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What is a similarity between the Venetian Republic 13th century gold coin and an Asian-based website? The answer is Zecchino.


I think I know why a Hong Kong brand named after European coin. The reason is on the design details. I am very interested with the structure and the material used to build the bags. It is like a modern bag with a very heavy European accent and American touch. It’s like Mulberry collides with Tod or Philip Lim (wait, he is Asian-origin!).  The ultra-modern, uber-stylish bags come in various sizes and colour.


One of the best bags from Zecchino is Grommet. A very irresistible satchel. Made from soft genuine leather, it has two snaps closure compartment with grommet and faux drawstring details that just add the urban element into this bag. Even I can’t understand why the front pocket should ‘attached to it’ but that is acceptable when the studs look so classy. It is quite roomy too. Three parts (four plus the front pocket). It is only for USD139.50. Enough reason why this should be yours!


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The other day I had a business discussion at the most stylish office I ever seen. It is posh, sleek, kind like Meade Office in Ugly Betty and the people who work there look posh, sleek and stylish too. I came early and there are only two ladies in the meeting room. One is “Coach Straight Hair”- she is carrying a Coach Ergo and the other is “Tod Arrogant Biatch” – she is carrying Tod Medium Helmet Bag and with a very icy cold attitude. To break the ice, I smile and say “hello ladies”. The “Coach Straight Hair” smile and she praise my Guess Vogue and I praise her Coach. But that “Tod Arrogant Biatch just gave me a very pale smile.  What is wrong with her? I calm my self by thinking maybe she is having PMS or bad hair day (her hair looks like a dry old wig!). I said “Nice Bag!” and she look at me and said “Thank you, its Toad!! I like Toad” For heaven sake, I know that is Tod, but definitely not Toad, the baby frog!



Whatever and how they pronounce Tod is not important for Tod’s mania. It is the bag that is something that you can proud carrying. The medium Helmet media bag is something that you should carry for the next few seasons considering the large tote era will be end soon. Made form soft calfskin, golden hardware (that is a perfect match with the grey onze skin), top zip closure and topstitching details. I like the pleats around the bag, which is really soft looking pleat; as soft as the soft calfskin.  Very feminine, clean and sophisticated; no wonder whose carrying Helmet will proudly show off to everyone her Tod or Toad! Helmet for USD1.495.00 at

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