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Desperate for Prada

You know when you want it so bad you wake up and look at it on the net at wee hour in the morning?

I want this so bad. The saffiano leather trim on nylon tote, irresistable, reasonably big. Perfect for tall skinny guy like me?

Still stearin’ at it. It is USD995 at saks.

I will keep looking and looking!

Ask, believe and received.

I need to sleep now. Hypnotized by Prada.

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Prada ‘Colourful’ Resort 2009

I am blogging on the beach at Pangkor Island Resort Beach Resort. I can’t get enough of this resort!

The best way to light up the gloomy world economic is by adding bright colours to everything from stimulus package to the colour of the wardrobe.

Miuccia Prada is trying to shift away the attention from the economic agony. We all suffered! Like it is now almost impossible for some people to buy more than 3 pair of Chanel spring summer collection, eat lobster once a month instead of two and reading Bryanboy on the net instead buying magazine to know what is hot at Prada!

Prada Resort Collection 2009 ostrich bags

It is so many colours at Prada in this 2009 Resort Collection, like watching 60’s TV in multicolour. The combination of unexpected colour can be seen throughout the runway. It is not a usual colour that we seen on past few Prada collection. She likes to play with colour and she does it brilliantly!One of the unique features of this collection is the use of ‘tie’ or ikat technique. It is everywhere on the tip of the shirt to bikini. It is also where the moment when pareo in exotic print make a comeback!

Prada Resort Collection 2009 ostrich bags

The celebration of colour also effected to the gorgeously looking Ostrich bag! Temptation, temptation!

Thanks God the lace is gone! But we’ll never know if it will come to haunt us on next Prada offering!

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Precious little thing….


This is a little thing that is trillion times precious than my entire wardrobe, priceless than my first salary (which end up in term of jeans and tees) and will make me happy anytime; more than getting designer pieces at 50% discount. My happy pill; my niece, Damia.

 There is nothing can describe my feeling when I with her. We don’t spend time much because I am so busy looking for money (or quickly spending it). My sister living like more than an hour drive from my house so the only time I can kiss touch her soft, buttery cheeks is during a long weekend (which really hard to find due to my hectic schedule- work and spending!).


But I am not the only one who is so in a baby joy (or should I say babies). The other is the guy with the bon ban, Ricky Martin. He is in joy with his twins; Matteo and Valentino that has been delivered via surrogate. Ricky is a totally Father of the Year (not this) because he decided not to have nanny.  Cute twin … hope they will remain cute and not trying to copy her father haircut in the 80’s.

With so much baby on the air, here are what relevant to this blog, bags… or accurately diapers bag!



Reese Li night sketch Lexington

 Ricky may consider get this bag because of the large size and 12 organizing pocket (six for Matteo and six for Valentino). But the reason I love Lexington because of the sketches. It is kind like batik which is a great shift if you have like tones of plain bags. Another reason to love this bag is it can be easily converted from a shoulder tote to a stroller bag. USD150 at tuttibella.


Cole Haan Kyle Baby bag

No other diaper bag as great as patent leather tote diaper bag. Kyle is made from lightweight richly grained with leather exterior trim. Don’t be afraid with the silver (some moms and dads I known refrain from anything light colour for their baby bags) because you can easily wipe the puke off because of the ‘plastic like’ texture of this bag. The interior pocket can be used for wallet or cellphone. USD350 at ebags.




DadGear Backpack Retro Stripe bag

Not every dad like to be known as stylish and metrosexual dad. Not every dad likes to carry the very same bag like mom; pink with red lining and shocking pink strap. The solution is a bag that is familiar with dad; when he was in college or current shopping trip. He must be quite a typical boring man to be with, but well he is your dad now and for mom, he is your husband. Considering buying dad a Dadgear Backpack Retro Stripe for USD89 at ebags.



Dude diaper bag

For young dad, this is something for you. Diaper black nylon messenger styling bag. It is ergonomic that will fit nicely on dad broad chest.  It is cool to look at dad carrying this type of messenger style diaper bag. He is someone who still want to look free and trendy even when he is so busy feeding his baby. Dude diaper at USD59 @ ebags.




Prada Two tote pocket


I will not end this post without anything from Prada. This is like a normal tote but please look again. It has two pockets on the side to put milk bottles and it is made from soft calf which can easily clean. A suggestion for mom who planning to invest on something that she can carry while busy changing diapers now and sending your little one to school ten years from now. Prada is age proof. USD1,495.00 @neimanmarcus.



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Prada Viaggio Messenger Bag


The figure is supposed to be me. Even if the height is 6’’ while I am only 5’11 and 62kg, that is me and that bag is mine. ALMOST!!!!

 I really, really want Prada black nylon messenger bag. I need a new messenger because my old CK messenger is dirty like crazy and I something tell me I must put my totes for a rest now. There are so many totes hanging in my room and I seems to pick only messengers to messenger when I am ready to go out, whether it Guess Cairo, Adidas Pocket Mess or my dirty (not smelly) CK or others.

I really, really need this bag because I need to attend a few fashion launching and parties. It is a big NO to attend a function with LOTS of fashionista. This is where everyone will stare to each other like a lion aiming at a zebra without a designer bag. I love my new striking Adidas pocket mess but it is not just for that kind of function. I’ll look like pedestrian in that crowd!



It’s been quite a while to find a designer messenger that falls under my category such as the right size, colour, material and the most important is BUDGET!

 Finally I found Prada Black Nylon messenger bag.

 It is black – check

It is nylon – acceptable

It is not really big and not really small – acceptable

It is only USD380 at bluefly– I can afford it!

 But the problem is they don’t ship to my country!

 A quick look at nearest Prada boutique and departmental store but no sign of it. 

I’ll get this bag… sooner or later it will be mine… hahhaahhah (imagine I laugh like a Cruella Devil!)



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Be your own version of Kleptomania!

According to a survey done in my country, an estimated RM500 million (around USD131.5) lost due to shoplifter in Malaysia within 12 months. Wow… that is a big amount of lost for a country with a population less than 30 millions!

Kleptomanias are everywhere. They have a habit to steal and it is a pleasure for them if they can get away with it. It doesn’t matter how much it cost, but if it is the pleasure or stealing. Celebrity steal too like Winona Ryder steals t-shirt in Saks and Angelina steals Brad from Jennifer .


You can steal too. Especially if you can buy designer item at a very, incredibly low price. It feels like a steal, believe me. Feel that, done that. Like this incredible cheap Tommy Hilfiger Continental Iconic tote. For only USD32.99 (after less) at you can carry a designer item. It is cheap but it doesn’t look cheap. Tommy may not be in a same row Prada or Burberry, but you’ll never regret if you buy this. Well, if you get tired of it after 2 days, you can always give it to your auntie or niece. It is cheap, you’ll never feel guilty or at loss.

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PRADA Hand Pleated Leather Tote

I considered myself lucky. My job brought me to so many countries. I’ve experienced so many cultures, enjoy foreign foods and of course shop, shop and shop.

Every place has different unique method to attract customers. One of the most memorable is in Thailand. Some of them used the slogan “handmade Thailand” for their product. Which one time I burst into big laughter in the middle of the shop because the “handmade Thailand” is actually a PVC handbag with “Made in China” tag. The morale of the story is ‘be careful for what you say, you may end up with tourist like me”



This USD2,236 bag is no laughing matter. Made from hand pleated leather, it is uniquely crafted to perfection. The main attention of the bag is the beehive structure detail that is definitely a head turner. My favourite part of this bag the ‘twisted handle’. It’s so strong and bold to carry the beehive. I am not sure if this is the next IT bag but definitely another must have for Prada lover.

Actually, apart from Prada lovers. not so many people will know that this is from Prada. The word Prada only exists inside the bag. But who cares, you know you’re carrying Prada.

Prada cocoa Hand Pleated tote at

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I just love Kimora Lee Simmons, especially when she said ‘I just don’t care what other people say, all the matter is what she say’. She’s entered my radar since her early modeling career. I remember watching her being interviewed for being one of the youngest Chanel model. She is so skinny then. But now, she’s quite erm…. a relatively big in industry standard. Her accessories are as flamboyant as her personality. Oversized gold necklace on the top and big diamond on fingers and ridiculously expensive designer dress wrap her body; she telling the world she is a very fabulously rich girl.


Ladies who act like Kimora but with ‘severe extra attitude’ is not a new species to me. From where I came from, they are everywhere and I  labeled them as the Golden Aunties. These women dressed to kill and wear a lot of accessories made from real gold and diamonds. They wear almost all the ‘bling’ you can imagine sometimes they end up looking like a walking Christmas trees. If you want to know latest buzz or gossip in town, they are far more efficient and up to date from internet. It is like very ‘IN’ to know what happened to neighbors, from their marital status to latest furniture purchase. Just like Kimora, they try their best to show off their wealth to the world by showing all diamonds they own. It is a normal scene in wedding reception if they roll their sleeve to show the thick shiny gold bracelet or purposely doing moves so peoples will realize that they are actually wearing huge chandelier ear ring plus big diamond bling on their fingers.



I bet if you give Golden Aunties this jeweled Prada clutch a birthday gift, believe me they will match this satin clutch with full beaded dress, big Chopard ring and huge Mikimoto pearl necklace. They will parade and flash the clutch the best as they can.


Prada manage to bring glam and luxury into this cute clutch. Interesting feature is the front flap. It is full with jeweled cluster while the Prada ‘tag’ is placed behind. But if you not Golden Aunties, you do not need that when the jeweled and satin is enough to  make you be and feel glamorous. Prada satin jeweled clutch at for  USD840.00.


Back to Golden Aunties, yes sometimes they can be very irritating but if you know how ‘handle and manage’ them, sometimes they are actually a very fun and happening ladies to hang out with.  

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Do you love our world? If you love the world and environment, stop using paper to wipe your table. Instead use old cloth. Something that is like from fugly old blouse.  Which you really hate and the only place you can think of for her is dustbin. But instead throw her away, cut your blouse into pieces and use it as a washable wiping cloth. If you did this I salute you, because you do not use any tissue or kitchen paper but you opt for recycle, environmental friendly old piece of cloth. It is cheap, efficient, and washable.




Remember my entry about my prediction about what is Prada inspired bag? Well, I am not a good forecaster (my prediction is toilet roll inspired bag), but boy, I’m almost correct! Not a toilet bag but this bag is kind like I swear when the first time I saw this I thought this is an old piece of cloth that is used to wipe dirty kitchen (Possibly from a piece of old cheap blouse).


Seems peoples in Prada really fancy this old crumpled cloth. But, they use these pieces of old clothes and sell it for the masses.  The crumples are all over the bag and it is best for the bag to get some make over. Something like send it to laundry for steam iron treatment. Some called it unique but sorry I just call a fugly crumpled bag .This crumpled thing with Prada tag priced at USD512.00

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Ruffle dress is everywhere in few last seasons. The acceptable appropriate voluminous proportion at the correct place can hide that imperfection like that extra tire. If too much, you’ll look like clown. Join the circus.

It is about time to pump up the volume with Prada unique inonative invention, the ruffle Napa S Satchel. It maybe look weird but the innovative ruffle structure makes it look amazingly irresistible on the plain satchel. It is all on the details. Couture and dramatic but at the same time wearable. `Maybe it is time for you to place this odd-but-stylish satchel beside predictable Birkin and 2.55.

This ruffle bag comes with matching shoes (also with ruffle). NO… don’t even think to wear them together. One ruffle is what you need.

Mrs. Prada just want try anything. Last season we have nymph fairy tale, then lace and now ruffle bag. What is next? Garbage inspired bag? One of the Olsen done that, not sure which one, maybe the fat one. Crack grudge rehab chic inspired bag? Too normal. Courtney Love, Amy Whinehouse and almost all Hollywood members just sum it all. Harujuku? Gwen and her four girls with freaky name (L.O.V.E) makes some of us get really interested with Japanese porn anime.

Before her next sure to sell collection, toilet roll inspired Prada satchel, squeeze this ruffle at

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Black lace can make a very provocative and bold statement at the same time. That lady can be sexy, romantic, and mysterious or if the lace is expensive, she must be rich .That pricey stuff is probably Guipure lace after models in Prada runway clad in this made in Swiss fabric. Well… that’s not all. Miuccia also ask them to carry it as well.

Pizzo S Satchel is a nappa leather satchel heavily wrapped in a very heavy details Guipure lace and it starts looking like Aunt Betty on a trip to funeral. But this Aunt Betty is a very rich old lady who like to wear everything couture. Maybe because of her high fashion taste but probably maybe she needs to spend all this money before she die.

Pizzo is only for a very specific group. It is very a kind of couture extravagant bag and I guess only for niche market. Heavy floral, ruching detail on the edge and voluminous ruffles just not for everyone. It is going to be one of the most desirable bags for this season but I doubt it will make any comeback in the near future. So… enough reason for you to just grab this sensual bag?

Miuccia Prada said she never like lace. But she becomes obsess with it after just a few sneak peaks. Eerm.. Miuccia, I really hope you stop looking at lace again.

Italian wrap in Swiss is at

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