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Wisma RSH Warehouse Sale


My friend asked me, would you sacrifice your lunch break to shop? My answer – GIGANTIC yes. Food can wait, but some stuff can’t wait and just off the rack.

I went to Wisma RSH for a warehouse sale (read my previous entry here). It is a working day; luckily I have a meeting near the warehouse. What a coincidence!! mmmmmmmm…..

It is a shoes sale! Shoes are all over the place. Most of the brand is from Nose, ras and other not so recognizable brands. The ad is true; it is up to 70%. Some of the shoes and bag is only RM20, if I am a girl, I’ll buy it, and I mean not only one pair. Some of those shoes and bags are quite stylish!

My aim is for Marc by Marc Jacobs. Let say it is not really like what I’ve expected. There are only a tiny portions of Marc by Marc Jacobs on the rack (relatively tiny compared to other brands). There are no BAGS. Not a single MARC bag!


Most of Marcs is on 50% off. I ask the cashier if this is the only Marcs and where are the bags? She answered ‘Yes, but I guess more coming tomorrow, but not sure yet’. Yeah right, like I can tell my boss I have ‘meeting’ at around the same place again!


To avoid any disappointment, I just grab a Nose messenger bag. Nose is not my favourite brand but I like the shiny PU material. It is only RM47 after 70% off. It can act as my weekend or office bag. It suits both. If I’m boring with it, I can give it away. It is only RM47… I won’t feel anything!


Did I tell you about RM20 items, and if I am a girl I’ll buy it. You know I am a boy but I did buy it! It is a cute, small Nose clutch like with handle and it is only RM20 (original RM99). This is probably for my mother or sister. I think they like it. I tell them it is RM99. They’ll like it!



p/s: I can see those who shopping are in their office wear. They also have meeting ka?


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Miley 'Drama Queen' Cyrus

Miley 'Drama Queen' Cyrus

Bottega Veneta




This is  an experimental period first period. A girl just wants to impress with what she has and she might try very very hard to impress. She might end up like a retarded gothic sorry… that is me once upon a time.  Here are bags for the one with cute zits…




Le sport Sac

Le Sport Sac is synonym with a funky simple side of a teen. Nothing angst or revolutionary here. Just a bag with a lot of fun.





Betsey Johnson (14 year old trapped in 66 year old body) attitude as a person is maybe the very last thing you want your little sis or daughter to react. But the reality is most teens act like Betsey.  Violently happy in morning or ecstatic girl without reason in the evening. But she design great, whimsical bag. If you don’t know how to appreciate Betsey, it means you must learn how to appreciate fun.  








Every young girls I know, must list Roxy as one of the must have brand. I understand because Roxy knows what girl wants (pink and fun). Roxy is like a cute boy. Girl wants to hang out with cute boy so she can have something to talk about on her friend sleepover.


Sienna "young,slim n fresh" Miller

Sienna "young,slim n fresh" Miller




Girls still experimenting. This is the most important phase. In this period, if she choosing something wrong, she may end up living on a wrong side of life for the rest of her life. But there is no way she going to do wrong if she should consider purchasing these bags!



Marc by Marc Jacobs

Faridah shoulder bag makes Marc Jacobs what makes Marc a very great designer. The design is very simple and casual. Not too huge and not too tiny. Almost perfect for any dresses or jeans. The two pockets are essentials for keeping essentials!


Emilio Pucci

Twenties is a phase with most colours and patterns of life. A woman may know what she really wants in term of her career and she is planning what is going to be in the next decades. A woman may have the devastated experienced in her love life but these will eventually think her how to face the unknown future. The multiple colours and patterns are a colours of life. Just like fresh and young Emilio Pucci Cancello Nylon bag.


20jimmychoo1 Jimmy Choo

Look elegant like a rich heiress with Jimmy Choo’s mirror clutch. This chic tube clutch is classy and at the very effortless. A young executive who carry this to corporate function is an executive who will be viewed as exclusive for the rest of her life! 


Aishwarya "married, sans baby n fabulous' Rai

Aishwarya "married, sans baby n fabulous' Rai


A woman may still single and happily married. She’s getting wise on her decision. She finally taste the reality of life; like babies are so cute but when they keep crying at night, the best accessories the next day is a strong dose of coffee and big sunglasses to conceal the panda eyes. Whoever you are now, there are no reason for you not to look stunning with a great carry.



You are not too old and you are not too young. Let everyone viewed you as a strong woman with an attitude. You own the power and you are not afraid to use it. To enhance the ‘superwoman’ in you, carry Tod’s D Bag.







Thirties is the time that you actually can understand why some work of art cost so much (that is after you’ve attended an art appreciation exhibition and talk to someone in art business in a business function). Why not you carry something that is art; but not like an art that you still secretly think “why on earth that cost too much?”. Keep your thought to yourself while carrying Celestina sterling silver croc minaudiere.



New classic is the best classic. If you think that the typical designer classic bag will aged you, why don’t you choose you own classic. Remember, you are in charge in your life. Choose something chic and at the same time still relevant with the current wave. Choose Balenciaga cherche link minibag.






Kirstin 'stylish trophy' Davis

Kirstin 'stylish trophy' Davis

If you are in 40’s should be wise enough on what look best and what is ridiculous. Accept the fact that we are not young anymore. But there is a good news, you might own enough cash to buy what you have. Invest something that is luxurious and expensive. Make that sexy twenty years old look at you and wish they will look like you twenty years later.





What can I say. Dior is the epitome of luxury and a  thing that you should carry on a daily basis. Make people called you Lady Dior (can you imagine that, Lady Dior!). Start with Dior grained calfskin.



Yves Saintt Laurent

You are strong as you look. You have all the independence, your kids probably in college or dating and your hubby…. he might start to ehmmm…. looking at a bit of young lady. Ok.. sorry.. maybe I am too much. Your hubby would, ever never did that. But, don’t make him feel like he walking with her aging mother when both of you take a ‘romantic walk’ to the nearest clinic for a regular check. YSL tribute tote is something should be on your shoulder (for the prescription and medicines of course!)



Again, don’t make your husband feel like he attends a function with her mother. He needs a trophy too. Make him proud and think you are worth than any girls in that function by adding fun to your wardrobe. Add some colours. If you think bright colour is only for your 19 year young girl, add some light with Marni pop colour small clutch.




Michelle "matured and gorgeous" Pfeiffer

Michelle "matured and gorgeous" Pfeiffer

Like a fine wine, the older the better. The key for your style is a high level of taste with and comfort. Comfort doesn’t mean that you only wear large tunic and ill fitted dress. Comfort is; you are really comfortable with your body and you are wearing a very acceptable cut outfit. The keyword is classy.  Buy something that you can’t afford to buy when you are young. You are half a decade. Enjoy your life!





Expensive stone is everyone favourite. Before this stone only around your neck, why don’t you carry it. Dior stone mosaic clutch is one of the best stone that you must hold. Parade this  to show everyone that you accomplish something in life. But you don’t need to try hard because if you can afford this, you can impressive.







Fifties do not mean you must carry conservative bag. Matured and glam. That is what you are. It is acceptable to carry something shiny (a bit, not too much) when you are attending your granddaughter birthday. Make her proud because you are carrying the soft mink Versace hexagonal tote. She will choose you as the best and hip grandma on earth!


Bottega Veneta 

Ruffle skirt look stunning on you 30 years ago. Keep it as vintage. If you want to wear it today, wear it on a closed door. That is only to remember the good old days. If you can’t wear it, it doesn’t mean you can’t carry it. Just ask Bottega Veneta. But be carefull, this is the only ruffle you can have today. Too much ruffle you’ll look like curtain in Queen of England bedroom.  









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To my dearest little brother…

To my beloved youngest brother, Haziq. This is what I promised you



1.     Latest version of Playstation.


Frankly, I am not really sure what is in Playstation ( and why you are so obsessed with it. I heard from mam you spend too much time on Playstation and sometimes it makes her mad. FYI, when I was around your age, I only play videogame set that quite portable and colourful. I am so proud with myself. I am really good with BrickGame. There’s one time I score almost 10000 points. I wish to continue and beat Uncle Joe record but I stopped to watch Beverly Hills 90210 (Luke Perry and Shahnen Doherty version).




2.     Holiday in Redang Island



I know due to my hectic schedule, we can only spend time less than ten times a year. I also know you love beach and whatever related to swim. This is one of the best places on earth. You are so eager to go when I told you how it looks like (especially the snorkeling). The white sand, the blue sea and the pool. You can swim in as long as you want (under my careful and sharp eyes of course!). View this magical island at


3.     Marc by Marc Jacob Sailor messenger bag



I know you don’t really know who is this guy is. You may think he is some kind of biscuits or cookies brand or something. The reason why I want to have this is because you keep ask me question like “why you act like you’ve been possessed by tsunami spirit?” when you told me our other brother use my Gucci sneakers to play football. Let me answer your question now, nothing is comparable to designer item. They are masterpieces that can change the way you look and uplift your self confidence like when I wear my Calvin Klein undie. Sailor is relatively cheap. Made from canvas and the most important thing it has Marc by Marc Jacobs logo.  Only for USD90 @



Well Haziq, guess what YOU WILL NEVER GET ANY THE ABOVE. Your final exam result is too average. Frankly. I am so disappointed with you. You almost get everything you want. Maybe I always spoiled you. You get cranky when you can’t get what you want.


I don’t know what is going on. Teachers always praise your work and in almost every exam, you did quite well. I partially blame you for your lack of focused and over confident. Remember I screamed at you when you watch TV week before the exam? I scream for a reason.


Ok… my beloved brother, please perform better for your next exam.


I still love you. Yeah.. yeah.. world still revolve around you!


P/s: I’ll probably buy Sailor by Marc by Marc Jacob. But not for you, but for me.

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Thoughtful Owl

I am not sure what about you, but when I was a little one, my parent or aunties never read any ‘bedtime story’. I must read to know what happened to girl who kisses the frog (yuck!!!) and girl named Rapunzel, which has very long hair .Erm… I wonder where she washed her hair because the wicked witch shut her in a tower. I keep imagining the dandruff and the oily hair (3x yuck!!).



There’s must be some kind of folklore behind Marc by Marc Jacobs Thoughtful Owl. I really don’t know and desperately want to know. Maybe an owl that has good judgment and can differ between girls that carry fabulous designer tote and others that carry something like groceries bag… Yes, I really think this leather Thoughtful Owl tote looks like something you can get for less than 10 bucks.   


But, remember, two good reasons to grab this @ for only USD179.00 are the effortless shape and the words “Marc by Marc Jacobs” stated beside the owl. Carry this to the right place at the right time.   Marc Jacobs is more recognizable in hip coffee place rather than ‘low end’ grocery store.

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Laptop bag that is a compliment with your laptop sometimes make us thinking that they can come with the latest computer technology but why they just can design a stylish laptop bag? Plus it is NO WAY we going to carry the same bag just like another officemate who proudly declare bulky Croc shoes is the trend of the moment. No way .. No way…


For years I have used my so called version of Laptop bag. Actually it is a documents bag where I also kept my personal files, stationeries, and note book (as the one with papers). I took it to work, meeting or sometimes when I meeting my client. After years of abusively using it, it can take it anymore. I really need a real lap top bag to carry my Dell.


The solutions come in Marc Jacob Sloane bag. How come one simple laptop bag can make all the different? Because Sloane is the simple and minimal yet with a strong dash of elegant. The simple, leather with contrast metallic trim is your answer to trendy classic bag. Versatile, quite unisex and not only suitable for laptop, files but also to show off at company site meeting.


It is design for work and almost perfect with any type of office wear. Well.. It doesn’t take a fashion consultant to let us know that this bag is design for work. Just read what is on the label. It stated


Marc by Marc Jacobs

Standard Supply

Model #……………….

Type: Workwear


I don’t know why they stamped the above on the bag. But for sure that is what it means ‘the bag will speak for itself!




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