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CuteCarry 2009 MET Gala Prominent Award

MET Gala is where all the rich and famous of fashion world come out and show…

It is like a circus of fashion out there. 

This is MET Gala. Please leave your plain simple black dress home.

These are the finalists of  2009 MET Gala  Most Prominent Award:-

 MADONNA photo | Madonna

Madonna in Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton. LV renewing their contract with her. See her again in LV ad around August of September shoot by Steven Meisel. That’s explaining why she has to show her loyalty to LV in this erm… costume. Whatever Madonna.. in the end, the money is yours, even you look like a circus performer!

RIHANNA photo | Rihanna

Elvis Presley after tanning session in Dolce and Gabbana. Oh.. sorry, he is actually Mr Rihanna.

KATE MOSS photo | Kate Moss

Greek Goddess Kate Moss with Marc Jacobs. Loyal, loyal…

HEIDI KLUM photo | Heidi Klum

Preggy ‘Runaway’ Heidi Klum in J. Mendel.

KIRSTEN DUNST photo | Kirsten Dunst

Kirstin Dunst. You think she is 3 months pregnant? No.. she is in Chanel Haute Couture!

LEIGHTON MEESTER photo | Leighton Meester

Gossip Girl Leighton Meester. Another celebrity in circus performer dress. Sorry my mistake, it is high fashion. It’s Louis Vuitton.

MARY-KATE OLSEN photo | Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary Kate Olsen in Christian Lacroix. Drama…..

TYRA BANKS photo | Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks plaited updo get all the attention

HILARY SWANK photo | Hilary Swank

OMIGOD, I can’t believe Hillary Swank is in Calvin Klein. It doesn’t look like usual Calvin Klein which is always minimal and simple design. Love the origami. But sadly she is not the winner!


Shalom Harlow on the red carpet photo. 2009 Costume Institute Gala at the Met. Models as Muse

Shalom Harlow pic.

Shalom Harlow in Viktor & Rolf (I think so!)

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Amy Adams on May W Magazine


A polished Amy Adams for W magazine, thanks to Marc Jacobs Spring 2009 (or probably some ‘digital fixing’).

What a femme fatale!

I love everything about the look. The structured jacket is so sharp and bold, the hat is oh so foxy, the ear ring looks so visible and fierce and the black nails; does it means black nails are back?

Ladies, remember, don’t copy this look if you are a normal person on a normal day (not so normal like magazine editors!). You can wear everything Amy wearing but don’t just do it at once!

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Marc Jacobs engaged!!

Cangratulations to Marc Jacobs for his engangement to Lorenzo Martone.

Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone

Lorenzo is a producer from Brazil.

Ok Marc, now you find your  true love, hope you can produce more edgy  bags  since both of you can’t produce kids.

It is hard to find true love, but once you get it, make sure you cherish the moment.

 I am waiting and anticipating Marc next collection… mabe he’ll be like so inspired by all this engangement thing and change the entire concept!

In Malaysia, Marc by Marc Jacobs at Pavillion KL.

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Basically, there are about four types of women; leather, beads and stud, canvas and denim and also evil.



Women who has extra cash and carry only kind like Hermes Birkin in Fifth Avenue and luxurious Marc Jacobs leather tote (USD1,295.00 @ while strolling in Langkawi. She probably will only drink Perrier or Evian and eat fresh air. They are kind of fun to be with but you must have extra cash or no limit for your card(s). These women will probably speak in fake accent. Very high maintenance indeed. So be careful.


Beads and stud

Women who loves attention. She doesn’t care about what people say. She will slip into her Ellie Saab long beaded dress and carry Roberto Cavalli Swarovski embellished clutch (USD1,755.00 As long as she is glittering and shiny she loves it. She may look like a very expensive queen or very inexpensive thing. Sometimes they kind like addicted to beads and studs. There a story buzzing around town when Santa Claus mistakenly thought these women are Christmas tree. No wonder they can afford more and more beaded shoes, bag and dress.


Jeans and denim

Women who only wear Levis and plain tees in almost anytime and carrying anything comfortable and actually dont really care about what is in Harpers Bazaar. She is not really into protocol, hates attending gala dinner and won’t be caught dead in very same vicinity with Queen of England. Some view her as cool and not little view her as slouchy. These women own nothing but kind like Tommy Hilfiger Joshua Backpack (USD 71.99 Probably they only change bag once in every five years.



She is the one who still carrying plastic bag even after Anya Hindmarch proudly tell everyone she sold all her environment friendly bag. These women are the most disgusting creature on earth. She doesn’t care if the plastic bag is the reason why turtles die and flash flood Bangladesh. They should be eliminated from planet earth.

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Marc Jacobs DayDream Shoulder Bag

Marc Jacobs just know how to make girls look stylish. Maybe some of his creation makes me think ‘this guy doesn’t care if people carries something odd, he just want the cash… and lot of it”. Girls at USD1,295, this is the bag the one you should dream . Stop dreaming about perfect man like something like that Titanic guy or Dr McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy cos’ believe me, they are unlikely to exist in real life. This bag is very real and it is within reach. The two tones with the brown leather domination make the bag almost perfect for any occasion. My favourite part of this bag is the double flap fold-over. It is not too overdone and the pink add some modern and feminine touch to the bag.

Better than McDreamy @

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