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Hermes La Femme aux Semelles de Vent

It looks like a historical paint than a scarf. Hermes latest scarf collection or in French, La Femme aux Semelles de Vent is based on an adventure of Alexandra David- Neel, famous French explorer who traveled all over the world. The story on the scarf I guess is about her experiences in Tibet, where she became a Tibetan Lama. To learn about her journey click here.


You can see almost everything on a piece, leopard, tiger, flowers, and mountain and also… erm… is that a yak cart?

It is such a busy scarf. I am not a big fan. But as I told you earlier, this is a piece of history.   You probably can wear it like to only a very exclusive place where everyone knows what Hermes is and how to pronounce it and how much it costs! Click here for USD375 per piece scarf!

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French Art and Film Festival 2009


Thanks to French Embassy for the invitation.


I love cocktail party. It is simple, quick and I can mingle with everyone and less fattening food. Few pieces of these are what I ate during the Official Opening of French Art and Film Festival 2009 at GSC Pavilion. 

 Those who are living without normal eating pattern don’t expect to too much if the party started during your dinner time.  You’ll starve if you don’t have a mountain nasi kandar before going; as usual of course!

I am not sure what the theme of the party is because it is not stated on the invitation card, probably business attire because almost all the guests are in that; including me!

French Art and Film Festival organized by a French embassy will be in towns from 7 to 27 May. I say town because it is both in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. This is your time to learn about French culture and language from the films, theatres, live shows (including the unique Baroque duet). To learn, click here.

You can also catch or imitate the accent. Erm.. Probably not a good idea to speak in French accent if you are not French! You will sound fakes. Believe me I heard horrendous fake French accents from a Malaysian. I can’t really speak French (a bit, tiny bit) but almost everyone knows  that; that person is trying to tell the world his boyfriend is French and he is getting to be like so French! Er… so not in style.( Lesson: be yourself. Proud of your root. Don’t try hard to speak like French, English or American if you are not them. Respect others but be Malaysian. There’s nothing wrong with being Malaysian!)

Here are some snaps from the party!


Myself before the movie and after a few bits of French finger food!

GSC Chief Executive Officer Ms. Koh Mei Lee. I love her dress and skirt! Awesome. She should be a movie star!

The French Ambassador to Malaysia, His Excellency Mr Marc Barety.

Senator Heng Seai Kie, Deputy Minister of Information, Communications, Arts & Culture.


All the slim and thin with beautiful complexion waiters are in bareback Daniel Choo dress. They look like a lanky runway girls than those who served cocktails!


My partner for the party is my sis and bestie, Kak Marhafizah. She is single and available! Guys, if you want a pretty, stylish-partly thanks to me!, demure, soft spoken, slim girl, she is the one (saya promote kak because you worth it, jangan marah ye!)


 Myself with the French ;celup’ at the entrance. They are so nice.

The cocktail organized in partnership with Martell and Holiday Inn Glenmarie Kuala Lumpur and followed by the screening of critically acclaimed Crime is our business ( Le Crime est notre affaire) by Pascal Thomas.The movie is the highlight of the night. The movie is about an adventurous  wife Prudence (played by Catherine Frot) and her retired husband.  She lost her excitement after her  husband retirement and need something to spice up her life that includes trying to solve a murder case! It is a funny movie with an unexpected twist.  But one thing that catches my eyes is the brown Hermes Birkin she’s carrying. 


This is not a hallucination!


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Hermes three new colognes- Aquatic Alchemy

I can remember the smell of Hermes perfumes. The smell is classic; probably because Hermes was based from classic stuffs. Like scarves and Birkins.

The Colognes Hermès, 3 sensory experiences of freshness, cheerfulness and immediate pleasure.

Latest Hermes perfume is from the Aquatic Alchemy Collection. It is for men and women (called it Bisexual Cologne!) 

Eau de Orange Verte –  woody signature smell.

Eau de Pamplemousse rose – it smells .. what else- roses

Eau de gentian blanche – smell like white musk

 I just love the presentation from the website. Click here to see

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Hermes Cabag Bag

This bag caught my attention when it was positioned nicely with another Hermes icon, Jypsiere. It looks like a beach bag (which I think it is design for beach) but I guess it is ok for daily casual wear even in your office attire too. Fashion is fun, don’t strict yourself! 

First look it is nothing special about the bag but remember this is Hermes. Everyone who knows fashion will realized that you are carrying Hermes, and it is all that matter!

Where to buy: Hermes Pavillion KL (03-21420048) and Hermes Suria KLCC (03-21664088)


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Santap DiRaja

I telah menghadiri majlis makan malam bersama Raja PerlisDYMM Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin dan Raja Perempuan Perlis DYMM Tengku Fauziah di sebuah hotel yang agak grand jugaklah kat area Bukit Bintang. Ini adalah majlis makan malam yang sangat kasual dan relax. Everybody is having fun, including me.


 Tuanku dan Raja Perempuan yang sentiasa ceria dan sangat merendah diri. Patik amat berbesar hati dapat bersama-sama dalam majlis yang amat meriah ini.

Jika anda bersama kerabat-kerabat diRaja Melayu protokol perlulah diambil kira  walaupun  dimana atau keadaana apa sekalipun. Ketika berjumpa dan sebelum bersalam ataupun ingin meninggalkan meja perlulah menyembah hormat. Janganlah anda dicop sebagai seorang yang tidak menghormati dan tidak faham etika. Jika anda boleh mengikuti etika yang telah ditetapkan oleh masyarakat Barat seperti etika 10 course dinner and such, I think there should be no problem for us to respect our Royal ethics too.

Semasa waktu makan pula, anda hanya boleh makan setelah Raja atau sultan mula santap (makan). Janganlah makan atau minum sebelum ia bermula. Walaupun raja atau sultan tersebut tidak nampak apa yang anda lakukan, tetapi tetamu lain akan menjeling dan berkemungkinan besar anda akan difikirkan sebagai tidak tahu adab majlis!


Daripada segi pakaian pula, ia perlulah bersesuaian dengan tema majlis tersebut. Jika formal/rasmi, pakaian seperti batik dan seluar slack ataupun two piece suit bertali leher. Bagi wanita pula, pakaian yang paling selamat ialah baju kurung, kebaya, Jika majlis adalah separa formal atau kasual dan ia diadakan didalam dewan, kemeja tanpa tali leher adalah paling sesuai.Wanita pula boleh memakai blouse lengan panjang, kemeja dengan skirt atau seluar. Ingatlah bahawa majlis tersebut bukanlah untuk anda mededahkan tubuh badan anda. Please cover up. Jika anda memakai pakaian yang agak mendedah, balutilah bahagian anda dengan shawl. Sekejap je, bukan lama. Lepas majlis selesai, anda nak buat apa, nak dedah mana pun boleh, tetapi bukan semasa majlis diadakan!

Jeans adalah tidak digalakkan.

Kelakuan perlulah dijaga kerana anda bukan menghadiri majlis harijadi anak sedara tapi majlis bersama kerabat. Elakkan ketawa terlalu kuat walau kelakar mana pun jenaka yang orang sebelah anda buat.

Jika Raja atau Sultan tiba-tiba lalu berdekatan dengan meja anda, jangan lupa untuk bangun dan menyembah hormat. Ini mungkin agak keterlaluan pada sesetengah orang, tapi percayalah jika anda biasa menghadiri majlis-majlis Raja, ia adalah perkara yang perlu dibuat. Tiada apa yang pelik dengan perkara ini.

Seperkara lagi, bahasa diri anda sebagai Patik dan bukannya ‘I’,‘aku’,’mek’,‘hem’ atau ‘saya’.

The above basic rules apply to all. Tak kisahlah orang Melayu, Jawa, Cina, India, Iban, Sino Kadazan, Orang Sungai, Orang Ulu, Siam, Kanak (ada kaum ni kat Johor) atau apa pun bangsa tak kira warna kulit putih, kuning, biru ke apa.. wajib ikut!

Jangan nak buat malu na…….


Me (blame the camere, I look a bit chubby face) with Datin Shazreen Zulkifli. She is carrying Celine and in a very beautiful top and slack.  Chanel chain bags dominating the night. But it is so impressive to see one Datin carrying cream Birkin Hermes. Sorry guys, I did not really snap much pics.

The guests are wearing from Rizalman to Razwan Radzuwill to Citra.

 Cantek tak my baju silk batik? (seperti biasa tetap tak mahu kalah juga ni), dapat banyak compliments, some ask where to get it?..  FYI I bought the silk from  level atas sekali Jakel kat Jalan Masjid India, where they  sell all the expensive, high end fabrics (lagi..  tetap tak mahu kalah juga ni). It is like around RM100 plus per metre. Not really expensive (tetap statement berangan kan!!) tapi I like the baju. Thanks to my tailor yang jahir baju ni dengan penuh hati-hati…


With  Tengku Datin Elina (Mak Engku) on my left and guest. I love  Mak Engku outfit. She is carrying silver Fendi Baguette.


With Tengku Datin Marina.


From left, Nurul Huda, Fazwin, Orang paling berangan, Datin Shazreen Zulkifli.


Datuk Maria Menado. still beautiful…

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Celeb and carry

This is where what you get when you marry rich actor. You can get to wear and carry Hermes. Katie Holmes just what she (and British soccer WAG’s) always did, put on everything expensive, create a look, pray for someone to photograph and voila… you are on every magazine and blogs ( included).

Plus she will never have to queue for 2 years waitlist to get the bag!

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Sometimes we just try so hard to be or act like celebrities. No wonder designers chased, beg or maybe bribe the stylist of the stars just to get girls and boys like Rihanna, Sienna Miller, Justin Timberlake and Tom Cruise to put on their jeans or carry their bag. It is a very powerful marketing concept. But can we wear it right like celebrities?


 I will say maybe. “I look stunningly awesome” (at least that what I think!) when I put on aviator sunglasses like David Beckham. ”Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work” with hat ala Justin Timberlake that he wore in his concert because I feel very edgy today but the next day I felt like my face look so big and round like Chinese dumpling… (Why celebrities always had that sharp feature?). “It goes totally wrong” when I try to copy the look of Tom Cruise in Lion for Lambs. He looks like an absolute metro sexual office professional in low cut vest. I am not sure who designs Tom’s vest but I found one at Malaysian designer Key Ng 50% off sale. I feel so helpless and hopeless with words like “SALE”, “OFF” or “DISCOUNT”. Without any hesitation I bought that vest with hope it will give me the same kind of Tom Cruise persona and energy like I can jump non stop on the couch or something. The very next day I matched the vest with white shirt and red tie. But it makes me look like I am wearing plunging neckline blouse rather than designer vest. I don’t know why Tom Cruise did it better but I know; for me it is just wrong, wrong and wrong. The most disastrous my celebrity wannabe experience is when I want to feel the Paris Hilton lifestyle. I am not going to tell details because before I knew it, I reach my credit limit!


But you can never go wrong if you try to copy Jean Paul Gaultier style. No, it is nothing to do with Scottish Kilt or some called it skirt. It is the look when he takes at the end of the Hermes Fall runway show. He carries Jypsiere bag! JPG describe Jyspiere as “a functional, nonchalant bag slung across the shoulder, combined with the iconic details of the Hermes bags”.   Frankly I never own any Hermes bag because my credit limit is not like Paris Hilton. Jypsiere is masterpiece that is between classic Birkin and ultra modern messenger. A perfect bag for almost every season.  I envisaged Jypsiere will have the same impact like Birkin, if not more. It can be sling or oversized clutch bag. Whatever it will be you’ll be carrying a legend from one of the lushest brand.  Available in multiple colours and texture.  Around USD7000 at Hermes boutique. 




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Kelly image from

Kelly image from


Not everyone can afford to even touch Birkin or Kelly from Hermes. The lowest price (for Birkin) is about USD7500.00 and for most mortal, she will think twice or maybe 923 times  before purchase it. Or even you have all the money, it doesn’t assure you can bring Birkin home. The average waitlist for this bag is two years.



If you want to carry something like Hermes next week and your credit card just reaches the limit, there is a solution. Substitute for Kelly or Birkin is Furla Greta Tote. I just love the pale pink blush colour. Very remarkable on the croc embossed leather. The silver tone hardware compliments the pink.  


But wait a minute. What a coincidence! Hermes has (Grace) Kelly  and  Furla has Greta (Garbo). Another similarity between these bags is it looks almost identical. Both are square, almost in same size (you can cover your beer belly with Furla, Grace Kelly covers baby bump with Hermes). Hermes skinned crocodile for Kelly while Furla Greta is croc embossed leather.  Any differences? Yes, apart from the price tags, the label on Kelly is Hermes and on Greta is Furla.


Greta is for someone who is not ready to carry Kelly or Birkin. Carrying Kelly or Birkin means you carrying a lot of responsibilities.  Practice with Greta. Once you used to the compliment about your high taste in choosing the stylish cute bag, then you can head to Hermes and put your name on the waiting list.


Practice aid at for USD378.00.

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