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Oh.. it’s a rabbit!

Look its paint

No… it’s a doll

No… It’s a rabbit

 Oh… it is Madonna for Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2009 Collection.

She wants to be reinventing into a erm… rabbit. Don’t worry; it is just a normal diva request. She can ask for it and definitely get it!

Madonna was photographed by Steven Meisel at New York in a chic Parisian café concept set. The dim light did fabulous for a 50 year old. Marc Jacobs, the heart and soul for LV said while the two campaigns look very different, there is also a unity about them, “So it now feels like we have completed both parts of the story.”  The ad, according to Marc meant to evoke the golden age of Hollywood.

oh… what a bag.. what a bag.. what a bag…  my wishlist is that bag, birthday is comin …

About the rabbit thing, Madonna showing off the weird but ridiculously stylish rabbit ear which I think must be extremely expensive because it is from Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton!

p/s: the bags looks incredibly yummy. Finally LV turn back into LV. Classic, stylish and expensive!

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I was invited to a premiere screening of a movie called Sifu dan Tonga. The movie revolves about a couple of guy from a searching for a girl that had been kidnapped from their tribe. They are actually a tribe that from a group that ran into the woods during Japanese occupation in Malaya back in 1952. A greedy magazine editor kidnapped the girl to get money and to become a chief editor or something. In the end, the tribe defeated the bad guys.End of story.

I know I am really bad story teller, so if you want to know the rest of this ‘adventurous’ movie, go and watch the movie yourself.

Frankly, I am not really interested to tell you about the movie because I am not really into the movie. Well its like with that big names and that is what we get?

But the adventure began before the screening. There are not enough seats available. Even the actors running up and down searching for a seat! FYI, I am comfortably seat and watch the drama.


The most dramatic thing is some audiences sitting on the aisle! I can hear Fauziah Ghaouse said “I want to go back!” Poor Fauziah. But she is a star of the night. Fauziah looks very comfortable and young in a cute short white dress with a zebra print clutch. She looks ‘quite’ effortless. Adorable! Luckily she managed to get a seat.


Me (in TopMan shirt under vintage vest,Excel Polyster pants and Calvin Klein Jeans sling bag) with Fauziah Ghaouse.


I am not sure what brand but I juz love the shape and print. But if you like something like that, take a look at felicity or  zappos


She is still beautiful. What happened to some believe that if you are pregnant, you are going to be really chubby? Not her. She is slim as ever. Pregnant? What you mean pregnant?

Erra is carrying something form LV Multicolore collection. Take cue from Erra and you’ll get street wear in luxury mode. LV monogram multicolore at eluxury.


Azwan Ali and Ikram (who appear like 2 minutes in the movie), Nabil and Apek

Yusry and fan

Yusry and fan

Yusry, the man responsible for the CGI effect.

Apek and Nabil having fun

Apek and Nabil having fun

Both are rich but I really hope they can at least get a fashion stylist. Guys, this is your movie premiere. Why don’t you wear something that is a bit different from your ‘wet market’ jeans and t-shirt?

Nabil and reporters after the premiere. This talented young guy will be very big one day,believe me.

Nabil is swarmed by the reporters after the premiere. This talented young guy will be very big one day,believe me.

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Louis Vuitton Monogram Scuba MM


This is it! The search is over, at least for Jessica Simpson. Louis Vuitton monogram Scuba MM that Jessica Simpson must own. It is pink; a rare colour for LV but so  Jessica. Scuba is very girlie, and not everyone can carry it like it is in a real and trendy manner. Plus it is made from subtle monogram-embossed neoprene with smooth grained leather trim. This rubber-like material makes it possible for beach and even camping!

Remember Newlywed? (If you can’t remember this you are probably 3 years old)   She has like millions of Louis Vuitton and carried them everywhere; even during her camping with Nick. The bag that she carries to the camping has USD1700 price tag. Sound so incredible to us, but not to Jessica because she is rich and managed to say ‘it is weird, taking my Louis Vuitton bag camping”. Let me tell you Jessica, it will be never weird with Scuba!

Louis Vuitton monogram Scuba MM at a cheap ( Jessica rate) USD1940 @ eluxury.

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Celeb and carry – Nastia Liukin



It makes me looks dull and cloudy. I love the ‘cloudy and dull’ weather if I am in four season countries because it makes me feel and look fresh but grey or anything dull is definitely not my colour. People will think that I work too hard (even after sleeping like 13 hours) because I’ll look washed me out.


I guess Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin facing the same problem. The top look like it belongs to her aunt who attend Woodstock in 1969 and her jeans is from second hand charity shop.


She has money especially from endorsement and maybe appearance and she can buy LV everyday but she definitely can’t buy style. That is Louis Vuitton also in soft black. If we can hear the bag screaming it said ‘please leave me at home’. Yes… why she choose that bag? That is an exclusive and stylish bag but here it looks like a cheap darned dull bag!


That boots… ok..Enough is enough… no more….pauric-sweeneyI would like to suggest her to carry Pauric Sweeney Python shoulder bag. It is bright and maybe can give same light to the dull outfit!


Nastia get or change your stylist!

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Finally, Madonna and LV



It is real, it is happening.

As I promised before, this is Madonna for Louis Vuitton.

Again, she doesn’t need Guy Ritchie she just need A-Rod when she can use her yoga moves to strike a pose for next to LV exotic inspired bag. I am not really impressed with mustard with oversized beads bag but I can’t stop myself from admiring Steven Meisel masterpiece.

This is hot!

Finally I understand what people called a 10 million shots!

By the way, is that a skirt or a feather duster?

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Dior Chiffre Rouge A05 black time automatic chronograph USD4,195.00 at

lv-trunkLouis Vuitton Damier Geant Canvas Conquerant 65 USD3,520.00 at

All the above have one thing common, that is my wishlist and I can’t afford them  now and that is a good reason why I should not become GRUMPY AND SNOBBISH!

Yes, all of the above is too much for me. My earned is enough for me to pay the installment such as

i. cars- I owned two, but not really expensive car

ii. housing loan installment -not really priority, but prefer quality food. I always get free food

iv. wear -I will buy anything if I like it, branded or ‘what is that’ kind of brand. For designers, only during sale. Just do not try to mess with me during the ‘choose and fitting session’.

v. bags – yes… sometimes quite expensive but I skip my lunch to buy that. Plus I always get free food!).

vi. Insurance- for rainy day

vii. unit trust investment- my brother is an agent

viii. Misc- petrol, club membership, entertainment, occasional emergency buy like unexpected sale!

I am not living on the top of the world. I work hard to earn money. In fact, I earn by working and smiling to people. I don’t understand why people say I am ARROGANT and SNOBBISH?

This is the story. Last night, my mom came over and told me that somebody (which I am not really familiar with) told her that I am a snobbish.

It is all started when last two week my auntie neighbour daughter, M. She saw me the other day at my office and she introduce as my auntie neighbour. I don’t really know M so I am quite confuse, but I DID TALK to her. You know, a very social talk, quick and easy. I NEVER MET (if I did, I can’t remember when!), her before so I don’t see why I should really be extra friendly to her. This M girl, go back to my hometown and told her father that I am SNOBBISH and ARROGANT. WHAT? I even say bye to her!

Her GRUMPY father did some talking with my auntie that eventually informed my mom. GRUMPY father even said that I am just a guy in mediocre position and try to be SNOBBISH and ARROGANT. Mr. GRUMPY FATHER even told my auntie that he is going to do ‘something’ about it.

I AM SORRY IF I ACT INAPPROPRIATELY TO M BUT THAT UNINTENDED. I don’t felt really bad about how M felt but I don’t feel good about people twisting the story. Maybe I am a bit DIVA-ish, but come on, you can ask everyone in my office, from the security guard and cleaner lady to almost everyone about how I treat them. I am actually really kind to them!

I may be quite cruel, but that is only for some who is cruel to me too. I may look tense sometimes, but that is maybe because I am in model runway look and try to lift my cheekbone or I am really in tense).

p/s: MR GRUMPY even told my auntie that I am a ‘supervisor’ with low salary and ‘supervisor’ like me shouldn’t act like a manager. Let me tell you something MR GRUMPY, I am not a rich buy, but I am not a supervisor, I really good with my work,

I owned a business and designers item (from CK to Gucci). Because people like MR GRUMPY and daughter M, I will work hard to carry all the above bag and watch!

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Diva + sold out concert – Guy Ritchie + Louis Vuitton = 10 million dollars

Yes, yes, yes… Madonna is the new face of Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 09 campaign. I am not sure who shot her but I don’t care. I am anxiously waiting her to strike a pose with LV trunk. She is no stranger representing high fashion brand because she is high fashion.

Everything she did is fashion.

I can NEVER GER ENOUGH of Louis Vuitton. Not because I own every LV because I can’t afford it now (listen: now) but everything behind LV is superfantastic.

Will keep you update!

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Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Neverfull


Classic will always be classic. Those who appreciate timeless will still purchase a similar design from a very same designer. Even it is the most copied item on earth and tasteless type bought it for less than 10 bucks, the classy type will eye only for an original. Price is not an issue here. My friends fought with her husband when he ‘forget’ to pay household bills after she spent almost USD2K for a LV tote. My friend won! That is after he convinced his boyfriend that she will never buy any bag for a year (yeah right!).I blame her husband, why you give her money to pay bills? Yes, LV and followers always win. That is the power of Louis Vuitton. Hail to LV!

Damier Neverfull Totes is one of the latest offering from LV. Actually from my point of view, it is nothing new. A very same concept, with a bit of improvising and erm… red striped textile lining. Available in 3 sizes (maybe for grandma, mom and daughter).Neverfull totes is absolutely Louis Vuitton.

No other brands or designers can copy the magic of LV bags. LV designers are so lucky. They have a very clear concept on how the bags should look like.

Your chance to pay homage to the history and heritage of Louis Vuitton travel bag is at

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The ultimate wear – White Shirt

Some say you can’t never wrong with white shirt. But my opinion is you can always be wrong when you’re in white shirt. The reason is the very correct white shirt can make you look exclusive, clean, stylish and edgy while a very wrong white shirt will make you look very boring and simple until you look invisible. I assume those who read my blog love fashion so there’s no way in million years we want to be boring, simple and invincible.


I love white shirt too. I have like 3 basic white shirt, including Topman (that I wore like for 200 times). The reason why I love white shirt is it can go along really well with my stripes, plain, dots or colourful tie. The tie will look really outstanding and nothing can beat the feeling of people asking me to get the tie; which actually that is a very old tie and I’ve wear it almost thousand times to a very same crowd. That is the power of white shirt.


White shirt really wary. Some is ridiculously cheap and some so pricey it makes me think; who on earth want to buy that plain white shirt? To glam the white shirt, you must know how to accessories or choose not too conventional and experience with pleats, origami, bow, ruffles, etc. Choose the correct categories of white shirt depends on which occasion you’re in.  Buttoncuff white with burgundy pencil skirt and maybe killer heels or flat for effortless professional look. Origami or ruffles white shirt for formal function (remember to carry very outstanding tote or satchel that is not too big or too small and try to avoid clutch). Bow or statement shirt look outstanding outstation meeting. Show them who is in charge when you present your document fresh from jaw dropping briefcase.


Here is my pick of best white shirt (plus the bag of course).







K by Karl Lagerfeld Fran cotton shirt USD215

Don’t forget to wear something underneath the shirt; maybe a white tank and not your honeymoon black lace bra.


Carry with:-




Yves St Laurent Muse bag chocolate soft croc embossed suede USD1,596.00







D&G Ruffle front cotton shirt USD345 First you show them who behind all the work, then you make them wonder, who is this girl if you


Carry with:-


 Soft briefcase Louis Vuitton at







Moschino cotton top at Its is the day where you straight to nearest mall after working hour. Impressed your office collegue and stranger at mall when you


Carry with:-













BCBG Max Azria  tuxedo cotton shirt USD69.00 @ You are the one who wear the pants and the tuxedo shirt. Show everyone you are ‘the boss’ when you


Carry with:-



FENDI Mini Mama Shoulder bag USD805.00




6. Free and Easy Weekend



Cynthia Steffe embroided white shirt USD80.74 Compliment the embroided details when you



 Carry with:-




GUESS Arm Candy Shopper USD78

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Last night I went out with two of my best buddies, B (the ‘handsome’ female-he) and F (the curvy lady- she). It is like a ritual for three of us to have late night supper and talk about almost anything, from country foreign policies to fantasies about stabbing someone.. Yes… stabbing someone. Sometimes we spend like 3 to 4 hours chatting while having glasses of the diabetic teh tariks (sweetened condensed milk tea)  with plates of MSG fried instant noodles. The reason why I just love spending time talk and talk and talk and talk to both of them is because they have brain, yes.. Real brain!


One of our discussions is about what is our purpose in life. F , the curvy attractive lady said she wants career advancement. She is willing to work hard and I can see that. She works and learn about the work just like typical scene in ‘nothing to rich’ movie; young executive that work hard and faces a lot of challenges until she succeeds. F is on track with career development but she told us that she needs steady boyfriend to complete her life < but I think she needs husband, oppsss… sorry F). About the boyfriend thing, maybe it is because her hair! Sorry 1000x again F!.


F and I quite worried about B( the ‘handsome’ female with stylish hair cut). He is in his 30’s with  and has what it takes  but doesn’t have any clear purpose in life. B has a lot of talent  that is in a ‘tight bottle and B need strength and strategy to open that bottles’. He is like setting goals but not in the right track to achieve that. F and I conclude that it is mainly because B lifestyle and attitude..  But B strength is he is willing to listen; especially to our free, irritating preaches. 



If you ask me, my aim is to earn reasonable enough money to live fabulously (yes, a bit like Kimora!). Stay in fancy house in hip area in town and holidaying in my big country house on top of the hill with my family and closed friends. When it comes to shop, I can buy almost whatever  including g legendary Louis Vuitton Damier Géant Canvas Conquérant 65 for USD3,520.00 @ because this is  luxury. The thing I like about LV Damier is because of thermo-compressed shape for extra space.  The canvas is from ultra-strong technical fibers similar to those used in mountain-climbing ropes. Worth every cents. Buy it today and you can use almost everyday in 20 years. But darling, this luggage is not even for me it’s for a monthly gift to  F and B.  I am rich, remember?


Yes maybe I can buy LV Damier with my paycheck now but it is possibly I am going have panic attack thinking what  to eat for the next two weeks. I have minor panic before like when I went to mall after reading money management self help book.  My original plan is to have dinner at the food court, not in fancy restaurant because the book said you can save as much as 40% eating at food court rather than fancy restaurant. But the  ‘SALE’ is everywhere. In the end I went home with new designer bag (the book said don’t sacrifice important staple thing), three pairs of  shoes at discounted price (the book said buy only things at discounted price), eye contour cream (again, staple thing) and books (including ‘Retired early with own saving’ – the book said you must read a lot improve your money management knowledge). The panic is when I accidentally see the bills.  To fix everything, I just think positive and humming ‘I’ll be thrifty next month’ before I go to bed.


Gosh, I can’t wait to get rich.


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