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Victoria reduces her breast because of Anna Wintour!

She said reducing her breast size is to fit her role as an upcoming fashion designer. But other sources said, Victoria Beckham chooses to shrink her boobs because she wants to appear in US Vogue.

It is all because of mighty Anna Wintour.

Anna said she would consider putting Victoria on the US Vogue, but told her to lose those ridiculous implants before it happened,” an insider told the Daily Mail.

FYI, the 35-year-old appeared on the cover of UK Vogue last year.

Well, when the queen said so, you should let it go. You don’t have any say, even if you are the riches WAG in the universe!

Vic darling, Vogue US is not FHM or Playboy which bigger is better. It is one of the respected magazines and no fashionista want to see how big your breast is! They just want to see the magical dress, your high cheekbone, protruding collarbone, your stick thin figure so they will find way to be as skinny as you!

I don’t need to tell you this Vic, you know fashion!

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The powerful RED

I love red but I must make sure that it is not too much or I end up looking red. There must be one or two red elements when I get dressed up or else I get so reddish.

Red is a very powerful statement colour and believes me; it is not good to make total overload statement when you know you can’t handle it. I know, you saw Victoria Beckham in all red; from her sunglasses rim to her shoes and dress and bag. The only mysterious item is if she wore red panties? Ask David! 


Victoria may put that on because it is probably for an appearance and she get paid to wear that!

For us the mortal, it is very important to step on reality. Know how to wear those colourful colours!

This is how to get a statement with red.  I am started to fall in love with Miu Miu crinkle patent shoulder bag. It is so visible.

Miu Miu Crinkle patent shoulder bag It is only one visible colour in this look. So elegant. People can digest each of your fashion items here. They will think about the top, skirt and the bag and shoes, one by one!

Miu Miu Crinkle patent shoulder bag

Miu Miu patent bag at net-a-porter for GBP660.00

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Officer Victoria

Here come mummy… I mean army.


She did it again, this time at London, Heathrow and Milan Airport. Give your respect to Officer Victoria, before she took off her Loewe army-inspired dress and dance on your lap.

Victoria loves  high fashion, and I do adore her but don’t you think this is look like a stripper costume? The matchy-matchy outfit, the hat (I think that is from her Russian Vogue cover) and her hideous Valentino Glamourous tote, the only item that is not so tripper about this look.


Kids, don’t try this at home, or airport, or mall or anywhere!

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David, Victoria Beckham strips for Armani ad

Vogue Russia, February 2009

Vogue Russia, February 2009


The title is only a gimmick to get more traffic. Sex is an important element to get hits and I am applying it now.

This is what Russia did to Victoria Skinny Beckham. The hat, the shoot, the touch up and all the technique make her look like a “modern grooming skinny” version of Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova aka Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia.

Now the sex part.

Before this the hubby and now the wife. They just can’t put their pants on. That’s ok because they are paid millions from Mr. Armani just to show their stuff (especially Victoria bones and fake boobs!). To view click here.   


Something we get too much of it.  

Sometimes I get bored with it. Is this an early symptom of menopause?

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Celeb and Carry- Victoria Beckham


No girl can go out shopping in Milan with the most stylish ex-couple in the world but still managed to grab all attention (especially from the paparazzi) except Victoria. Even the pose and photo look like it is pre-arranged; where the publicist called the paparazzi before they go out shopping, this is one of the best Victoria look after she cut her hair.

She look stunning in her own label, faux fur shrug, Louboutin heels and of course she must carry something from the ex couple, Dolce and Gabbana custom made Crocodile collection. Others from crocodile collection including custom made weekend bags and briefcase. I think this bag is one from the One Of A Kind Bag Collection, which is a really exclusive and you might have to wait before you can even smell the bag. But it is worth a wait because a metal label inside is engraved with your name. How many people that you know can get their name on a designer bag? If you can do it, well you are one of a kind!


If Posh got his crocodile bag, how about Beckham. He will be upset if he knows that Victoria carries a Dolce and Gabbana crocodile bag and he didn’t. Maybe with that thought, Dolce and Gabbana also launched a One of Kind Men bags collection. Specially made for those who desire to be different and exceptionally unique. Most of the design is slightly different from the rest of the bag you saw on Dolce and Gabbana racks. It must be different, because it may cost you like USD50K a piece!

Unfortunately, even you have the cash now, you can’t order it online because you have to put your name on the list at Dolce and Gabbana store and wait like three months, that is only if you are lucky! This bag is limited to handful of invitees only!

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