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Oh.. it’s a rabbit!

Look its paint

No… it’s a doll

No… It’s a rabbit

 Oh… it is Madonna for Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2009 Collection.

She wants to be reinventing into a erm… rabbit. Don’t worry; it is just a normal diva request. She can ask for it and definitely get it!

Madonna was photographed by Steven Meisel at New York in a chic Parisian café concept set. The dim light did fabulous for a 50 year old. Marc Jacobs, the heart and soul for LV said while the two campaigns look very different, there is also a unity about them, “So it now feels like we have completed both parts of the story.”  The ad, according to Marc meant to evoke the golden age of Hollywood.

oh… what a bag.. what a bag.. what a bag…  my wishlist is that bag, birthday is comin …

About the rabbit thing, Madonna showing off the weird but ridiculously stylish rabbit ear which I think must be extremely expensive because it is from Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton!

p/s: the bags looks incredibly yummy. Finally LV turn back into LV. Classic, stylish and expensive!

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Name the sketches in 3 seconds (don’t cheat)

It is fun to see celebs in a different form like in ridiculously brilliant sketch. The Gallery of the Absurd sketch some controversy in their latest work. Can you name the celebrity sketch.

Rule: you only have 3 seconds for each sketch! (scroll down for answer)



1. Sarah Jessica Parker (that perfume ad)

2. Paris Hilton (that burger ad)

3. Brooke Hogan (that album cover)

4. Karl Lagerfeld (that doll of him)

5. Lisa Rinna (that Bride of Restylane)

6. Tori Spelling (that torpion)

7. Nadya Suleman (that mom with 50 to 160 babies)

8. Jessica Simpson (that cover sans fat)

9. Madonna ( that matured icon)

10. Sarah Palin (that doll)

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CuteCarry 2009 MET Gala Prominent Award

MET Gala is where all the rich and famous of fashion world come out and show…

It is like a circus of fashion out there. 

This is MET Gala. Please leave your plain simple black dress home.

These are the finalists of  2009 MET Gala  Most Prominent Award:-

 MADONNA photo | Madonna

Madonna in Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton. LV renewing their contract with her. See her again in LV ad around August of September shoot by Steven Meisel. That’s explaining why she has to show her loyalty to LV in this erm… costume. Whatever Madonna.. in the end, the money is yours, even you look like a circus performer!

RIHANNA photo | Rihanna

Elvis Presley after tanning session in Dolce and Gabbana. Oh.. sorry, he is actually Mr Rihanna.

KATE MOSS photo | Kate Moss

Greek Goddess Kate Moss with Marc Jacobs. Loyal, loyal…

HEIDI KLUM photo | Heidi Klum

Preggy ‘Runaway’ Heidi Klum in J. Mendel.

KIRSTEN DUNST photo | Kirsten Dunst

Kirstin Dunst. You think she is 3 months pregnant? No.. she is in Chanel Haute Couture!

LEIGHTON MEESTER photo | Leighton Meester

Gossip Girl Leighton Meester. Another celebrity in circus performer dress. Sorry my mistake, it is high fashion. It’s Louis Vuitton.

MARY-KATE OLSEN photo | Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary Kate Olsen in Christian Lacroix. Drama…..

TYRA BANKS photo | Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks plaited updo get all the attention

HILARY SWANK photo | Hilary Swank

OMIGOD, I can’t believe Hillary Swank is in Calvin Klein. It doesn’t look like usual Calvin Klein which is always minimal and simple design. Love the origami. But sadly she is not the winner!


Shalom Harlow on the red carpet photo. 2009 Costume Institute Gala at the Met. Models as Muse

Shalom Harlow pic.

Shalom Harlow in Viktor & Rolf (I think so!)

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Queen Of Pop Photoshopped

Some claims that both of these Madonna’s images have been photoshopped.

Madonna Photoshopped

Come on guys She is in her 50’s. If she looks like on the left, she still looks great!

 The woman that has a huge influence in my life.  I don’t care how she looks like. I must confess that if not because of Madonna, there will be no me as per today. She impressed me with her videos, fashion and diva behavior.

I’ll probably not into fashion if she doesn’t exist. Salute to Queen, Salute to the one and only MADONNA


It takes a real MAN (transsexuals, transvestites included) to fill her shoes!

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Celeb and carry- Lourdes Hello Kitty


I can’t get enough of Madonna and her clan!


Madge may carry her new Louis Vuitton (she must, because she get paid like millions) but her beautiful young 12 years old daughter Lourdes still devoted to what teen girls love; boys Hello Kitty.


This bag is relatively cheap for Lourdes. But, who cares, that is a trendy tote. Or maybe Madonna does not want to spoil her too much, so Lourdes must settle with this. 


I am sorry I am unable to give you the link to where you can get the exact Hello kitty tote like Lourdes but maybe you can check Sanrio for almost everything; not only on Hello Kitty but others like Chococat , My Melody, Kuromi, Pankuchi and many more. If these names sound so foreign, probably you are not Asian or too old… oppss….




I am still young at heart so I really adore this cute Hello Kitty Logo large tote (USD77). Full with gorgeous print featuring Hello Kitty print, this is the bag that maybe a bit like what Lourdes carries.




For those girls who think that she is an electric funk girl (and you are like 12), this is maybe your choice. The metallic woven leatherette design with gleaming metal plate with Hello Kitty with her equally beautiful and cute sister Mimmy ( yes… hello kitty has sister). It is Hello Kitty but I can’t help to think of Alexander McQueen at cheap USD70.




For aging Kitty, Rebecca Minkoff leather satchel for only USD600… now we talking!

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Finally, Madonna and LV



It is real, it is happening.

As I promised before, this is Madonna for Louis Vuitton.

Again, she doesn’t need Guy Ritchie she just need A-Rod when she can use her yoga moves to strike a pose for next to LV exotic inspired bag. I am not really impressed with mustard with oversized beads bag but I can’t stop myself from admiring Steven Meisel masterpiece.

This is hot!

Finally I understand what people called a 10 million shots!

By the way, is that a skirt or a feather duster?

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Diva + sold out concert – Guy Ritchie + Louis Vuitton = 10 million dollars

Yes, yes, yes… Madonna is the new face of Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 09 campaign. I am not sure who shot her but I don’t care. I am anxiously waiting her to strike a pose with LV trunk. She is no stranger representing high fashion brand because she is high fashion.

Everything she did is fashion.

I can NEVER GER ENOUGH of Louis Vuitton. Not because I own every LV because I can’t afford it now (listen: now) but everything behind LV is superfantastic.

Will keep you update!

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