is an exceptional for luggage/travel bag. It must be cheap because I have quite a tragic story about my Samsonite luggage.


It is like almost five years ago and me and my first Samsonite travel to Los Angeles. That is my fist trip to America and I am so excited to catch a so called American dream (it began when I first listened to Madonna!).  Someone bought me a black Samsonite just for the trip. It is like double happiness, America and Samsonite!


I realized about the tragedy when I am in a hotel room. My Samsonite wheels are broken! I don’t know when it happens, maybe in KLIA, LAX but my heart kept saying it is the LA bus driver who drove me from LAX to hotel and he is the one load and unload the luggage! It is my first Samsonite and it is broken!


From that moment onwards, I make sure that my travel luggage that supposed to go straight into the airport check in is cheap and strong!


If I ever bought this Gucci duffel it is probably going to be in my travel bag or gym category. It is simple, with Guccissimma details (the g, g and g) and quite roomy. Who can resist this? It will always be my hand carry luggage. I will never let anyone hands (bus driver and airline staff included) to touch this. This is too good to be true. But my cash just say no because it is cost around USD1,250 at  saks ( maybe MasterCard can help…or maybe no, I try to settle the old balance)  


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Celeb and Carry- Victoria Beckham


No girl can go out shopping in Milan with the most stylish ex-couple in the world but still managed to grab all attention (especially from the paparazzi) except Victoria. Even the pose and photo look like it is pre-arranged; where the publicist called the paparazzi before they go out shopping, this is one of the best Victoria look after she cut her hair.

She look stunning in her own label, faux fur shrug, Louboutin heels and of course she must carry something from the ex couple, Dolce and Gabbana custom made Crocodile collection. Others from crocodile collection including custom made weekend bags and briefcase. I think this bag is one from the One Of A Kind Bag Collection, which is a really exclusive and you might have to wait before you can even smell the bag. But it is worth a wait because a metal label inside is engraved with your name. How many people that you know can get their name on a designer bag? If you can do it, well you are one of a kind!


If Posh got his crocodile bag, how about Beckham. He will be upset if he knows that Victoria carries a Dolce and Gabbana crocodile bag and he didn’t. Maybe with that thought, Dolce and Gabbana also launched a One of Kind Men bags collection. Specially made for those who desire to be different and exceptionally unique. Most of the design is slightly different from the rest of the bag you saw on Dolce and Gabbana racks. It must be different, because it may cost you like USD50K a piece!

Unfortunately, even you have the cash now, you can’t order it online because you have to put your name on the list at Dolce and Gabbana store and wait like three months, that is only if you are lucky! This bag is limited to handful of invitees only!

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Lanvin Gourmet 22 Faubourg tote


This holiday season will end in a few weeks but a designer already prepare something on what you should carry on your very next holiday!


If you’re feeling you need something that is fun with a multicolored canvas for your next holiday season, a visit to Lanvin to get this canvas Gourmet 22 fouburg tote will do you good. It is really captivating to watch colourful tote because we’ll never know what is going to happen in 2009; especially when it is related to economic situation.


The woman in one shoulder short dress on the tote screams ‘fabulous’. Maybe she is hoping brighter economic future next year. This is not a tote I am hoping from Lanvin because most of their runway looks are on a dark shade and structured dresses. But maybe this is their hint about what next on the Lanvin runway.


For USD680 at net-a-porter.  Quite pricey for a canvas tote. If this is a normal tote, that is ridiculously high (especially this time). But maybe you can get it; the reason and consolation is the word Lanvin on it!


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Mulberry cosmetic purse/edgy clutch


Make up purse is one of the must haves bag for the lady on the go. In fact every lady (doesn’t matter if you are a high flying executive or stay home mom should own at least one make up purse in a main handbag. We don’t want to stain your new Burberry Lowry canvas bag with mascara right?


Do not take for granted the importance of make up purse. It is all about the material. It should be made from easily wipe or washed type. It is quite improper disgusting to see a lady with a dirty make up bag. It is not that dirty smelly but make up purse that is smear with lipstick or mascara mark, compact powder and mysterious stain! Yuck!!!


Enjoy a lot of attention in the public toilet no, don’t copy George Michael mirror when you are exposing Mulberry Bronze cosmetic purse. This shiny leather not only edgy but it can be easily wipes. I can double as a cute, funky clutch; to pair with either jeans or LBD.



If it is not written as cosmetic purse, I really thought this is purely an evening clutch. The design just so perfect and it is killing me to suggest to this blog readers to only use this to keep lip gloss and mascara. It is more than that!


The price is around USD200 at my-wardrobe; quite pricey for cosmetic purse. It is a good reason to fully utilize the purse.

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Body Glove Backpacks


All I want is a bottle of mineral water but I end up with four backpacks.

In this economic crunch, everybody seems to be aware about their spending; including me. I am really aware; of course. That is why I bought four.

Last week I am most popular tourist spot in the island known as Pearl Of the Orient, Penang on a strictly business trip!

But after ‘check in’ in the hotel room and unload my thing, I realized that I forgot the most essential elements, shaver and mineral water. So I put on my Padini hoodie, Levi’s and Ipanema flip flop and Guess vogue tote ( a most ridiculous match, but it is forgiven since I am in a free and easy island ) and head to the nearest 24/7 grocery (not 7/11 but Happy Mart; it’s everywhere here!). But on the way to the Happy Mart, I came across a poster with very familiar and irresistible words, 50% NATIONWIDE DISCOUNT! Before I knew it, I am in Body Glove!

This brand means a lot to me. Something that I used to really attached with. It was end of 90’s and early 2000’s and me as a young executive in Penang with minimum pay. I love Armani or Calvin Klein but more than half of my pay went to second hand car installment and maintenance. The rest of my pay is for petrol, food and a very tiny portion left to buy miscellaneous stuff. During that period, even Adidas seems really expensive!

But as an ‘aspiring stylenista’, I must wear and carry something branded, cheap, hip and young! One of brand that offered this is BodyGlove. I remember my collections of Body Glove slim tight fit tees (considered cool in during 90’s), cargo’s pants and a messenger bag which I keep slinging for almost 365 days a year. I don’t know where it’s gone, maybe somewhere in my parents house.

A quick info about Body Glove. It was founded by Bill and Bob Meistrell in 1953 to serve the watersport enthusiast needs. It is more than half a century and today, still maintaining the same concept, its still stand tall with other brand and offered very affordable and even cheap apparel.

Cheap is one the strong reason why I bought four BodyGlove Backpack; three Theidas and a Staby. As I mentioned before, I am not planning to buy anything but it is cost only RM39 (or around USD10). A very economically-friendly bags!


It is made from canvas with a big compartment on the front side. and I’m bet friendly on your back and shoulder!  It is simple and the colour just quite inviting. If I didn’t get any, I can’t leave this island. So on the way to Happy Mart and in less than 15 minutes in BodyGlove, I grab four BodyGloves!

I don’t really know what I am going to do with these four backpacks. BodyGlove is very stylish and hip but something telling me this is not my brand now. But I still strongly suggest for you visit BodyGlove for a young, active wear.

Now, the four still lying on my jati chair, I am still thinking what I am going to do with them. Perhaps as a souvenir for my super young brother and cousins when I come to visit them. Don’t know when, but one thing for sure, I know they will be more than happy!

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We love Stephen Sprouse launched!


Finally it is on. I know I’ve informed this like 4 days late, but it is nothing too late to view something from Stephen Sprouse. The very graffiti and interactive site include everything you need to know about legendary Sprouse. Check this out!


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Alexander McQueen Melrose tote


Green with envy. That is what you get if you carry this bag. First, they don’t because they are not really sure what you carry but once they take a good look at it, they’ll be looking at it and wish they can get this. This is Alexander McQueen, the King of Enfant Terrible.


This green bag reminds of jade. The priceless jade. It is a symbol of wealth, style and a lucky charm. Some jade I’ve seen is not like a shiny jade but a bit like an old, washed out jade and it price is like staggering high! I am not a stone expert but the stone I would choose is definitely jade.


This green, jade bag is something you might consider to choose. It is like a reinvent classic tote with a twist; the turnlock closure and metal feet. The colour is like a washed out green jade which I think very presentable, edgy and chic.Thanks God, it is not shiny green, because some shiny colour tends to look cheap, with an exception to black.



The inner lining is just sweet, sweet and sweet! Lucky, wealthycharm for USD1,435 at  

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Celeb and carry- Ekin!!…(?)

image from

image from


He won’t be spending his first night with a love of his life in a lush hotel room. The buzzing on screaming fan is where Mawi and Ekin going to spend their night after the wedding? That is the price of being a SMSes celebrity, people wanted to know on every details of your life. No, not me, it is up to the newly wed where they are going to spend their night. This is not a gossip blog, this is a purely bag blog and I am not kind of person who interested to write or read gossips yeah right….. like I don’t spend at least half an hour a day to read celebrity gossips.


Maybe for some Mawi die hard fan (which I am not, really!) they think that Ekin is just a D class actress and a gold digger who married a rich A class celebrity… but come on guys, if Mawi thinks Ekin is good enough to become his wife, who are we to judge what is the best woman to become his wife? To all Mawi screaming fan, I just want to add some salt to cut, Ekin will spend her night with Mawi, you know the cuddling, kissing everything…. Imagine that!


Where ever he want to spend his night with is purely his business, I don’t care if you have any info where he is going to spend their wedding night, please let me know I just care about what is Ekin carrying. I think she is a celebrity now, so she must carry only designer stuff like Gucci Large Hysteria bag. I think it is a patent leather because it is a bit shiny in the photo. I am not a big fan of Gucci hysteria especially something like this printed signature. I will give a consolation for basic black hysteria. Maybe Ekin would consider getting this, it is only USD1,895. She is rich now; she can buy everything she wants.

maybe this for honeymoon gift?

maybe this for honeymoon gift?



To Mawi and Ekin, congratulations!




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