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Lunch With Kris Dayanti

There is no other best way to treat secretaries than a delicious buffet spread, a great performer and hilariously big laugh and again tasty food! Until now, I still can’t forget the curry mee!



A bunch of lucky secretaries had that at Quality Hotel Secretaries Week Luncheon with Indonesian songstress Kris Dayanti. In this huge Matrade Ballroom that is almost full with female secretaries clad in office wear (I guess including myself and “Cik Zaleha BB” it is only like 20% male populations); I can see the girl power!  There is no way man you can sell tickets to male related day or week like how hotels commercially exploits secretary week!

Kris Dayanti is one of the biggest stars in both Indonesia and Malaysia. It is quite ironic. It’s been like ages since her last album but yet the ballroom is almost full. During almost an hour show, she sang her classic songs. My favorite is Cobalah untuk Setia.


She opens her show with dramatic Victorian ballroom inspired gown. It is very flamboyant, almost not wearable and an ultimate stage costume. It is like watching John Galliano for Dior runway show. Not everyone can wear like what Kris did. She is petite but yet she looks really good in that voluminous costume. Probably it is because of her almost perfect proportionate body. Kudos to the designer!



 Being a pro, she knows how to interact with audiences. Including this one!  He is so cool! Clap, clap, and clap! 


Kris blossomed in her second outfit. A long dress with roses details across the body. I wonder who her stage costume designer is!





Guess who is among the crowd? The ladies went crazy when Kris announced it is Anuar Zain in the house!

Congrats to Dee or his alter ego, Miss Zaleha BB (body beautiful) for making almost everyone laugh like it is a comedy show. Such a pro.

If Kris Dayanti in only two outfit, Dee is in 3! Tetap tak mau kalah Cik Zaleha BB ni!


First: Dee aka Miss Zaleha BB is one shoulder Chris Lim. The beautiful fabric is from Jakel.



Second: Print galore on Cik Zaleha BB


Third: There she is Miss America.. Miss America.. oppsss… she is Miss Zaleha BB with faux fur shawl!


Fourth: Myself with Dee @ Cik Zaleha BB. This is her own design.  


One of the sponsors; Rafflesia Pearls.


Superb opening act by Dasha Logan (late Alleycats Loganathan daughter). Quite a good singer! Click here for her blog.


Thank you… thank you for the door gift including Kain Baju Melayu from Jakel (for my baju raya), Madam Chair mag (for me to read), Prune Innershine (so my eyes will look like Camelia), F&N condensed milk (for my the tarik), Poise Liners and Summer eve feminine wash (I don’t know what to do with them yet!) … ingat dapat Rafflesia Pearls tadi!


Last but not least, thanks to super elegant Quality Hotel Sales Manager, Lia for the invite. It is all FREE for me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  Quality Hotel is one of the best hotels in town. For more info call Toll Free: 1800 80 2422, Tel: (603) 2693 9233 Fax: (603) 2693 9634 or Email: or Click here!!

P/s: It is an exciting experience being a blogger. Thanks to my dear friend K for snapping the photos. K remains to be anonymous. He is quite shy lah!! :p




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Secretary Week with Siti Nurhaliza and Kris Dayanti

Thanks to Lia (love your Paris Hilton bag) from Quality Hotel for this info.

The besties are back. BFF Siti and Kris Dayanti will rock you.  Maybe ‘rock’ is not a proper word, I mean will sing almost together again. I mean almost!

Siti is so synonym with Quality. As far as I can remember, if it is Quality Hotel Secretary Week, I will imagine Siti. She is a crowd magnet. She will perform 10 of her beautiful songs on 22 April at Pusat Pameran Dan Konvensyen Matrade, Kuala Lumpur.

The day before, on 21 April, Kris Dayanti ( dengan bulu mata palsunya) will mesmerize you at the very same stage.

I told you… they almost sing together….for ticket, call (603) 2693 9233

I wish all the best.

Siti, PLEASE, PLEASE remove the shower cap. You remind me of Alicia Key in You don’t know my name video. She wore quite similar cap too. The thing is, in the video Alicia wore the cap as a waitress. CLICK HERE!!!!

Siti, you are definitely not waitress. Take that freakin shower cap OFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

I am very confused here. What is Siti trying to be? The jacket is just genuis, the costume necklace just superb, but the shower cap? I know it is kind like trend, some people look cool with that, but not this time!!

Jangan marah ye Siti, saya cakap ikhlas ye. Muka you nampak temban buat cam tu. Tapi saya suka Siti punya jacket.. perfect for your body.

*Siti images from budiey

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