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David, Victoria Beckham strips for Armani ad

Vogue Russia, February 2009

Vogue Russia, February 2009


The title is only a gimmick to get more traffic. Sex is an important element to get hits and I am applying it now.

This is what Russia did to Victoria Skinny Beckham. The hat, the shoot, the touch up and all the technique make her look like a “modern grooming skinny” version of Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova aka Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia.

Now the sex part.

Before this the hubby and now the wife. They just can’t put their pants on. That’s ok because they are paid millions from Mr. Armani just to show their stuff (especially Victoria bones and fake boobs!). To view click here.   


Something we get too much of it.  

Sometimes I get bored with it. Is this an early symptom of menopause?

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Tumi Villa Magazine Tote

I have a mixed reaction about outstation meeting. I hate it if my part is like 5% of the discussion. It is like why you ask me to eat plane meal when the only question you ask me is the status? You can always text or email me right?

The best part of outstation meeting is I can watch, guess the designer and analyzing (luv it!). My happiest is when someone carry bag that I blog. That is an achievement! Not that she read my blog before purchasing it, but you know, at least I wrote and know the name of the bag. The painful part is too see woman in Salvatore Ferragamo heels, MaxMara Suit and a smell of Calvin Klein Eternity EDP carrying laptop in a canvas case in Dell, Apple or Fujitsu tag. Dell? That name never in vogue. Apple? That is fruit. Fujitsu? I know it must be something to do with Japanese.


But what about Tumi? Ok. It maybe sound like African name for some but for those who really appreciate exclusive wear, this name is everywhere on their closet. If a woman (refer to above) consider to throw Dell canvas case and put her latest laptop into Tumi Canvas with leather trimmed and silvertone hardware Villa magazine tote, I am the most happiest even my part is less than 5% in that meeting.

This tote looks like a large, edgy handbag and nothing like a laptop case. It has interior organizer pocket that can be used to put your small purse. Before (or maybe during meeting) you might to take a look on what is in for winter or what is Nicole Kidman wears. Elle and Vogue can fit in perfectly. They won’t name it magazine bag for nothing. I would like to adjourn this entry with a decision that Tumi Villa Magazine tote a very stylish and professional plus exclusive bag and that Dell canvas should go away. Please write that in a meeting minute.

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