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Name the sketches in 3 seconds (don’t cheat)

It is fun to see celebs in a different form like in ridiculously brilliant sketch. The Gallery of the Absurd sketch some controversy in their latest work. Can you name the celebrity sketch.

Rule: you only have 3 seconds for each sketch! (scroll down for answer)



1. Sarah Jessica Parker (that perfume ad)

2. Paris Hilton (that burger ad)

3. Brooke Hogan (that album cover)

4. Karl Lagerfeld (that doll of him)

5. Lisa Rinna (that Bride of Restylane)

6. Tori Spelling (that torpion)

7. Nadya Suleman (that mom with 50 to 160 babies)

8. Jessica Simpson (that cover sans fat)

9. Madonna ( that matured icon)

10. Sarah Palin (that doll)

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Louis Vuitton Monogram Scuba MM


This is it! The search is over, at least for Jessica Simpson. Louis Vuitton monogram Scuba MM that Jessica Simpson must own. It is pink; a rare colour for LV but so  Jessica. Scuba is very girlie, and not everyone can carry it like it is in a real and trendy manner. Plus it is made from subtle monogram-embossed neoprene with smooth grained leather trim. This rubber-like material makes it possible for beach and even camping!

Remember Newlywed? (If you can’t remember this you are probably 3 years old)   She has like millions of Louis Vuitton and carried them everywhere; even during her camping with Nick. The bag that she carries to the camping has USD1700 price tag. Sound so incredible to us, but not to Jessica because she is rich and managed to say ‘it is weird, taking my Louis Vuitton bag camping”. Let me tell you Jessica, it will be never weird with Scuba!

Louis Vuitton monogram Scuba MM at a cheap ( Jessica rate) USD1940 @ eluxury.

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She married, she stars in reality series, she dance in boots, she designs shoes, she likes perfume, she comes out with ‘Fancy’ and now she claims that she drinks beer and now she  is endorsing beer brand Stampede Light Plus. Now I just  want her to say, excuse me… who the hell is Nick?

Did somebody tell you that she likes bag and she designs bags too?

It is not really surprising for someone like Jessica Simpson to come out with handbag line. She  loves fashion and the entire world can see she carries different bag for almost every day!

Frankly I am quite impressed with latitude hobo in shrunken synthetic. It is not the most genius creation but it is very acceptable for those who want to look stylish without have to spend like Jessica. This bag cost only for USD98.00. Jessica love LV so much and spend like crazy on LV and Nick don’t happy with it. Everything is LV. this info courtesy of MTV Newlyweds.

But I think she is drunk when she designs Kane Satchel. No, don’t get me wrong. This is not ugly. I just think she drink too much Stampede Light Plus. The colours combination is just wrong and what with the belt thing? Belt look good on waist not  on bag! Let me tell you, with USD88 you can  buy you a dozens bottles of Stampede Light Plus beer.

Jessica Simpson bags are available at

Wait, she drinks beer and still with that tummy?

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