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Be your own version of Kleptomania!

According to a survey done in my country, an estimated RM500 million (around USD131.5) lost due to shoplifter in Malaysia within 12 months. Wow… that is a big amount of lost for a country with a population less than 30 millions!

Kleptomanias are everywhere. They have a habit to steal and it is a pleasure for them if they can get away with it. It doesn’t matter how much it cost, but if it is the pleasure or stealing. Celebrity steal too like Winona Ryder steals t-shirt in Saks and Angelina steals Brad from Jennifer .


You can steal too. Especially if you can buy designer item at a very, incredibly low price. It feels like a steal, believe me. Feel that, done that. Like this incredible cheap Tommy Hilfiger Continental Iconic tote. For only USD32.99 (after less) at you can carry a designer item. It is cheap but it doesn’t look cheap. Tommy may not be in a same row Prada or Burberry, but you’ll never regret if you buy this. Well, if you get tired of it after 2 days, you can always give it to your auntie or niece. It is cheap, you’ll never feel guilty or at loss.

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Basically, there are about four types of women; leather, beads and stud, canvas and denim and also evil.



Women who has extra cash and carry only kind like Hermes Birkin in Fifth Avenue and luxurious Marc Jacobs leather tote (USD1,295.00 @ while strolling in Langkawi. She probably will only drink Perrier or Evian and eat fresh air. They are kind of fun to be with but you must have extra cash or no limit for your card(s). These women will probably speak in fake accent. Very high maintenance indeed. So be careful.


Beads and stud

Women who loves attention. She doesn’t care about what people say. She will slip into her Ellie Saab long beaded dress and carry Roberto Cavalli Swarovski embellished clutch (USD1,755.00 As long as she is glittering and shiny she loves it. She may look like a very expensive queen or very inexpensive thing. Sometimes they kind like addicted to beads and studs. There a story buzzing around town when Santa Claus mistakenly thought these women are Christmas tree. No wonder they can afford more and more beaded shoes, bag and dress.


Jeans and denim

Women who only wear Levis and plain tees in almost anytime and carrying anything comfortable and actually dont really care about what is in Harpers Bazaar. She is not really into protocol, hates attending gala dinner and won’t be caught dead in very same vicinity with Queen of England. Some view her as cool and not little view her as slouchy. These women own nothing but kind like Tommy Hilfiger Joshua Backpack (USD 71.99 Probably they only change bag once in every five years.



She is the one who still carrying plastic bag even after Anya Hindmarch proudly tell everyone she sold all her environment friendly bag. These women are the most disgusting creature on earth. She doesn’t care if the plastic bag is the reason why turtles die and flash flood Bangladesh. They should be eliminated from planet earth.

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Bristol Palin diaper bag

John McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin recently made it public that her daughter, Bristol Palin, is five months pregnant.



Almost everyone excited from Jamie Lynn Spears who pre- ordered gift for junior Bristol to Oprah Winfrey (who refuse to interview Sarah Palin until after the election. Oh… maybe I am over reacted about the Oprah reason. It’s mainly because I am kind of ‘surprise’ to me! In my country if any potential candidate teenage daughter carries baby before the ring, the candidate is like so out! Just forget about the nomination, you are possibly not going to get any!


So maybe you are wondering what that baby thing has anything to do with this site? It’s about the bag of course.  Young teenage mum needs a diaper bag that doesn’t make her look like a mom with a list of household chores to complete. Bristol needs something that can make her look like a very stylish teenage mom.   Something like this hobo diaper bag from Tommy Hilfiger Green Hobo diaper bag.  It doesn’t look like too diaper or mommy.  The only thing that make this bag fall into diapers category is it is very roomy and it comes with changing pad and separate matching pouch.




Tommy Hilfiger Diaper Bag-Grass Green Hobo for USD66.99 at


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