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Tragic travel


I am quite practical when it’s come to travel bag. My travel luggage must be made from a ‘strong’ material and relatively cheap!

Everyone love cheap stuff but most cheap stuff do not compliment with the stylenista principle. As for me, it is an exceptional for luggage/travel bag. It must be cheap because I have quite a tragic story about my Samsonite luggage.


It is like almost five years ago and me and my first Samsonite travel to Los Angeles. That is my fist trip to America and I am so excited to catch a so called American dream (it began when I first listened to Madonna!).  Someone bought me a black Samsonite just for the trip. It is like double happiness, America and Samsonite!


I realized about the tragedy when I am in a hotel room. My Samsonite wheels are broken! I don’t know when it happens, maybe in KLIA, LAX but my heart kept saying it is the LA bus driver who drove me from LAX to hotel and he is the one load and unload the luggage! It is my first Samsonite and it is broken!


From that moment onwards, I make sure that my travel luggage that supposed to go straight into the airport check in is cheap and strong!


If I ever bought this Gucci duffel it is probably going to be in my travel bag or gym category. It is simple, with Guccissimma details (the g, g and g) and quite roomy. Who can resist this? It will always be my hand carry luggage. I will never let anyone hands (bus driver and airline staff included) to touch this. This is too good to be true. But my cash just say no because it is cost around USD1,250 at  saks ( maybe MasterCard can help…or maybe no, I try to settle the old balance)  


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I have a ‘handsome female’ friend, B. She or most appropriate I address as he, is a male trapped in a woman body. He is cute with effortless boyish look. Even one of my male friends (who like male) try to court B thinking that B is actually a cute young boy.


One of the reason why B is a choice of so many females and few males is because his sense of style and fashion. He doesn’t try to be macho, he just being himself. He knows that he is actually a she so her style is clean masculine with feminine touch. More like a very clean and polish metrosexual. Very Hillary Swank in Boys Don’t Cry and nothing like ugly Charlize Theron in Monster.


Last week we went out for a shopping session. It is fun to shop with him. Just like a shopping spree with another version of myself. We try lots and lots of clothes. When it comes to bags, he needs help. He wants bags that are masculine but at the same time he doesn’t want look butch and bushy.



I would persuade him to buy briefcases from Not only it is very suitable for B, it is also for me to borrow. The classic shape combines with fine craftsmanship will make him look like a young male professional that graduated from Harvard. Sense investment for a young guy with lot of attitude and at the same time has to work with lots of documents and papers.



Metorosexual carries nothing like ordinary man stay next to him in the meeting room. To differentiate him for the rest of the group is Samsonite business aluminum attaché computer case.  Features include file pocket organizer business card pocket, pen holder and adjustable and removable padded shoulder strap. Available at for only USD99.00.



For casual outings and meeting, carry this label driven messenger bag by Salvatore Ferragamo. In vinyl coated and leather trim, the most striking feature is woven label on the front of the bag. This labels costs USD476.00 at



Metrosexual must love his environment. So for groceries shopping, do not leave home black coated canvas quilted tote from Christian Dior for only USD796.00 at



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