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Guess, Raoul, GAP clearance sale

You are lucky if you are a HSBC Credit CardHolders. You’ll get 10% more discount. But it is only on preview day that is on 22 May! It makes different, especially if you buy in bulk. Well honey, it is best to buy in bulk during clearance sale.

Time: 10am to 7pm

Location: Level 1, Grand Imperial Ballroom, Centro, 8, Jalan Batu Tiga Lama, Klang, 41300, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia 

 Brands: Banana Republic, GAP, GAPKids, GUESS, GUESS Kids, La Senza, Paint 8, RAOUL, Gc Watches, Chronotech Watches, GUESS Watches, Marc Ecko Watches, Nautica Watches and Nike Timing

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Gina’s bag!

“I am actually looking for a bag to bring to work as my current one has just given way… any suggestion? Nothing too girly for me please”…


That is from my dear friend, ‘uber-blooger’, Gina.


I love when people ask for my opinion. Especially when it is regarding what I love most, style, fashion, paperwork, public relations and love relations… ok… maybe not love. I am suck at it. The best thing if people ask for my opinion is I can erm… maybe can be a bit manipulative and a bit snob (action a bitlah!)… you know like ‘well… I know more than you!’…


No Gina, I am not going to be manipulative and snob to you (erm…………….) 


The key words are work and not too girly. But I would like to add something… stylish and season-proof. I will not going to suggest any backpack because it is outside the professional radar.   


These are my suggestions with a principle of ‘it’s ok for a girl to a bit masculine man bag but if man carry very feminine bag, he is something!’







I have like dozens of Padini shirt in my closet. The reason being is Padini really ‘fit’ my taste and budget. I can buy like almost 8 Padinis shirts (and maybe 14 during sale) if I trade in my Thomas Pink shirt. The cut fit my body perfectly and most of its shirt is wrinkle free. As a lazy-guy like me, ironing can be quite stressful. Some brand (even designers) claims that shirt is wrinkle free and guess what, I am shouting at myself when the shirt seems to wrinkle even when I am still wearing it.


Frankly, I don’t have any Padini bag, but I am planning to get one soon because now it is on sale. You can the bag for less than RM150 (around USD40). Most of the bags are very ‘metrosexual’ and it is sensible enough for a girl to carry it.


I saw my office mate carrying it and each time I am looking at their bag because Padini never failed to amaze me!







If I say Coach, I know some of my friend (especially someone who just bought new Coach!) will finally pay attention to me. Some are addicted to Coach because of it’s signature C print but I think the print seems so everywhere. So Gina, how about take a walk to their store to get this you can’t go wrong Transatlantic Leather Draft Tote for USD448.00.



If leather too serious for you  and your blog readers and mom will flop, why not try the nylon version only. It is more easy to pocket, cost only USD298.00.







If you are not into tote, why not go for messenger. It is cool to carry messenger especially if you are in  your office wear. You will look young, energetic and with a lot of creative thought (which is so you). That is the reason why I would suggest you Guess Roger messenger at only USD69.90!




Modern union soak bag


The print on this bag reminds me of the print on my shirt. I really into abstract at one point in my life where almost everything abstract. Straps af the bottom of Modern Union Soak bag are designed to carry a yoga mat. But even if you are not practising any type of yoga, this bag can be your flexible public eye-catcher!

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Guess Shopping Obsession


I am kind like ‘concerned’ about what is new at Guess. The reason is Guess store is located in a very same mall where I always have my lunch. So it is like a natural for me to just take a peek on what is new on the rack and grab one or two (I have like a dozen of Guesses!)


Guess Fall/Winter 08/09 proved that it is another reason for me to take a look on what is their latest offering. As usual, Guess always came out with something that is either very appealing (which will make me buy more than one) or something that I rather shout ‘rubbish’.


Contrary from some fashion expert that big bag is so out of trend, big bag still rule the collection. Everything is big especially the front pocket buckles. Come in coral and basic white and black, Obsession shopper in faux patent leather that I think look so damn fake and plastic (well it is faux leather). Obsession really appealing with you if you categories yourself as young and trendy but if you have a slightest feeling that you are over-age, ditch this bag. The shape is not like very conventional but it doesn’t look too freaky. An acceptable carries but for very limited audiences.


I am not obsessed with this, even if it is only USD121.50 at ebags.

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The ultimate wear – White Shirt

Some say you can’t never wrong with white shirt. But my opinion is you can always be wrong when you’re in white shirt. The reason is the very correct white shirt can make you look exclusive, clean, stylish and edgy while a very wrong white shirt will make you look very boring and simple until you look invisible. I assume those who read my blog love fashion so there’s no way in million years we want to be boring, simple and invincible.


I love white shirt too. I have like 3 basic white shirt, including Topman (that I wore like for 200 times). The reason why I love white shirt is it can go along really well with my stripes, plain, dots or colourful tie. The tie will look really outstanding and nothing can beat the feeling of people asking me to get the tie; which actually that is a very old tie and I’ve wear it almost thousand times to a very same crowd. That is the power of white shirt.


White shirt really wary. Some is ridiculously cheap and some so pricey it makes me think; who on earth want to buy that plain white shirt? To glam the white shirt, you must know how to accessories or choose not too conventional and experience with pleats, origami, bow, ruffles, etc. Choose the correct categories of white shirt depends on which occasion you’re in.  Buttoncuff white with burgundy pencil skirt and maybe killer heels or flat for effortless professional look. Origami or ruffles white shirt for formal function (remember to carry very outstanding tote or satchel that is not too big or too small and try to avoid clutch). Bow or statement shirt look outstanding outstation meeting. Show them who is in charge when you present your document fresh from jaw dropping briefcase.


Here is my pick of best white shirt (plus the bag of course).







K by Karl Lagerfeld Fran cotton shirt USD215

Don’t forget to wear something underneath the shirt; maybe a white tank and not your honeymoon black lace bra.


Carry with:-




Yves St Laurent Muse bag chocolate soft croc embossed suede USD1,596.00







D&G Ruffle front cotton shirt USD345 First you show them who behind all the work, then you make them wonder, who is this girl if you


Carry with:-


 Soft briefcase Louis Vuitton at







Moschino cotton top at Its is the day where you straight to nearest mall after working hour. Impressed your office collegue and stranger at mall when you


Carry with:-













BCBG Max Azria  tuxedo cotton shirt USD69.00 @ You are the one who wear the pants and the tuxedo shirt. Show everyone you are ‘the boss’ when you


Carry with:-



FENDI Mini Mama Shoulder bag USD805.00




6. Free and Easy Weekend



Cynthia Steffe embroided white shirt USD80.74 Compliment the embroided details when you



 Carry with:-




GUESS Arm Candy Shopper USD78

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Some say chance only come once. So when it comes unexpectedly, you shouldn’t wait any longer. Follow your heart and seize it immediately because it is maybe the best thing that happened to you. Brad Pitt left university just two credit away to graduate tto act in Legend of the Fall and how is a legend with like dozen of kids.

It happened to me yesterday.  I accompany my friend Hazeline to Guess because she wanted to buy Guess watch. It s a wrist watch that I think look more like a chunk bracelet than a machine to tell time.  I do not have any intention to get anything but something is telling me that I should just look around. I follow my heart and just wonder around, from t-shirt to jeans, rack to rack and there it is. Just stare at me. It is Kensington.

The messenger just keeps staring at me. It won’t let me go. I refuse to look at it because I am a messenger diet (I owned like dozens!). But it is like a some very electrifying connection between me and Kensington.


I must say NO! I need to pay bills this month that include servicing my car and the mechanic advise me to add this, add that and before I knew it, it is more than five hundred bucks!. Plus, I just spend money for my Indonesian trip (will story later!).

Yes.. I can do it, I have to walk out from Guess. But before I passed the main exit, I saw somehting next to Kensington and it state “40% discount with purchase”. Are you kidding me? I dont see any words like “Discount”, “Sale”, “Save” (Save… yeah right!) this time at any corner in Guess but the Kensington area. Well.. the less is only for Kensington and few hideous bag. Well.. Hazeline just bought that bracelet… I mean watch, so I am entitled for the discount or save or whatever you want to call it!.

I grab Kensington and sling this oversized messenger across my body and see my reflection on the mirror. Wow.. I look like an edgy, rich young kid. Plus, this is a very tough bag.Trimmed with rugged cracked vinyl and rubber hardware. I bet this is one of the most durable and stylish messenger I’ve ever had. Wait, there is No way I am going to buy this bag. What about my promise not to get any more bags? My mind keep thinking about other important bills (translate: Credit card and petrol). It’s a matter of control. So I put the bag. No way, no way. Hazeline keeps persuade me to buy the bag and just like Amy Winehouse, I said NO, NO and before I managed to say the third NO, the salesgirl said “it is the last piece, it suit you well”

What? last piece? It is stylish, a bit Gucci-ish and it is only for USD61.50 after 40% save. It is really a saving. I grab Kensington and head to the counter and pay cash using cash that supposed to pay credit card. I fall in love with Kensington. The only not so “fullfill” about Kensington is it doesn’t have enough zipper compartment inside. But, this is life, you can’t get whatever you want.

This is what we call unexpected chance. From just original intention to company Hazeline to walk away with Kensington. If you think this bag is something you should get, visit But sorry guys, you won’t get it as cheap as mine!

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Being one of the eldest among cousins and earning money comes with responsibility, at least for me. I am not sure about you but for it is like an unwritten obligation that I must pay everything every time I am with my cousins. But it is such a very cool and something that I await for if I have enough cash. Spend a reasonable amount of money for my family after I spend for myself. It is important to always put yourself first. If you put others priority ahead if you, it will be kind like a very ‘temporary’ satisfaction. If he or she behaving badly in return, you be like thinking again why on earth I sacrifice for someone like that. But if you sacrifice for others after you fulfill your needs and you do it sincerely, the feeling is great, more than the feeling of having extremely expensive Birkin after waiting for d**n 10 years while Victoria Beckham have it like in any colours we can imagine.

Birkin is also available for men. The irresistible oversized croc that I just can indulge for the rest of my life. But if looking at my status which is mortal normal human being and not alien in form of fashionable women like Ms Beckham plus the price that make me thinking it is better for the cash used for an apartment down payment, gone are the dream about carrying Birkin to reunion party and the sweet, fine compliment about ‘my own Birkin’ for almost all my friends.

No Birkin for me now but my friends praise my new Guess large Vogue bag which cost peanut compared to Birkin. I am not sure why I buy it. It is all started after I’m having dinner with my cousin and as usual I pay for everything. We have like catfish … yes, a very spicy deep fried catfish with rice and mango juice. It tasted so good. It kind like released the hormone and I feel so satisfied. When you are free from hunger and satisfied with what you eat, you are always turn to wise choice. So guys, remember to eat whatever you like before you even glance at the boutique rack.

Vogue has so strong feature some will think it is actually a men bag. It is for women (because they hang it in women section) but the salesgirl said it is for men or unisex .  still think it’s for women especially the fabric lining is very feminine with floral motives. Whatever it is, it is worth buying. Who cares about the lining! The high quality two tones brown and black PVC is really like fine leather. A couple of Silver plates that secured the handles can act as my instant mirror. This tote is something that can fit office, shopping mall and even to wedding reception.

Large, stylish tote like Vogue is essential to carry everything from my refreshing l00ml Calvin Klein Escape to funny Sophie Kinsella novel. Plus for environmental reason large bag is a substitute for plastic bag I am getting bored with the ‘I’m not a plastic bag’ bag. Everything is nice and stylish and I was about to give thumb up for Vogue. But Vogue is not really friendly to my shoulder. The handle is too hard and it’s a BIT painful especially when Evian in it. Maybe people in Guess design it that in such a way so it is only to be carried in your arm and not on your shoulder.

But, I still give thumb up (with a BIT of painful shoulder) to Vogue. A stylish bag at a very reasonable or I can even say cheap price. If you too lazy for mall, you can always shop at for USD125.00, and this item shipped free!

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It’s been like 10 years since my university graduation. I remember during my studying, sometimes I am more focused about what I wear rather than what I should study. I am a Bachelor Degree in Accountancy (yes… Accountancy) student but I dressed like I am a fashion student or maybe fashion victim. My university has a very very ‘relax’ dress code, which I translate the dress code to ‘can wear anything dress code’. I am so concern what should I wear to lecture. At one time I even skipped class because I think there’s nothing suitable for me to wear that day!


The only reason why I apply to study in accountancy is because I have no information or whatsoever guides. I am not like that Pussycat Dolls, they sing what they want to be when they grow up in ‘When I grow up’ song, I don’t know what to be. But I just know I Love something and that is style and fashion. I survived and get my scroll. Many wonder how I can survive because I read Harper’s Bazaar during study week and not Financial Accountancy book. My secret is I remind myself to study and get scroll, but nothing as precious as a university qualification. Harper’s is ok  only after I understood the accounting principle or I finally figure out which items ‘responsible’ for loss in Profit and Loss the this financial account tutorial practice!    

My university period is in the 90’s and that is where I can where supermodels are really supermodels, Kate Cobain started the grudge thing and definition of style is Calvin Klein simple retro cut and Kate Moss is extremely skinny. 90’s is a decade where it is cool to wear t-shirt with BIG, huge brand or designer name print on it. One of the brands that glorify the BIG, huge brand print on t-shirt is Guess. The big capital G-U-E-S-S and ‘?’ symbol dominate almost all closet of famous people.  Guess really had it big in my country.


My first Guess is a simple black sneaker with ‘?’ symbol. I paraded this pair almost everywhere; from lecture hall to shopping mall. I still love Guess. It’s like I am under Guess spell and it can’t be broken. Well, it almost broken when they come out with very ridiculous collections but somehow I keep coming back the next season.





I am quite proud when Guess launched a Malaysia collection. They know they have huge followers here so they come out with some kind very Malaysian with beads and print.  The print look like batik and the beads I guess it is from the traditional accessories from East Malaysia.



Frankly I am not a big fan of full print with beads. I am more a plain bag person. But I bet this going to be a hit among women here. It’s like a collection item for every woman that is under Guess spell. For those who don’t know, Malaysia is in tropic and ‘summer’ all year. Almost everyone dress like it is from Summer/Spring collection.



The Malaysian accent doesn’t end with beads and print but also the wooden handles. Almost like authentic traditional Malay house or furniture.  The wooden handle is very unique and make the bag seems quite mysterious, just like Malay culture.




Malaysia Guess collection in leather like PVC and metallic fabric and of course wooden handle available at from USD105.00.

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The punk or pop rock wave seems to make a comeback. This lead to the rise of punk rock inspired style. Compared to the yesteryears punk style which look like something dead just rise from the tomb, now punk style looks fresh, polish and edgy. Artist like Gwen Stefani and Avril Lavigne does it brilliantly. Alternative dressing is hip again.

If you want to feel what is like to be punk but do not want to dress like Kelly Osbourne or her mom, you can carry something like Guess Punk Glam clutch. The shiny blue electric is just to remind us that the early years of punk (aka glitter punk) in the 1970’s. Everything is glittering and shiny just like the disco ball

For day and night, disco to dinner, young or old. If you pair punk glam with proper match, you are a rock star.

Your skinny jeans needs some match. Rock-ingly at

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Bring the POP in your with this erm.. bag? It doesn’t really look like a bag. Or if it’s look like a backpack used by a troops in the movie Predator, carry some stuff to kill the aliens.

I choose this bag because it looks so different but not in any pleasurable manner.

Guess is one of my all time favourite brand. Edgy, stylish and the best part is It is affordable (or cheap if compared to other designer bag). It has launched a lifetime career like Claudia and late Anna Nicole Smith. But can you imagine they carrying something like

The odd shape will make people think that you are sick with elevated temperature if you match Pop with your office wear. Here comes Santarina if to mall. The external PVC leather looks like cellulite. Yes.. pop have cellulite. Just like celebrities, she needs some nip and tuck. The top handle completes the series of catastrophes. It is small for a gigantic bag. Not sure why it is there. If only you want to carry Pop, make it your shoulder bag. Anyone ask about it, don’t bother and keep walking.

My opinion obviously that this is such a hideous bag BUT if you have the guts and want to attract some attention (doesn’t matter what type of attention ) get your cellulite aka Guess Pop is at

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