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Michael Jackson featuring supermodels

Do you know that Tyra Banks is in one of Michael Jackson video?

I was watching a MTV Video tribute to MJ and one familiar faces on MJ video.

Could you guess which video? No?

Tyra stars in Black and White video.  If you wonder who and where is Tyra, her part in the video is like less than 3 seconds! She is unknown back then but she is so pale but striking even in that 3 seconds period. What a good start for a young supermodel who will be making America Top models?


Another Godzilla supermodel featured in MJ video is Naomi Campbell. Who can forget this? Naomi performs something that look like a kamasutra yoga move; even yoga is not so during that era!  It is 1991, and Naomi started to build her empire. She is so popular, rich and I remember everyone want to be Naomi!  Mind you, those years, she didn’t throw phone!




Legendary Iman as the Majesty Princess of Egypt in Remember the Time in 1992. She stars alongside Eddie Murphy and Magic Johnson.


He is gone but his legacy still on, like in tee. Here is Michael Jackson 09 tee. This is the fastest selling tees in the world, Michael 09.

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Naomi Campbell on catwalk for Mumbai Victims

Even superdiva has a heart for charity!


The fierce, really fierce Naomi Campbell walks in a charity called Mai Mumbai (kalu orang Utara, Mai tu maknanya “mari datang Mumbai’-naomi dah start cakap utara ka?).

Mumbai Mai is a charity for Mumbai victims last November.

At 39, she still looks stunning, really stunning.



Fierce and fierce Naomi needs all the charity to redeem past ‘stuff’ she did.

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