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Mulberry cosmetic purse/edgy clutch


Make up purse is one of the must haves bag for the lady on the go. In fact every lady (doesn’t matter if you are a high flying executive or stay home mom should own at least one make up purse in a main handbag. We don’t want to stain your new Burberry Lowry canvas bag with mascara right?


Do not take for granted the importance of make up purse. It is all about the material. It should be made from easily wipe or washed type. It is quite improper disgusting to see a lady with a dirty make up bag. It is not that dirty smelly but make up purse that is smear with lipstick or mascara mark, compact powder and mysterious stain! Yuck!!!


Enjoy a lot of attention in the public toilet no, don’t copy George Michael mirror when you are exposing Mulberry Bronze cosmetic purse. This shiny leather not only edgy but it can be easily wipes. I can double as a cute, funky clutch; to pair with either jeans or LBD.



If it is not written as cosmetic purse, I really thought this is purely an evening clutch. The design just so perfect and it is killing me to suggest to this blog readers to only use this to keep lip gloss and mascara. It is more than that!


The price is around USD200 at my-wardrobe; quite pricey for cosmetic purse. It is a good reason to fully utilize the purse.

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Don’t forget to put on your red ribbon.

I am not comfortable with the term World AIDS Day to raise awareness about AIDS related issues. If you call it AIDS day, it is like you are inviting more of the disease. It is like giving more energy to AIDS. Why don’t we just rename 1st December as

World Healthy Day?

Whatever day you called it, it is our responsibility to perform our bit to help people affecting because of AIDS. There is no other perfect way to help than purchasing this iconic Mulberry Bayswater at only GBP95. Girls, please let me know if you can get any Mulberry bag at that price. It is kind like stealing from Mulberry or GAP.

Yes, Funky young GAP has teamed up with high end Mulberry to create exclusive Bayswater.

You’ll not only wear the red ribbon but you will also carry the red bag.

The only way you can get this bag is at Oxford Street, London started from 10 am on December 6. But don’t worry, worldwide orders available by calling 0800 011 1427.

Before I forget you can also can get Liberty print canvas,ruffled bag and scarf designed by Roland Mouret also in GAP on that very day.


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I have a ‘handsome female’ friend, B. She or most appropriate I address as he, is a male trapped in a woman body. He is cute with effortless boyish look. Even one of my male friends (who like male) try to court B thinking that B is actually a cute young boy.


One of the reason why B is a choice of so many females and few males is because his sense of style and fashion. He doesn’t try to be macho, he just being himself. He knows that he is actually a she so her style is clean masculine with feminine touch. More like a very clean and polish metrosexual. Very Hillary Swank in Boys Don’t Cry and nothing like ugly Charlize Theron in Monster.


Last week we went out for a shopping session. It is fun to shop with him. Just like a shopping spree with another version of myself. We try lots and lots of clothes. When it comes to bags, he needs help. He wants bags that are masculine but at the same time he doesn’t want look butch and bushy.



I would persuade him to buy briefcases from Not only it is very suitable for B, it is also for me to borrow. The classic shape combines with fine craftsmanship will make him look like a young male professional that graduated from Harvard. Sense investment for a young guy with lot of attitude and at the same time has to work with lots of documents and papers.



Metorosexual carries nothing like ordinary man stay next to him in the meeting room. To differentiate him for the rest of the group is Samsonite business aluminum attaché computer case.  Features include file pocket organizer business card pocket, pen holder and adjustable and removable padded shoulder strap. Available at for only USD99.00.



For casual outings and meeting, carry this label driven messenger bag by Salvatore Ferragamo. In vinyl coated and leather trim, the most striking feature is woven label on the front of the bag. This labels costs USD476.00 at



Metrosexual must love his environment. So for groceries shopping, do not leave home black coated canvas quilted tote from Christian Dior for only USD796.00 at



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In her latest video not another HOME VIDEO in, Paris said she is ready to become President. Paris, you will always like kind of get my vote. You kind like so hot than McCain and Obama. I will like will go and kind like help with Paris President campaign or something. But I am not American so I am not eligible to vote. Oh…Paris, you’ve lost one of you greatest supporter. But this is kind like bags that President Paris should carry!


I’m not sure if she eat ostrich meat but I am pretty positive President Paris will look very intelligent, smart and professional carrying this fuchsia Mulberry Ostrich Bayswater bag . The amazing exotic structure of the ostrich leather will goes well with her fake tanned skin.

Yes… maybe some of us think it looks a bit odd (or maybe gross) with that dots and kind like carrying pink ostrich but believe me Paris President can handle it very well. She can handle Rick Salomon and Nicole Ritchie. Pink Ostrich at 1,937 pound at will do her no harm.


Ruffles are so in. Paris going to really like fall in love with the ruffles at be and d. It really stands out on the black patent leather. This is like so proper for Spanish community ‘meet a voters’ appearance. She can like smile, wave this bag and address the crowd with something like “Gracias” in a very Evita way. Hello.. who need to speak Spanish. Just carry something that resembles their bolero or Spanish dancer ruffles skirt.



Once upon a time, this blonde said I don’t understand why people must work. But that is sooo last season. Now, As President Of America, she knows she must work hard. Among what she is working now is to make sure hair colourists enjoy more benefit, porn stars get better paid (plus higher percentage from the profit of the movie), US gay soldiers are allowed to wear pink camouflage uniform and her best friend forever, Britney Spears acts in more movies. What better way to show everyone she is work like everyone else? Carrying Watch me Work Celine bag of course. In bright red soft patent leather, this USD2100 at net-a-porter oversized tote will be very useful to keep all whatever stuffs that related to her whatever plans.


President Paris will be happy to carry this clutch that look like her soap bar case. She’ll be so confused why they call it Mango box Celestina clutch. It doesn’t look like Mango at all. President Paris asks her assistant, Rihanna but she said in Barbados peoples don’t usually carry this type of clutch. But that’s ok. This box is like USD1,365 at Quite an expensive price for mango! Maybe for us but not for Paris. By the way, she inherit something isn’t ?


President Paris loves all the attention. We can’t blame her. That is important to get votes for another term. One of her strategy to get all the attention from the member of the congress is to carry this fuchsia Christian Louboutin donut dough bag to conferences. Perfect with her patent leather red shoes from the very same designer. It looks so yummy, like some cakes with fuchsia icing and sprinkle with colourful chocolate rice. Very delicious at USD485.99 at and she’ll be hungry every time she carries this bag. Sorry Madam President, eating will makes you fat. You’ll loose votes and parties if you fat. Imagine that extra bump popping around your waist. No more two piece swim wear for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Schiever California summer theme party.


President Paris travel all over the world to promote peace, better understanding between countries and greener pinkier environment. Her feet must be really tired after a long day on 6 inches Jimmy Choo’s and at the same time discussing about what the ‘IT’ issues. Sometimes due to visa restrictions, she can’t bring along her Asian feet pedicurist cum masseurs in some countries. This is where this …. bucket came handy. Just pour some water and ice cube and Paris just can dunk her feet. What a refreshing retreat. Handy bucket from Marc Jacobs for 403 pound at

Mama Kathy Hilton so proud for her daughter accomplishment. So she bought Paris this Magenta (not pink, but still look like pink) Dior Cannage priced USD876.00 at The material is form quilted nylon with leather trim and silver hardware. The most significant is the Large D dangling charm.




USD1800.00 at Dior soft woven bag and shocking pink. Paris getting pinkier everyday. Enough say!


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From day to night, work or leisure, young or old, one bag can fit the role. It is the versatile sling bag. Choose your sling carefully or people will think Hannah Montana trapped in your body. Hello Kitty pink sling bag cool on your 10 year old niece but ridiculous across the body that used to swing to New Kids on the Block tune in early 1990’s (aka the Step by Step).

Luxury comes in leather. The leather is Mulberry Milton leather sling bag. In selection of fresh colour, your niece will find it cool to have you as her aunt. The clean, simplicity, effortless design makes Milton is almost suitable for everyone. Not too busy and without unnecessary details. Purchase it today and it is still relevant in 2020.

The bag is flexible enough to keep your office documents in your piece suit or some print for bohemian luxury chic or fun match for Harujuku look (again, don’t blame anyone if they think that you are Gwen Stefani dancer)

Don’t let this sling slip by grab it at

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