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Chic Recessionista – Factory Outlet Shop at IOI Mall, Puchong.

Look at my below pic. Do not focus on my smile, I know it is so amazing, sweet, addictive, photogenic, edgy etc (so perasan!!) but focus on what written on the back. “Wendy Pack RM6.99”. Yes.. I am turning into chic recessionista!



Tapi ini bukanlah pasal makanan tetapi pasal pakaian.

What is chic recessionista? It is a term used in a fashion world where we still can be chic even in recession period. 

Di dalam keadaan ekonomi yang tidak berapa sihat ni, adalah menjadi tanggungjawab kita untuk terus berbelanja. Yes.. keep on buying! It is like how we, the fashionistas and stylistas help to improve our country money chart!

But, we must know how to spend it. It is useless if you pose with Zara jacket in a friend birthday party but end up eating like a pig because you don’t have cash to buy food the very next day! I used to be in that state, but now not anymore!(kind of!)

My recessionista principle is to be careful and pick only something that is worth buying. I can’t live without buying. It is almost impossible for me not to buy!


As a recessionista, there is no best place to go than Factory Outlet Shop (FOS). This is a place where you can get cheap, quality, original wear.  This time, the FOS is at IOI Mall, Puchong. I can’t believe what inside!

It is a nice Italian cotton Tombolini cotton shirt. Buy one free one!


I must agree sometimes the most frustrating thing when shopping in a factory outlet (especially for skinny guy like me) is the size. The wear is so gigantic. L, XL. As an S person, to get something S is like so magical.

2 Tombolini stripe cotton shirts at RM50. You do the math… it is only freaking RM25 per piece!

I choose brown and white.


The best feature about the shirt is the details. The print on the sleeves and collar look a bit like Paul Smith shirt; just this is only RM25, I repeat RM25!


The special cufflink; another not so ordinary feature.


This is why you never miss FOS on your next malls hopping. You’ll never know what you gonna get. The trick is to act like an auditor, only this is a recessionista auditor, not that quite boring financial auditor. Browse the racks, check on details, try it, and compare the price. If you have any doubt to buy or not to buy, spend at least half an hour inside the store before you leave. The half an hour period will give you chance to think whether to buy or not to buy. Sound complicated? Keep it easy. Think it my way. If it is suitable, enough cash or card, and  it is cheap  the solution is to buy it before we end up thinking about it before going to sleep that night!




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Happy Birthday Dato’ Shikin

Happy Belated Birthday Dato’ Shikin.

She has style, full with grace, effortless, classy classic, so Chanel.

I love your new Dior!


From left – Naglaa, Birthday Girl –Dato’Shikin, me paling berangan dia paling meletop




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Dress for tudung girl

I was summoned by my dear friend @ sis, Kak Mar FYI, sekarang ni dia single, baru lepas breakup, sorry Kak Mar, saje saya nak tolong promote to help her to choose a dress for her next function with a theme; chic, demure and cheap. This is her first function dress. Just like me, she is so excited!



It is easy to get chic considering my eyes are on fashion 25 hours a day. For me chic means when you put on a dress, its compliment your body not the other way around. Chic means sexy but it doesn’t means that you must look like Britney during any MTV Video awards performances.

You know you chic when at least two or one person complimented your look.



Mar is someone with tudung covering her head. She will never take off her tudung. The problem it is not easy to find a dress that is suitable for tudung clad girl. I hate when someone in tudung but at the same time wearing something that is so revealing like lace dress without full or proper lining. Girls, please cover properly.


Cheap is so subjective. My definition of cheap is different from Bill Gates and my Indonesian maid. In this case, cheap is from Mar point of view. Cheap dress that look cheap is easy to find but dress that is cheap also easy to find. Look properly.

The Klein Boutique


This is not a very posh looking boutique. No fancy arrangements, no dress to kill or snobbish sales assistant, no deceiving lighting. It is more like a store that is full, pack with glittering dresses and whimsical accessories (Miss Universe crown included). My first impression is it looks like a boutique to cater costume party animals or a heaven for drag queens (glitter, fringe-you get what I mean). But I never let my first judgment stop me from explore Klein.





I ask for ‘function dress’ and the sales assistant (kind girl, not snobbish and I guess she wore top and pants from the Klein ‘whimsical’ collection) show me a dress that is so Ah Lian (Ah Lain mean- imagine girl from Petaling Street). I ask her I want something that is elegant and again she show me Ah Lian dress. I ask again “something that is for this girl” while I referring to Mar. She directs me to one of the corner and with a strong Indonesian accent said ‘di bahagian ini ada lagi bang!’

My heart move a bit faster. A row of plain, non- Ah Lian dresses hanging. Ok… maybe not, one or two still Ah-Lian but the dress just fabulous. Simple, glamour and so function appropriate!


The dress

I just pick a few dress and ask Mar to try it. Without a word, Mar try the first dress;


This is kind like a long brown dress, with sleeve. It is not too tight, suitable for tudung girl like Mar. Remember; don’t just try only a dress.



Mission accomplished. A second when Mar stepped from the fitting room in this black dress, I know this is the one. It is actually a sexy dress, but I pair it with a black inner. If you are not wearing tudung and you don’t want to show your cleavage, you can put on a tube top inside.

The empire cute really compliment her body;make her look slim, tall and can I say statuesque? Like a modern version of Greek goddes, but in a tudung.

FYi, the material of this dress is a bit like jersey with a simple beading details on top.

The most important thing here is Mar is extremely happy with the dress; especially when it cost only RM200 (inner includes) with free alteration!  Cheap, cheap and cheap.


Never underestimate, explore and you’ll never know what you can get inside!


The Klein Boutique

LG 037, Sg Wang Plaza, Jln Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur 03-21448862



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I don’t know what to do…

I don’t know if I should





Not smile



Or just being irritating



Life is not so easy lately. From politics to racial harmony to money….

 I hate to say this but why some people just ignore others feeling and then try to change everything like nothing happened?

Can’t we respect each other, learn from history and open wide all our mind!!!

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So not in a style radar….

Event: Malay wedding luncheon

Time at the wedding:  1.00pm to 2.00 pm

Venue: Community Hall

Guest: From those who carry Salvatore Ferragamo to Guess to someone in cheap sandal




Seat: I was seated at a VIP table


Weather: Typical Malaysian afternoon (hot, hotter, hottest)

Dilemma: From below pic, I am not sure if I dressed right yesterday! I am trying to be casual, but this is when casual go wrong.  I end looking like a sick aneroxic boy in an oversized khakis pants. I should be careful next time!




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My love…

This is the best time in my life and it is gone like how we almost the same time we took to finish Filet –o- fish with fries by the side and diet coke of course…

I am spending my quality time with the love of my life, my niece Dinah at her favourite place McDonalds. She loves camera and shoes, shirt, skirt, bracelet… I wonder where she gets that kind of interest  from!!!




137 1391


Uncle love you!!!!

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Hang Tuah Mausoleum

Hang Tuah is a Malay warrior (I imagined him tall, tanned, lean muscular and not so friendly face) and as far as the old movies and books (that I read) is concern, nobody knows where his grave is.

I am so surprised when I am seen a Hang Tuah Mausoleum at Tanjung Keling, Malacca.





It is a long grave. He is tall!

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Grooming talk at Tanjung Keling, Malacca

To convey one of the most important lessons that are how to dress at least on par and to detect bad breath, I am willing to go anywhere.


My usual venue for my talk is hotels or offices but now it is quite different. I was invited to conduct my slot in a colonial building in Tanjung Keling, Malacca. It is a very unique by the Straits of Malacca; you can smell and feel the sea breeze. But at the same time, it is kinda scary. The building reminds me of Harry Potter School, without the witches. But who knows probably there are more than witches roaming around….

If you are not scared, please imagine me posing in that diva-in-wonderland the haunted ghost. If that also failed to scare you, you are heartless!






Thanks to the organizer, I don’t have to stay at the old scary building.

Maybe I am famously known for my diva attitude; they provide me a room, big one at Everly Hotel, Malacca.




Love it…thanks guy

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Personal Grooming Talk in Borneo!

I was invited to give a talk on ‘Personal Grooming’ in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


My focus is on personal hygiene  like on how to detect your toxic breath and choose the right perfume, what is smart casual wear (I don’t think jeans is smart casual wear), how to match your dress with your shoes and handbag is an ultimate accessories. There’s more… you have to pay me first if you want more. If you don’t want to pay, keep reading my blog!

I guess they like my talk so much; judging from response and they are not sleeping and the fact that the boss  present me with a beautiful souvenir!



VISIT my new blog.. click-click Dont forget to click it!!!!!

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