Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

It is always good down there!

My latest recessionista look. Shirt + pant = less than RM50!


Working trip can be a bit stressful. Especially when you are with mega egomaniac! The stress part is only in the meeting room and it lasted only in 3 minutes just like orgasm.

Outside the room I am doing my part to help the local economy.

I just love unexpected bargain. Especially when I can buy 1 and get 2 free.How could I resist it?



The brand is Domanchi. I just love the material and the cut. My friend can’t believe it is like RM69.90 for 3 pieces. You can choose from shirts and pants or jeans. It is like you buy a shirt for RM69.90 and then choose another two pieces! The jackets and tees is on half price. But being a skinny buy, the jackets is too big for me. Some of the wear or jeans (especially the ridiculous bell bottom with stupid details) only suit like for VCD/DVD sellers in Petaling Street;  too Ah Boon! So ,choose carefully guys! 

 It is happening down south at, Johor Bahru. It is always good down there!

Recessionistas please stand up!


K-Two Fashion

Lot 2-41 Level 2, Zon Bebas Cukai (connected to The Zone Regency Hotel),

80000, Johor Bahru. Johor, MALAYSIA


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Uptown Shah Alam @ Seksyen 24

Saya rasa saya tidak akan terhegeh-hegeh menempah tiket Air Asia untuk ke Bangkok jika tempat membeli belak seperti Shah Alam Uptown diperluaskan lagi!


Ya saya amat bersetuju jika digalakkan pasar malam seperti ini kerana ia bukanlah macam pasar malam yang biasa saya lihat.

I am not being snobbish, but you won’t catch me dead buying my wear from typical pasar malam. It is just not my style. Most of the tees, shirts or jeans from pasar malam that I saw are like so not my radar. Most of it looks really cheap (and surprisingly it is not that cheap!).

Thank to my friend, Jamal to drive me to this cool night market!

But I must agree that the best night market is Shah Alam Uptown Market Seksyen 24. It has the stuff that I relatively can buy-means it is stylish, it is cheap and it is like my favourite Chatchuchak in Bangkok. Probably the organizer want to create an ambience that is so hectic, cheap and happening like Bangkok!

 From my observation, the stuffs in Uptown were mostly from Thailand. Of course, there’s a lot of fake designer items, but please don’t buy them!

Don’t forget to check the bundles, you can get a good deal here and a stall that sell army inspired wear. Guys, you will get something that you like here.

Shopping without munching in between is like almost impossible. Ask any Malaysian and they will agree with me and with that there’s an interesting makan stalls in Uptown Shah Alam.

Plus they have live performances!

Shah Alam Uptown is open every night from around 9 onwards.

See my snaps!





Just don’t forget to bargain!

Plus they sell cars too!!!!!!!!!!!!

To know more, ring Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam at 03 – 5510 5811.



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Chic Recessionista – Factory Outlet Shop at IOI Mall, Puchong.

Look at my below pic. Do not focus on my smile, I know it is so amazing, sweet, addictive, photogenic, edgy etc (so perasan!!) but focus on what written on the back. “Wendy Pack RM6.99”. Yes.. I am turning into chic recessionista!



Tapi ini bukanlah pasal makanan tetapi pasal pakaian.

What is chic recessionista? It is a term used in a fashion world where we still can be chic even in recession period. 

Di dalam keadaan ekonomi yang tidak berapa sihat ni, adalah menjadi tanggungjawab kita untuk terus berbelanja. Yes.. keep on buying! It is like how we, the fashionistas and stylistas help to improve our country money chart!

But, we must know how to spend it. It is useless if you pose with Zara jacket in a friend birthday party but end up eating like a pig because you don’t have cash to buy food the very next day! I used to be in that state, but now not anymore!(kind of!)

My recessionista principle is to be careful and pick only something that is worth buying. I can’t live without buying. It is almost impossible for me not to buy!


As a recessionista, there is no best place to go than Factory Outlet Shop (FOS). This is a place where you can get cheap, quality, original wear.  This time, the FOS is at IOI Mall, Puchong. I can’t believe what inside!

It is a nice Italian cotton Tombolini cotton shirt. Buy one free one!


I must agree sometimes the most frustrating thing when shopping in a factory outlet (especially for skinny guy like me) is the size. The wear is so gigantic. L, XL. As an S person, to get something S is like so magical.

2 Tombolini stripe cotton shirts at RM50. You do the math… it is only freaking RM25 per piece!

I choose brown and white.


The best feature about the shirt is the details. The print on the sleeves and collar look a bit like Paul Smith shirt; just this is only RM25, I repeat RM25!


The special cufflink; another not so ordinary feature.


This is why you never miss FOS on your next malls hopping. You’ll never know what you gonna get. The trick is to act like an auditor, only this is a recessionista auditor, not that quite boring financial auditor. Browse the racks, check on details, try it, and compare the price. If you have any doubt to buy or not to buy, spend at least half an hour inside the store before you leave. The half an hour period will give you chance to think whether to buy or not to buy. Sound complicated? Keep it easy. Think it my way. If it is suitable, enough cash or card, and  it is cheap  the solution is to buy it before we end up thinking about it before going to sleep that night!




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