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Second Sex And The City on 28 May 2010

I can’t believe this. OMIGOD. It is happening!

The second Sex and City Film will hit theatre on May 28, 2010.

It is more than one year from now. I can wait to see what is happening to Carrie; any baby? If there will be baby, will she’ll be in Chloe maternity wear and Monolo flat? One thing for sure, she will be not wearing that iconic Patricia Field studded belt! I take back my words; probably they work that belt in something that you can’t expect!

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Carrie Bradshaw carries this clutch in Sex and the city . As a stylist for the film, Patricia can slot her product in. I guess Carrie love this clutch just like I love Patricia work. Hope in one fine day she can raid my closet. But this $80 plastic clutch? Looks more like my niece pencil case than a designer cum stylist creation.

The only reason why I post something about this clutch is because it is from someone who can forecast the trend accurately. Nothing more and nothing less. Is it because of her design mantra “Life is a party. Enjoy it – because it ends”? Girl, life is a party, but not every time. So I hope you can come up with something wearable to dinner and luncheon. Too much party spoils your life. Mind that.

Patricia began her career with her breakthrough Greenwich Village boutique in 1966. Since then, she has leave mark notably. Remember Britney outfit in 2000 MTV Music Award? Yes, that is her design.

Patricia collaboration with Sarah Jessica Parker began in movie Miami Rhapsody. Since then, she set the trend for SJP. The lives for fashion statement make women want to be Sarah and man… I am not sure if men want someone like Carrie. Considering her must have is as big as tennis court closet and untreatable fetish for Manolo Blahnik shoes. Too much maintenance.

Carrie carries pencil case this @

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Studded belt ala Carrie Bradshaw

After watching Sex and The City the movie and I realize studded belt that Sarah Jessica Parker @ Carrie Bradshaw keep flaunting. It is so outstanding. No wonder why stylist, Patricia Field match this studded belt with different outfits throughout the movie.

I found after “Goggle Carrie Bradshaw studded belt” and found out that this is in Patricia Field website… No wonder…

But I read that the actual belt in Sex and the City movie is vintage..

This is the trend to look for. The belt is not too bulky and not too wide. Just fit for almost everyone. It will make your waist look slimmer and most importantly you can match it for day and evening wear. You can wrap the belt on your plain white shirt and black pants or skirt with patent leather pumps for your. On weekend, it is suitable with flirty floral dress like Carrie did. But tone down your style. Avoid too many details like beads or sequined on your dress or other accessories.

It is kind of Punk or Gladiator style. I guess after the Gladiator sandal and shoes from Balenciaga make quite a splash (and still), here comes Gladiator style studded belt. Let see how long this wave affect the SJP fan and all the fashionista.


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