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Fendi B Bag

B doesn’t make any impact on style community like what other Big B; Baguette did it impact my heart beat.

The shiny patent leather and papaya tone just right for shameless attention seeker like me!  

Fendi B1

Don’t you love the rough brass chain handles hanging on your shoulder? It’s look quite like an Ah Long bracelet.  I carry this and indirectly telling my rivals to don’t mess with me, I’m afraid to break my nails but I am not afraid to break your nose or chain you up like a dog in illegal prison!

I love B bag!

Fendi B2

Plus it has the signature F detailing on brass buckle. People know it is Fendi and it is expensive. But what they don’t know, it is only 485 pound after 40% less.

I love B Bag.

It is strong, attention grabber and it is on less!

I’ll buy it if it is on 70% discount! I’m cheap. Get it the chic and cheap place on earth,  Outnet


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Santap DiRaja

I telah menghadiri majlis makan malam bersama Raja PerlisDYMM Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin dan Raja Perempuan Perlis DYMM Tengku Fauziah di sebuah hotel yang agak grand jugaklah kat area Bukit Bintang. Ini adalah majlis makan malam yang sangat kasual dan relax. Everybody is having fun, including me.


 Tuanku dan Raja Perempuan yang sentiasa ceria dan sangat merendah diri. Patik amat berbesar hati dapat bersama-sama dalam majlis yang amat meriah ini.

Jika anda bersama kerabat-kerabat diRaja Melayu protokol perlulah diambil kira  walaupun  dimana atau keadaana apa sekalipun. Ketika berjumpa dan sebelum bersalam ataupun ingin meninggalkan meja perlulah menyembah hormat. Janganlah anda dicop sebagai seorang yang tidak menghormati dan tidak faham etika. Jika anda boleh mengikuti etika yang telah ditetapkan oleh masyarakat Barat seperti etika 10 course dinner and such, I think there should be no problem for us to respect our Royal ethics too.

Semasa waktu makan pula, anda hanya boleh makan setelah Raja atau sultan mula santap (makan). Janganlah makan atau minum sebelum ia bermula. Walaupun raja atau sultan tersebut tidak nampak apa yang anda lakukan, tetapi tetamu lain akan menjeling dan berkemungkinan besar anda akan difikirkan sebagai tidak tahu adab majlis!


Daripada segi pakaian pula, ia perlulah bersesuaian dengan tema majlis tersebut. Jika formal/rasmi, pakaian seperti batik dan seluar slack ataupun two piece suit bertali leher. Bagi wanita pula, pakaian yang paling selamat ialah baju kurung, kebaya, Jika majlis adalah separa formal atau kasual dan ia diadakan didalam dewan, kemeja tanpa tali leher adalah paling sesuai.Wanita pula boleh memakai blouse lengan panjang, kemeja dengan skirt atau seluar. Ingatlah bahawa majlis tersebut bukanlah untuk anda mededahkan tubuh badan anda. Please cover up. Jika anda memakai pakaian yang agak mendedah, balutilah bahagian anda dengan shawl. Sekejap je, bukan lama. Lepas majlis selesai, anda nak buat apa, nak dedah mana pun boleh, tetapi bukan semasa majlis diadakan!

Jeans adalah tidak digalakkan.

Kelakuan perlulah dijaga kerana anda bukan menghadiri majlis harijadi anak sedara tapi majlis bersama kerabat. Elakkan ketawa terlalu kuat walau kelakar mana pun jenaka yang orang sebelah anda buat.

Jika Raja atau Sultan tiba-tiba lalu berdekatan dengan meja anda, jangan lupa untuk bangun dan menyembah hormat. Ini mungkin agak keterlaluan pada sesetengah orang, tapi percayalah jika anda biasa menghadiri majlis-majlis Raja, ia adalah perkara yang perlu dibuat. Tiada apa yang pelik dengan perkara ini.

Seperkara lagi, bahasa diri anda sebagai Patik dan bukannya ‘I’,‘aku’,’mek’,‘hem’ atau ‘saya’.

The above basic rules apply to all. Tak kisahlah orang Melayu, Jawa, Cina, India, Iban, Sino Kadazan, Orang Sungai, Orang Ulu, Siam, Kanak (ada kaum ni kat Johor) atau apa pun bangsa tak kira warna kulit putih, kuning, biru ke apa.. wajib ikut!

Jangan nak buat malu na…….


Me (blame the camere, I look a bit chubby face) with Datin Shazreen Zulkifli. She is carrying Celine and in a very beautiful top and slack.  Chanel chain bags dominating the night. But it is so impressive to see one Datin carrying cream Birkin Hermes. Sorry guys, I did not really snap much pics.

The guests are wearing from Rizalman to Razwan Radzuwill to Citra.

 Cantek tak my baju silk batik? (seperti biasa tetap tak mahu kalah juga ni), dapat banyak compliments, some ask where to get it?..  FYI I bought the silk from  level atas sekali Jakel kat Jalan Masjid India, where they  sell all the expensive, high end fabrics (lagi..  tetap tak mahu kalah juga ni). It is like around RM100 plus per metre. Not really expensive (tetap statement berangan kan!!) tapi I like the baju. Thanks to my tailor yang jahir baju ni dengan penuh hati-hati…


With  Tengku Datin Elina (Mak Engku) on my left and guest. I love  Mak Engku outfit. She is carrying silver Fendi Baguette.


With Tengku Datin Marina.


From left, Nurul Huda, Fazwin, Orang paling berangan, Datin Shazreen Zulkifli.


Datuk Maria Menado. still beautiful…

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Fendi Ombre Jacquard Chef bag


If I am a woman, I don’t think I will carry this bag. It looks dull. Yes, that is the word, dull. Fendi Ombre chef is quite colourful but the colour just look quite dead. It is like a colour in the 60’s hippies where everywhere seems so colourful but yet looks quite dull. Probably they took too much crack. It is everywhere back then right? i mean the crack and the dull colourful colour!

Ombre Chef look like it is an old, worn out bag. I don’t say it is not exclusive. The word exclusive are all over the bag in a form of bag F.  Pre-order at eluxury for USD1110.

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Baguette Rose


I believe Rose McGowan is in a mood for sexy gothic librarian look. Clad in sexy black dress (wild guess… is it Prada?) and killer heels she looks fresh, young and at the same time; mysterious.  Almost everything is mysterious; her black hair, her pale panty hose and my auntie glasses?


You’ll never know what this girl would do to you.


But nothing mysterious about her Fendi Baguette Pantone.  We can spot this bag even from miles away. This is another classic example of Baguette magic.  It can outshine and change you and the way people look at you.


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The ultimate wear – White Shirt

Some say you can’t never wrong with white shirt. But my opinion is you can always be wrong when you’re in white shirt. The reason is the very correct white shirt can make you look exclusive, clean, stylish and edgy while a very wrong white shirt will make you look very boring and simple until you look invisible. I assume those who read my blog love fashion so there’s no way in million years we want to be boring, simple and invincible.


I love white shirt too. I have like 3 basic white shirt, including Topman (that I wore like for 200 times). The reason why I love white shirt is it can go along really well with my stripes, plain, dots or colourful tie. The tie will look really outstanding and nothing can beat the feeling of people asking me to get the tie; which actually that is a very old tie and I’ve wear it almost thousand times to a very same crowd. That is the power of white shirt.


White shirt really wary. Some is ridiculously cheap and some so pricey it makes me think; who on earth want to buy that plain white shirt? To glam the white shirt, you must know how to accessories or choose not too conventional and experience with pleats, origami, bow, ruffles, etc. Choose the correct categories of white shirt depends on which occasion you’re in.  Buttoncuff white with burgundy pencil skirt and maybe killer heels or flat for effortless professional look. Origami or ruffles white shirt for formal function (remember to carry very outstanding tote or satchel that is not too big or too small and try to avoid clutch). Bow or statement shirt look outstanding outstation meeting. Show them who is in charge when you present your document fresh from jaw dropping briefcase.


Here is my pick of best white shirt (plus the bag of course).







K by Karl Lagerfeld Fran cotton shirt USD215

Don’t forget to wear something underneath the shirt; maybe a white tank and not your honeymoon black lace bra.


Carry with:-




Yves St Laurent Muse bag chocolate soft croc embossed suede USD1,596.00







D&G Ruffle front cotton shirt USD345 First you show them who behind all the work, then you make them wonder, who is this girl if you


Carry with:-


 Soft briefcase Louis Vuitton at







Moschino cotton top at Its is the day where you straight to nearest mall after working hour. Impressed your office collegue and stranger at mall when you


Carry with:-













BCBG Max Azria  tuxedo cotton shirt USD69.00 @ You are the one who wear the pants and the tuxedo shirt. Show everyone you are ‘the boss’ when you


Carry with:-



FENDI Mini Mama Shoulder bag USD805.00




6. Free and Easy Weekend



Cynthia Steffe embroided white shirt USD80.74 Compliment the embroided details when you



 Carry with:-




GUESS Arm Candy Shopper USD78

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One of the best gift I ever received is on my 11th birthday from my classmate, when I was still in very early experimental fashion phase that include funny 80’s hair style which is considered cool during that time, very big loose shirt and Michael Jackson knee length tight pant- ok… maybe not that pant; I am not that ‘wacko’.


The birthday gift is handmade cross stitches handkerchief. It is not practical to use because of the structure but the stitches is so fine and neat. I really appreciate the style, the workmanship and the time it takes to prepare one of a kind handkerchief just for my 11th birthday. But when I show to it to my friends and my family, that handkerchief received mix reactions. Some say it very beautiful but that is when I told the one who stitch the handkerchief is 11 years old boy ,  positive reaction turn to very sarcastic comments like ‘ a boy made the handkerchief, he must be sissy’ or ‘ what type of 11 year old boy who stitch?


It is hard for eleven years old boy to listen to anything negative about his passion. My friend is always known for his talent for sewing, designing and what is in. He is my early influence, the one who dragged me into the world of fashion.  We both face a lot of humiliation and criticism just because we wear shirt like something fresh from the runway and talk more about what is in Vogue rather that who the best soccer player is in national league. Even some teachers in school don’t spare us. We were told that was some kind like a very bad influence or we are advised to change so we don’t get bullied or very bleak future waiting for us. Believe me, I still remember the faces that use to say that kind of stuff to us just because we being a bit different.


This one who reminds me to that state of the art stitches handkerchief is fine Fendi whipstitch leather clutch. Its looks a bit like baguette, but this is much better. The whipstitch looks very visible on black leather.  It’s the main focused of the bag. Even the jewel embellishment fails to outshine the outstanding simple stitches. Genius creation from one of the biggest fashion house in the world.  A coalition between boho and luxury. The boho is from the whipstitch and the luxury is from the jewels. You can get both experiences with clutch that can go for both look. Believe me it is rare to find clutch that can suit both. Mostly boho inspired clutch look like you are ready to read palm with crystal ball or clutch with jewel embellishment looks so fake and cheap. This is a runway look but at the same time very wearable. Definitely a winner.  Nothing lux boho than this for USD1910.00 at



Back to my story. It’s been like 20 years since I received that ‘luxury handkerchief’. We survived the humiliations and unwanted criticism. Last time I check, my friend who stitched has his own fashion label. His clients include the rich, the famous and of course those who had both-celebrities. He is very successful. Even everyone who I still recalled teasing us can’t even afford to buy any of his creation. Did I tell you we both earn more than most the kids and teachers who used to laugh at us during 80’s? They still live in  hometown and sometimes I meet them doing not so glamourous job. I am not that evil or snobbish exteremly arrogant but It’s like I stand before them and said ‘look I carry a Prada that priced more than your monthly salary.…. oh and I just did!

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Chupacabra strikes again!

Image from

Image from


Chupacabra is a legendary creature that has a habit of attacking and drinking blood of animals, especially livestock. It is a kind of vampire in animal world. Some say it is only a myth but some strongly believe they really out there after dozens cases of  mysteriously death of livestocks caused by completely drained of blood. There are few cases reported about the sights of chupacabra.  The recent is in Texas when Dewitt County Deputy, Brandon Riedel caught something believe to be chupacabra on his dashboard camera (biologist believe this is actually a pit bull but really I just want to believe!). Physical description of Chupacabra is  something between dog, rodent or any canine with sharp fang, scary red eyes and furless body.  One of the most mysterious facts is why they do not have any fur on their body? Can you imagine dog or any canine without fur. They look scary (exemption for Paris Tinkerbell!). How they survive in cool freezing winter?


I think Chupacabra has fur. Not as furry like poodle or bear but a reasonable amount of fur for a group of Fendi designers to shave. They are using Chupacabra fur to make this Mink Trimmed F6 Secret Code bag.  Mink? Yeah right! No peoples, that is not  mink fur, it is blood sucking chupacabra fur (or maybe Vampire pet!). No wonder this bag look scary! You can put on black cloak, apply jet black lipstick, sharp eyebrow and wait for the fangs to grow at night. You are ready to go out to suck blood accompany by your trusted Mink Chupacabra Trimmed Secret F6 bag. Be careful to get back before the sun rise.

They sell this for like USD4,330.00 at Expensive? Not at all. Chupacabra is really a rare and hard to find. Only Fendi knows how to catch (and shave) this so called legendary creature!


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Competition for the queen of Fendi bag, the winner goes to ‘Baguette’ (pronounce Be-get). It is also not too much if I say that Baguette is one of the most popular bag that has been created. The story began in 1997 when Silvia Venturini Fendi (granddaughter of Edoardo and Adele Fendi, founder of this brand in 1925) inspired to design this purse that has short shoulder length strap and it can be carry as the way French women carry their bread; baguette. Silvia called the beg Le Baguette.


At the beginning, it was sold for merely USD50 (around RM200.00) and it is only for editors, stylist and fashion insiders. It doesn’t take long before fashiotronomic start to smell the freshly made baguette.


Peoples are really crave and hungry for Baguette. On the first year, Fendi manage to sell about 100,000 Baguettes and after ten years almost 800,000 baguettes was sold. The highest price of baguette is USD60, 000.00 (signed by Sharon Stone for Aids Charity Auction in 2007).


Why it is so over the top? Because baguette are made in few different version (but still adapt the same design). Everybody can relate to baguette. The baguette evolves from shrunken and enlarged version. This work of art comes in lizard, crocodile, denim, mink, and pony skin. Some of the baguettes are embroidered with beads, pearls, sequins and even gold thread. Of course, you can deny the highest quality of Fendi crafmanship.

The removable strap makes it practical for day and evening use. If you in your office wear, you can carry on the shoulder. In the evening, just remove the strap and it becomes clutch. To make it more irresistible and keep us thinking ‘how the big F come with that idea’ is ‘night and day’ version. One side of the leather is for day and the other side is for night. It is just a matter of flipping. Interesting isn’t it?

If you are 20 years old, you can always carry Baguette in colourful Pantone Shades or denim, if you are 60 years old grandma, you can get the baguette in classic black crocodile skin. To date there are almost 1,000 version of Baguette has been created. My favourite? Oversize baguette at Fendi Spring /Summer 08. It is very practical to keep my document and it can be the most stylish some kind of messenger bag.


So don’t you really just want to taste this luxury loaf?

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