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CuteTalk with Hatta Dolmat

Finally I know what is the recipe for my favourite and sensational Malaysia who always come out with something that is so unique, fresh, extraordinary, elegant and fun. The answer is he does it with lot of fun.

Seriously he loves to laugh!

CuteCarry talk with award winning designer and Project Runway alumni, Hatta Dolmat about his winning creation, obstacles and who is his favourite fashion blogger!


Cc: Thank you for your time with CuteCarry. I saw you almost everywhere in Malaysian fashion scenes; tell us about your daily routine.

Hd: Daily life as Hatta Dolmat; sometimes is easy, sometimes it is really tiring, busy and free. I can say that my life is really colourful, exciting and full with fun activities (while listen to Kertas song- Penantian) I inspired to answer your question. Hahahaha..

 Morning- I get ready by 10.30, start my day with smile and fun. Sometimes I don’t want to get up from bed because I am too exhausted because of work… but this is what I do for a living!

 Afternoon – I start with something that is related with work. Everything! Whatever work or stuff I did I did it while I am laughing

Evening- still working on my fashion work, Internet. It is compulsory for facebooking, blogging and communicating with friends.

 Night – Usually still with my friends! Just hanging out, talking and laughing!


Cc: Describe your philosophy about the art of fashion?

 Hd: Fashion is something that is so subjective, fashion is an art, fashion is passion, fashion is desire, and fashion is bold! fashion is glam… but fashion for me is life!


Cc: Congratulations for winning the Best Dressed (Male Category in Anugerah Bintang Popular 2008 in Genting Highlands). Tell us about the winning creation. 

Hd: Knowing my identity; Hatta Dolmat, I always come out with the idea that is extraordinary. Risk? Criticism? I don’t care about all that because I know what I did has its base and I am still following the correct fashion guide.  It is valid and still within the theme to inject glam and fresh breath to trench ala suit with a details like songket. It is enough to uplift our custom and tradition to international level with a dash of euro street style.

Cc: Why Iz?

Hd: Why Iz? Hahahha definitely because Iz has a heart for fashion. He appreciates fashion. Why should I design for those who don’t know how to appreciate fashion? It is also mainly because Iz love towards fashion. All the elements reflected into Iz charisma and he carries it well!

Cc: Do you think Malaysian celebrities know how to dress?

Hd: No! As long as the word ‘sponsor’ is in their soul, they will wear anything. They don’t give attention and don’t realize the importance of fashion. Fashion is also business, if sponsorship is 24hour non-stop, designer will have to pack their stuff and shut down the business!


Cc: Best dressed personalities in the world?

 Hd: Nicole Kidman, Anne Hathaway and  Angelina Jolie


Cc: You are a runner up in Project Runway but now it seems like you are No 1 in almost everything you do. Do you agree if I said during Project Runway is the biggest platform in your career?

 Hd: Hahahhaah.. I am lying if I don’t want to win in Project Runway. Each of the competition that I am in, I want to win and I will do my best to win!

Yes, Project Runway is the biggest platform for me.  Everywhere I go,  people will whisper and smile and some of them even say hi to me like “Hatta kan? Yang PRM tuh ka?” I just smile and say yes!


Cc: Your favourite creation?

HD: Every piece is my favourite. But I am proud with my diploma collection with theme Scars of Nature.

Cc: You are designing wedding costume. Do you think it is a big market for Malay wedding business?

Hd: Definitely. Wedding is the biggest part in this business. I am also going into expand Hatta Dolmat to bridal line “Hatta Dolmat Couture”.


Cc: John Galliano or Giorgio Armani? Why

 Hd: Both. Galliano is high imagination and beyond the mind of normal human being! Hahaha. Armani for clean cut and elegant!  My idol is Elie Saab and Balenciaga!

Cc: Most of your design seems only for upper class society, any plan to create line for plain pedestrian Jack and Jane out there?

Hd: Hahahahah… definitely. Wait for Hatta Dolmat Ready to Wear. Still discussing and I am working toward it.

Cc: You are a Facebook star with more than 5000 friends in two accounts. You are much more popular than most of Malaysian celebrities out there. Comments?

 Hd: hahahaahahahah!!! No comment! hurm… I don’t know what to say!


Cc: You are a blogger, any favourite fashion bloggers?

Hd: Y.O.U – you!

Cc: This may sound weird, but did you read CuteCarry before?

Hd: Yes. Lately. I think CuteCarry really love fashion. I am excited and proud there’s fashion lover that really appreciate fashion and become part of fashion. Congratulations! I am proud of you!

Cc: Do you think Malaysia fashion is far behind Thailand and Indonesia?

 Hd: Not really far, so close!

Cc: It’s been hard for Malaysia (especially Malay designers)   to jump across the border and end up having a small boutique, your view?

Hd: I’ve been in this business for 5 years, and I can’t wait to own a boutique. But I have to face obstacles like capital and preparation. This is not an easy task. It is so different with those who with fund. Using money, anything they wish will be ready! hahahaha


Cc: Hatta Dolmat in ten years?

Hd: Hmmm.. during that time I am 37 year old. hahahhahaha

Maybe Hatta Dolmat can stand tall with other big name in our fashion industry. I just a tiny one.

Cc: Last word for CuteCarry readers out there? 
Hd: To all readers, keep reading this fashion blog. Support our industry by supporting each other. Thank you for featuring me in CuteCarry. Yes.. muah.. muha.. muah!!


So you know who is his favourite fashion blogger is. I really appreciate it!

Myself, Iz and Hatta

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Visit hatta blog here

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Pakaian Terbaik Anugerah Bintang Popular 2008

Keputusan untuk Pereka  Terbaik telah diumumkan pada Post Party ABP 2008 oleh Nabil. Pereka-pereka memenangi hadiah daripada Rafflesia Pearls yang bernilai RM10 ribu untuk setiap kategori. I wonder if pereka-pereka ni berkongsi tak hadiah ni dengan artis-artis ni!


Tahniah kepada pereka baru, Siti Nur Syuhada Shaharani apabila rekaannya yang digayakan pelakon popular, Zizie Ezette diumumkan sebagai Pereka Terbaik (Wanita) di Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian (ABPBH) 2008.  Beliau adalah pelajar Uitm yang baru menghabiskan pengajiannya.


Kategori lelaki yang diungguli oleh Hatta Dolmat yang mengetengahkan konsep yang berlainan pada malam itu. Jika kebanyakan pereka hanya menumpukan kepada tali leher dan vest songket, Hatta pula menggunakan konsep seakan-akan trench coat dan tuxedo dan elemen songket adalah pada tali pinggang dan di atas bahu (nampak macam oversized shoulder pad pun ada!).


Tahniah juga kepada artis-artis yang hadir kerana melaram dengan tema songket. Walaupun ada diantara artis yang hadir dengan pakaian seharian macamlah diaorang ni nak pergi ke Tesco atau Giant, namun ia tidak mencacatkan langsung kemeriahan majlis ini kerana majoritinya menghormati majlis dengan berpakaian yang sesuai.

Kebanyakan pakaian menepati konsep sentuhan tenun. Fabrik-fabrik seperti French lace, thai silk. satin dan sebagainya diadun dengan songket. Hasilnya, pakaian memang nampak glamour.


Baju yang dipakai oleh Zizie Ezette memang kena dengan bentuk badannya.  Siti  memahami susuk tubuh Zizie yang montok. Ia nampak glamour dan hampir sempurna!  Warna biru yang dipilih pula nampak begitu menyerlah!     

Kebanyakan pereka yang hadir turut melaram sakan! Macam gathering Designer Malaysia pulak! The best dressed designer is Siti yang menggayakan dress pendek dengan turban songket (like Prada turban, but this is much much better!)


Tahniah kepada Berita Harian dan TV3!   

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