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Fetish for Gucci boots

My ultimate wishlist.

Gucci boot!

My friend told me, her Japanese friends will laughed like crazy whenever they saw someone wearing boot in hot tropical Malaysia because they think boot only suitable in cool climate.

Noted. I will be not wearing boot during sunny day. I will only in boot when I am in freezing Malaysian air-conditioned room!

If only, read. If only I can get these delicious boots from Gucci. Italian leather lace-up boot with embossed logo script and side zip closure. I am craving now. USD795

Rich leather with elastic side gores and signature web heel. I am hungry for it. USD625.

Luxe Italian leather with side buckles and shearling lining. I am starving! USD995

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Gucci and Home by Yaan Arthus Bernhard

Oh… I can’t wait to watch this movie called Home by Yaan Arthus Bernhard, a French guy who did so many things in his life like being a photographer, journalist, reporter and environmentalist.

As an environmentalist, his contributions were like so significant. He is so loud and will do anything for the sake of our planet.

Yann said, this movie has been inside my head for 15 years now. All that I saw and learn while flying over the earth has transformed me. This movie should be magnificent and intelligent, but above all, it should be steadfastly constructive. What is important today is that we are 6 billion intelligent beings who can take action”.

Yes.. take action now like buy Gucci limited edition 100% organic cotton and natural dyes in natural packaging T-shirt created by Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini. It will be sold at all Gucci sold worldwide. The back of the shirt with all the countries involved in Home. All profits donated to a nonprofit association created by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

Gucci home

It is time to go glamorously green.

boys and girls.. it is LIMITED EDITION.. so you know what it means.. go GET IT NOW..

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Gucci Sloaney Bag

These are the bags to celebrate the renovated London flagship boutique located at Sloane Street. Very British.  It is so refreshing to see something that some of us longed for years; a piece or pieces of Gucci that is worth to be one of our luxurious collector items. 

Congratulations Frida Giannini!

The only thing that I can do is longing and yearning for the bags… Ask, believe and received!!!! 

Visit Gucci.


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Gucci Twirl

Don’t you want the most luxurious G around your wrist?

I am on for it. Except I have to make sure I clear my card outstanding before I can even think of touching it. But if someone would like to surprise me with the Gucci twirl, I am the happiest person on earth!

If I ever had this, I will flaunt my hand over and over again, like ‘mami jarums’ showing off the gold bracelets. Now, all I can do is to imagine. Ask, believe and received!

At Gucci

Or Amazon

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Coach Tattoo Obsession


What is this Iban Guy, Gucci and Coach has in common?

They love tattoo!

The tattoo obsession for the Iban guy who lived Sarawak probably because of his root. His tattoo is a symbol of proud, tradition. He is probably did something before he can earn the tattoos.

The obsession about Coach probably after one of the creative team walks across Gucci store and adore the tattoo print on the bag. He can’t get that print out of his head so he translated it into one of the bag under Coach Parker Collection!





Don’t you think this two seems like quite similar? Gucci tattoo was born earlier.

Which one you prefer, Gucci ink or Coach ink? Mind you Coach cheaper. Only USD798 at coach.

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Tragic travel


I am quite practical when it’s come to travel bag. My travel luggage must be made from a ‘strong’ material and relatively cheap!

Everyone love cheap stuff but most cheap stuff do not compliment with the stylenista principle. As for me, it is an exceptional for luggage/travel bag. It must be cheap because I have quite a tragic story about my Samsonite luggage.


It is like almost five years ago and me and my first Samsonite travel to Los Angeles. That is my fist trip to America and I am so excited to catch a so called American dream (it began when I first listened to Madonna!).  Someone bought me a black Samsonite just for the trip. It is like double happiness, America and Samsonite!


I realized about the tragedy when I am in a hotel room. My Samsonite wheels are broken! I don’t know when it happens, maybe in KLIA, LAX but my heart kept saying it is the LA bus driver who drove me from LAX to hotel and he is the one load and unload the luggage! It is my first Samsonite and it is broken!


From that moment onwards, I make sure that my travel luggage that supposed to go straight into the airport check in is cheap and strong!


If I ever bought this Gucci duffel it is probably going to be in my travel bag or gym category. It is simple, with Guccissimma details (the g, g and g) and quite roomy. Who can resist this? It will always be my hand carry luggage. I will never let anyone hands (bus driver and airline staff included) to touch this. This is too good to be true. But my cash just say no because it is cost around USD1,250 at  saks ( maybe MasterCard can help…or maybe no, I try to settle the old balance)  


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Celeb and carry- Ekin!!…(?)

image from

image from


He won’t be spending his first night with a love of his life in a lush hotel room. The buzzing on screaming fan is where Mawi and Ekin going to spend their night after the wedding? That is the price of being a SMSes celebrity, people wanted to know on every details of your life. No, not me, it is up to the newly wed where they are going to spend their night. This is not a gossip blog, this is a purely bag blog and I am not kind of person who interested to write or read gossips yeah right….. like I don’t spend at least half an hour a day to read celebrity gossips.


Maybe for some Mawi die hard fan (which I am not, really!) they think that Ekin is just a D class actress and a gold digger who married a rich A class celebrity… but come on guys, if Mawi thinks Ekin is good enough to become his wife, who are we to judge what is the best woman to become his wife? To all Mawi screaming fan, I just want to add some salt to cut, Ekin will spend her night with Mawi, you know the cuddling, kissing everything…. Imagine that!


Where ever he want to spend his night with is purely his business, I don’t care if you have any info where he is going to spend their wedding night, please let me know I just care about what is Ekin carrying. I think she is a celebrity now, so she must carry only designer stuff like Gucci Large Hysteria bag. I think it is a patent leather because it is a bit shiny in the photo. I am not a big fan of Gucci hysteria especially something like this printed signature. I will give a consolation for basic black hysteria. Maybe Ekin would consider getting this, it is only USD1,895. She is rich now; she can buy everything she wants.

maybe this for honeymoon gift?

maybe this for honeymoon gift?



To Mawi and Ekin, congratulations!




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I always like my body clear and flawless without any mark and that is the reason why tattoo is a big NO. I appreciate, respect and the art of tattoo (especially if it is because of culture reason) but definitely not on my body (and bags). I’ve seen enough on Angelina Jolie.  


Creative department in Gucci seems to be very fond with tattoo. Everything is on tattoo. Even on their bags. The love and flowers tattoo print spread all over the bags with the ‘GUCCI’. Maybe the big ‘GUCCI’ word is to convince everyone that this bag is actually from Gucci; which at first I still find it is hard to believe.


I have an assumption Gucci team is in still on 1960’s American counterculture slogan mode, Make Love Not War; that is used to oppose Vietnam War. In case for those who still really confused (especially some guys in Gucci) the war is long time over. Now Vietnam is war free and American goes with slogan like “Yes We Can” and “In Obama we believed”.  We all hate war, but come one…




Gucci tattoo print Tribeca medium shoulder bag at USD1,395.00 and Gucci Babouska large tote for USD1,250.00 at


Tom Ford where are you? Please come back!

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This is not super-rich Kiera Knightley. This is my freind; super-girl Kiera, that has two job, sport apparel marketing executive by day and holiday resort telemarketeer at night. Kiera currently skipping her mid afternoon snack to buy Gucci bag. She is not really sure what type of bag she wants but she told me that the bag must be very affordable (most important!), unisex, practical for work and play and something really… well… very Gucci.


Maybe for some, buying Gucci is nothing. But for this girl, it is everything. She is a sole breadwinner after her father passed away 3 years ago. Believe me, she works so hard day and night to support her family (especially her two younger brothers are still in college!). I give her credit for looking like a rich classy spoiled girl on MTV reality show even after very long working hours.


It s quite challenging task to find a Gucci bag that fit her requirement. The main criteria are that Gucci must be affordable. Frankly, looking at Kiera financial situation, she can only get a fake Gucci. But, this is Kiera. She set her own standard and principle like “I am not rich but fake is not in my vocabulary”.


Unisex bag is so easy to find. The rule is girl can always carry man bag if she knows the limit. Baggy jeans with man bag are ok if you want to be Elle DeGeneres. But if you want to be Portia De Rossi, you must carry your man bag with a splash of feminine wear.


Travel from office to office in her day job required her to have something very easy to carry. I will not recommend her any tote because just last three month ago, a theft snatch her Calvin Klein patent leather tote. What an inconsiderate thief, she must sell about 5 holiday packages to buy that bag!


She do not have enough fund to buy Gucci every season so “her Gucci” must be very classic, luxurious, and very Gucci (think Victoria Beckham). The one that she can carry now and still relevant in 2012.  I definitely refrain her from buying black nylon logo appliqué messenger bag for USD1, 695.00. It look too “street wear” and she is not a gothic cult follower.



Instead I will ask her to buy Gucci black nylon messenger bag. It’s a man bag but at the same time very ok for lady, at only around USD450.00; it is cheap for Gucci standard and it is within Kiera reach. The leather trimmed woven nylon with signature web stripe down front and Rubberized GG logo with front patch pocket proved this is a real Gucci signature.  Hope Kiera can buy this bag ASAP. This is too good too be true.


Kiera, once you have enough fund, placed your order at



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I am so happy to live in country where King is the leader. I accept the Royal Constitution and grateful to live in a democratic country. King here is so powerful and he has the absolute say in so many things, which I think it is essential for peace and unity. Here  we believe King is someone we look up, accept and respect and everyone agreed with that including the paparazzi and fashion critic!


  Paparazzi here snap do not  snap our royal family having breakfast. Fashion critic don’t write or give rating for our royal dressing unlike in what they did for British Royal. I wonder what the British critic will say if Queen of England carry beige GG canvas ‘Royal’ drawstring tote. They probably write “king carry the fox that was been killed by Prince Philips”. I personally think this bag is odd and frightening. Like they kill fox (which is from Finland) and the fox haunt the bag. The open top has leather drawstring with tassels and bamboo ornaments, what it is for? If it is for lucky charm, sorry you will not get any lucky this time. “Finland Fox that killed by Prince Philip” bag at for USD1800.00.


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