Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


It’s been like 10 years since my university graduation. I remember during my studying, sometimes I am more focused about what I wear rather than what I should study. I am a Bachelor Degree in Accountancy (yes… Accountancy) student but I dressed like I am a fashion student or maybe fashion victim. My university has a very very ‘relax’ dress code, which I translate the dress code to ‘can wear anything dress code’. I am so concern what should I wear to lecture. At one time I even skipped class because I think there’s nothing suitable for me to wear that day!


The only reason why I apply to study in accountancy is because I have no information or whatsoever guides. I am not like that Pussycat Dolls, they sing what they want to be when they grow up in ‘When I grow up’ song, I don’t know what to be. But I just know I Love something and that is style and fashion. I survived and get my scroll. Many wonder how I can survive because I read Harper’s Bazaar during study week and not Financial Accountancy book. My secret is I remind myself to study and get scroll, but nothing as precious as a university qualification. Harper’s is ok  only after I understood the accounting principle or I finally figure out which items ‘responsible’ for loss in Profit and Loss the this financial account tutorial practice!    

My university period is in the 90’s and that is where I can where supermodels are really supermodels, Kate Cobain started the grudge thing and definition of style is Calvin Klein simple retro cut and Kate Moss is extremely skinny. 90’s is a decade where it is cool to wear t-shirt with BIG, huge brand or designer name print on it. One of the brands that glorify the BIG, huge brand print on t-shirt is Guess. The big capital G-U-E-S-S and ‘?’ symbol dominate almost all closet of famous people.  Guess really had it big in my country.


My first Guess is a simple black sneaker with ‘?’ symbol. I paraded this pair almost everywhere; from lecture hall to shopping mall. I still love Guess. It’s like I am under Guess spell and it can’t be broken. Well, it almost broken when they come out with very ridiculous collections but somehow I keep coming back the next season.





I am quite proud when Guess launched a Malaysia collection. They know they have huge followers here so they come out with some kind very Malaysian with beads and print.  The print look like batik and the beads I guess it is from the traditional accessories from East Malaysia.



Frankly I am not a big fan of full print with beads. I am more a plain bag person. But I bet this going to be a hit among women here. It’s like a collection item for every woman that is under Guess spell. For those who don’t know, Malaysia is in tropic and ‘summer’ all year. Almost everyone dress like it is from Summer/Spring collection.



The Malaysian accent doesn’t end with beads and print but also the wooden handles. Almost like authentic traditional Malay house or furniture.  The wooden handle is very unique and make the bag seems quite mysterious, just like Malay culture.




Malaysia Guess collection in leather like PVC and metallic fabric and of course wooden handle available at from USD105.00.


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