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Tun Mahathir and Tun Hasmah surprise birthday bash!

Guess who bringing note book (the one with papers) to a birthday function?

Yes… some of you say it right. It is me, the most ultimate nerdy in the Mandarin Oriental Ballroom!

It was a big honour to be invited to  Tun Mahathir 84th birthday dinner. “My shameless confession with big ego” is I’ve been to so many high-end functions and mingle bunch of glamorous or influential figures but nothing beat the ‘ego’ to be part of Tun Mahathir’s birthday celebration.


It is actually a surprise birthday bash for Tun M and his lovely wife, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah whose birthday is just two days apart from his.  He jokes about he is trying his best to fade away but everyone keep inviting him! He had no idea about the party and he almost loss his words!

It is a private function so I choose to be in demure dressing mood. Casual jacket with vest, red tie and black shirt.

Day before the function, I promised myself not to wear sunglasses in that ballroom, no extra skinny pants and not to be too excited. But I can’t help myself to feel and look excited because he is the big M, Mahathir Mohamad!

I am growing up with Mahathir. Can you imagine our nation without him? The fast development, the ICT, MyKad, technological advanced passport , Langkawi, KLCC, Putrajaya, high end shopping malls… it is all because of him! He puts our country steps forward than the rest of world!

He is so popular indeed!

Where ever I go, from America to Holland to Jakarta, when I say I am from Malaysia, the first word is Mahathir. I remember when I was on a taxi ride in Beverly Hills; the driver who is an American Muslim keeps talking about amazing stories about Mahathir.  Even though he is never been to Malaysia and wonder what is Kuala Lumpur, he talks like he’s been forever living in Malaysia and under Mahathir rule.

I became popular in London thanks to Mahathir. It was during a mingle session in a conference with participants from all over the world. Most of them thought I am a Pinoy, Thai or Nepalese; but when I introduced myself as a pure Malaysian, everyone become very interested to know me because they want to know about Mahathir! Well, as a shameless attention seeker, it is really an exciting experience!

My conclusion, world view and know Malaysia because of two things, Twin Tower and Mahathir!

Did I tell you I bring my notebook? Remember? It is for me to write down any important quotes from Mahathir. Dead PDA, dead technically problematic PDA. He delivers his short and precise speech like a true legend. One of the most memorable quotes is “when miracle becomes common; it is no longer a miracle”. Wow… that is why he is such an extraordinaire, he looks miracle as if it is not a miracle! He also told the crowd that he is not easily convinced before he can touch, smell and taste the things. That’s explain everything!

The birthday celebration was done in a true Mahathir style, efficient and on time. He arrived minutes before it starts and it’s  end just on time.

The Pulut Kuning….

Tun Mahathir and Tun Siti Hasmah cutting the pulut kuning.

Tun Siti Hasmah smile when she realised I am “a bit excited”  meeting them……..

Badminton legend – Lee Chong Wei. Love his semi formal do….

Myself and Datuk Mukhriz. He is one of the most popular guy on that nite! his suit. Wonder who is he wearing!

Myself and former 3r – Azah, the mc for the nite. She looks good in baju kurung.

Ruth Sahayana performing her song, Kaulah Segala…

Kaulah segalanya Tun M!


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