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Tokyo Pink – Big and Beautiful

She probably can eat Eva Herzigova bone soup with rice by the size. Introducing Tokyo Pink, the real woman in “women supermodels world”. She stole the show from her skinny rivals at Australian Fashion Week when she walks for Antipodium. Pink is a tattooed addicted 29 year an illustrator and photographer who believe it’s really important to start getting a little bit of diversity because people are so different!



 I believe she is so different. First we can see she is big in a small frame world. It is not easy to become big model but yet you can get all the attention on the runway. Second, she is like 29 years old. Dahling, if you 29 year old, it is almost impossible to launch or to still be in a runway career (exception to Naomi Campbell).

I just wish her all the best! She is beautiful.

About Eva Herzigova bone soup, this is her with Carmen Kass. Pink can eat them both is she want to!

Carmen Kass and Eva Herzigova photo pics in London

image from and

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Father Son Style – Yusof vs Syamsul

Oh… so sweet. Two generations with two different yet so similar visions.


It is one of the most memorable photos from Berita Harian during Datuk Yusof Haslam 55th birthday party.


Datuk Yusof Haslam in striped shirt and songkok while his son, Shamsul in street cap, tee with accessories; “necklaces” (agaknya dia nak menyanyi rap untuk bapaknya sebagai hadiah hari jadi).


My style choice is Datuk Yusof Haslam because Syamsul style look too rempit lah!  Selalunya Syamsul memang stylo dan ada kelas dressing dia tapi kali ni macam tak bersedia je. Mungkin akibat terpengaruh dengan filem “Bohsia” dia pun terikut-ikut dengan street-wearnya aka Rempit wear!


Tapi you still look great Syamsul!


image  Hip Berita Harian

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Labour Day Warehouse SALE @ Menara Hap Seng

Spend this month salary at Brand Society SALE

Happening at:  Bilik Seminar Satu, Pusat Konvensyen & Auditorium, Menara Hap Seng (formerly Mui Plaza), Jalan P. Ramlee

Date: 1 Mei 09 to 3 Mei 09

Time: 10.00am to 9.00pm


CK Calvin Klein






Quick Silver




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50% off for Anya Hindmarch bags!


Thanks to our mother, we can buy Anya Hindmarch bags at 50% off!


Products Offered:

  • Designer’s handbags
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Web site:

Unfortunately, I am really confident that “I am not a plastic bag” not on SALE!

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Heidi Montag “Like A Virgin” wedding dress

Ask 10 bloggers about what they think about Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (Speidi)  from The Hills, 7 of them probably say “ohh  that b**tch and a**hole, when they are going to die”.  If you ask me, I am kind like “following them”. It is entertaining to see them with all the fake acts, fake smiles and smile for the paparazzi attitude.  I am not Speidi fan but don’t you think they are quite brilliant? A great example of nothing to everything (e.g. reality show paycheck and web fame!)

Now, they married!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Wedding Photos

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Wedding Pictures

Took place in Pasadena, Heidi looks lovely (I mean it!!!!!!!!!) in Monique Lhuillier dress. It is one of the grandest wedding dresses I’ve ever seen in like ermmmmm a year!  Click here to for Filipino designer Monique Lhuillier . FYI, she designs Britney Spears dresses for her wedding to Kevin Federline (hope Speidi won’t end like Brit and Kev!)

 I love the details around Heidi waist. It looks like my grandma vintage belt. To all Speidi haters, I must say that you have nothing to say about her dress because it is just gorgeous, perfect and cute!

Plus, with all the  necklaces she looks like Madonna from Like A Virgin.. guys, if she looks like Madonna, she is perfect!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Wedding Pics

Oh… what a lovely wedding…

Heidi, I am  not getting any younger. I desperately need the bouquet! Please, Please, Please…

image from



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Fashion Power Failure at Australian Fashion Week


This is definitely not earth hour!

Australian Fashion Week was thrown into panic after a blackout this morning.

Guests at the Zimmermann show were evacuated from the Overseas Passenger Terminal building after the room was plunged into darkness, while anxious models waited backstage following a power failure across Sydney’s central business district at around 10.30am. 

Designer Nicky Zimmerman remained optimistic despite the setback on day two of the event, claiming things could have been worse.

She said: “I’m just glad it didn’t happen during the show. It’s fine, we’re just going to re-steam the clothes.”

The show resumed an hour after its scheduled start time.

It included bold cut-out panelled swimsuits in vivid colours and floral prints and dresses, skirts and pants in earthy tones.

Yesterday’s proceedings were dominated by talk of Wayne Cooper’s opening night show, which was inspired by strong women like Jerry Hall and Deborah Harry.

His daring micro-minis and revealing dresses were showcased by models with slicked back hair and bright red lips in an ‘Addicted to Love’ themed-runway, which paid homage to the classic Robert Palmer video.

Wayne said: “Women of the likes of Tina Chow, Paloma Picasso, Jerry Hall, Marie Helvin, Christie Brinkley and Deborah Harry inspired this collection, as these fashion icons and the icons of tomorrow rub shoulders in a show of glistening light, colour and movement.”

Also showing yesterday were Camilla and Marc – run by siblings Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman – who kicked off the five-day event with a number of empowering designs.

The Australian duo teamed black, body-con mini dresses, metallic tones, puff ball skirts and tailored blazers with a romantic mix of feminine shades.

Layered dresses and casual trouser and tee-shirt combinations crossed with the strong, dark tones helped make their display a stunning celebration of womanhood.

Bec and Bridge’s – founded by school friends Becky Cooper and Bridget Yorston – collection teamed vivid shades of red, pink and orange with gladiator platforms and waist-cinching studded belts, while Ginger and Smart, duo Alexandra and Genevieve Smart, paired psychedelic prints in yellow, neon pink and black with soft kimono-shaped jackets.


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Basic question: Who is this?

Guess who she is?


No, she is not a drag queen.

No, she is not Kim Kardashian mother…

No, she is not that Ozzy Osbourne wife….

Come on guys, definitely not Joan Collins after boobs job!

Yes, she has fake boobs, but she is a real woman….

No, she is  not Nicole Rithchie, she is skinny like her, but she is not Nicole Ritchie

No…… oh no… not Paris Hilton without the extension!

Please guys, that is not Elizabeth Taylor after make over. Elizabeth taylor probably will marry again but I am sure she will not going to go under knife to look beautiful. She is enough with knife!

Give up?

She is Sharon Stone. Again.. She is that Basic Instinct desirable female, Sharon Stone. Yes.. The one that love Tibet. She is Sharon Stone. The one in Dior ad. She is Sharon Stone.

Sharon.. is that you?

I love the dress. It is superb but don’t you think it is not really ‘compliance’ with the fake boobs?

pic from

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Karlie Kloss

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

Finally, a model that makes me think it is a supermodel era again. The impressive Karlie Kloss, She is only 16 and already walked for Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen, Givenchy, Gucci, Valentino and Versace. Lucky her, when I was 16, I don’t even touch some of the above said designer pieces!

Currently with Next model management, get ready to see more of her totally supermodel feature. My definition of supermodel look is she doesn’t have to be beautiful but she must look like supermodel.

If you know fashion, you know what I’m saying!



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Manohara latest look (worth seeing + reading!)

Wow… it’s like a war in CuteCarry and it is about beautiful girl name Manohara. Let me remind you CuteCarry is about style and fashion and not about hate between countries! Click here and here.

This is Manohara latest look. She looks great with her husband Tengku Muhammad Fakhry. As healthy and fresh as ever, with minimal make up and matchy-matchy clutch. Her long scarf matches her baju kurung.   Tengku Muhammad Fakhry plays it safe in black.

Don’t you think Manohara looks a bit chubby or it is because of the photo? 

Don’t eat too much nasi kerabu and ayam percik sistah, it will make you fat!

But again.. she is EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read this cut from  Berita Harian Monday 27 April 2009 (if you can understand Malay, get your own translator!)

KOTA BHARU: Tengku Temenggong Kelantan, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra dan isteri, Cik Puan Temenggong, Manohara Odelia Pinot, semalam berangkat ke majlis perkahwinan anak lelaki Exco Kelantan, Datuk Husam Musa.
Pasangan terbabit sebelum ini sudah beberapa kali menghadiri majlis rasmi dan tidak rasmi sejak tersebarnya laporan media Indonesia yang mendakwa Cik Puan Temenggong yang juga bekas model terkenal republik itu, dilarikan dan didera suaminya.
Sebaliknya, pasangan itu yang tiba di kediaman Husam di Jalan Salor, di sini, pada jam 1.45 tengah hari dengan kenderaan rasmi istana, kelihatan ceria sambil bersalaman dengan tetamu.
Tengku Muhammad Fakhry yang berpakaian serba hitam, manakala isterinya berbaju kurung cerah corak bunga merah jambu dan tudung cerah berbunga, turut meluangkan masa berbual dengan pasangan pengantin, Ahmad Syafi Husam dan Indah Purnasari Didin Solahudin sebelum menikmati juadah di dalam rumah.

Pasangan terbabit berangkat meninggalkan majlis kira-kira 30 minit kemudian sambil sekali lagi kelihatan bersalaman dengan tetamu yang hadir.

Sementara itu, Husam ketika ditemui selepas itu, berkata Tengku Muhammad Fakhry dan isteri berangkat ke majlis perkahwinan anak sulungnya itu sebagai memenuhi undangan.

Sebelum ini, ibu bekas model itu, Daisy Farajina seperti dilaporkan media republik berkenaan, Surya, mendakwa anaknya dilarikan secara paksa oleh kerabat Sultan Kelantan selepas mereka selesai mengerjakan umrah di Jeddah, Arab Saudi, bulan lalu.

Beliau turut mendakwa, Jabatan Imigresen menghalang keluarganya masuk ke Malaysia untuk berjumpa Manohara, baru-baru ini.

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Rosyam Noor amazing effortless baseball tee!

Thanks to sexy  baseball tee, Rosyam Noor looks amazingly effortless chic during his reality show, Pilih Kasih press conference!  It is a brilliant idea to match crème single breast two piece suit with striped baseball tee inside.  He is trying to move away from the ordinary, predictable way like with shirt inside.…


I also love the leather belt that looks so significant on creme!

For those who interested to get Rosyam Noor look, visit nearest TopMan. I saw it the other day! I am not sure if it is the exact one, but it looks like it!





 Visit TopMan

rosyam noor pic from

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