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Jimmy Choo Riki

A must go place apart from shopping malls and factory outlet if I am on my overseas trip is museum. I just love museum because it is the place where I can learn about the country culture, people, history and fashion. One of the cities with lots of interesting museum is definitely London. The museums have a lot of similarity but yet so different. The scope of exhibits not only about English people or land but from all over the world. It is interesting to see my country pre-historic weapons,  Egyptian monuments and Japanese ancient war amour that has resemblance with Jimmy Choo Riki bag.


The patent leather looks amazingly strong with a lot studs and buckle. I will not vote this as the best, perfect bag but it is just interesting to look at. It is complex but at the same time so touchable and friendly to carry.



Some women just love great fashion while others just love attention. This kind of bag will gain a lot of attention; doesn’t matter if it is bad or good.. Riki has a strong character. The not so good thing about this is Riki is not something that you can carry so often,. Strong bag mean it is easily recognized and remembered.


For statement seekers, Riki for USD1895 at saks.


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Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Neverfull


Classic will always be classic. Those who appreciate timeless will still purchase a similar design from a very same designer. Even it is the most copied item on earth and tasteless type bought it for less than 10 bucks, the classy type will eye only for an original. Price is not an issue here. My friends fought with her husband when he ‘forget’ to pay household bills after she spent almost USD2K for a LV tote. My friend won! That is after he convinced his boyfriend that she will never buy any bag for a year (yeah right!).I blame her husband, why you give her money to pay bills? Yes, LV and followers always win. That is the power of Louis Vuitton. Hail to LV!

Damier Neverfull Totes is one of the latest offering from LV. Actually from my point of view, it is nothing new. A very same concept, with a bit of improvising and erm… red striped textile lining. Available in 3 sizes (maybe for grandma, mom and daughter).Neverfull totes is absolutely Louis Vuitton.

No other brands or designers can copy the magic of LV bags. LV designers are so lucky. They have a very clear concept on how the bags should look like.

Your chance to pay homage to the history and heritage of Louis Vuitton travel bag is at

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