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What is the best way to spend Saturday night?

Watch Madonna toy boy, Jesus Luv walk for Dolce and Gabbana LIVE from Milan of course!

Jesus Luv is among about 40 lucky men that were chosen to present Dolce and Gabbana Summer 2010 season.

It was not a very smooth telecast. I blame my internet provider, Maxis.  The show will be ‘still’ for a few seconds before it resumes. Why, why or why Maxis?

Back to something that is more exciting than slow Maxis, Dolce and Gabbana.

It was the opening piece and I was like noooo…. Not another print tux! I am so glad it doesn’t go far. Only a few print tux and jacket around. Black still rule the runway with a dash of white, brown, ivory and stone. Almost everything is based on dark shades and I am happy the duo maintains it that way.

D&G shiny

D&G shiny2

The main key of this season collection is glamour. The jacket was detailed in glitters embroidery be it all over or only around the lapel and it is worn with a slim ties that looks like a scarves. The jacket was pair with a rolled up pants above the ankle. It looks really glam but you must make sure you style it carefully so you don’t end up like cabaret performer.

My heart beat fast when I saw cute clutches. Almost every model carries one. Simple small clutch that is probably only for small tiny cellphone, cards and few notes! Some of the clutch looks like more like a wristlet. So guys, it is ok to carry clutch while you’re in your tux to a formal dinner!

Just when you think the distressed, torn washed out jeans era was over, Dolce and Gabbana bring it back! But the torn will not be reveal skin because it has another layer underneath. I can’t really spot any skinny jeans throughout the show. Only low cut that reveal boxer and not really skinny. It makes a guy become a real guy again!

D&G Jesus

Great style this season is to tucked stripped silk shirt into tight short or a swim wear just like Jesus Luv here. Think trendy, metrosexual Beckham lounging beside the pool and you get what I mean!  

D&G Marlon 

The duo also pays homage to the Hollywood icon, Marlon Brando with the image of him on a tank top.

The show end with Love is a Losing Game. What a great song to end this “only professional relationships between Stefano Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. They are lovers but now their relationship is strictly business. I read somewhere that they are still living in a same house but on a different level. Erm… love is not really a losing game after all!

D&G finale

To watch the show CLICK HERE.



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Public Affection tees

 This is for those who want to flaunt your love declaration while shopping in a shopping mall.

Red104-shop is the place where you can get a wear for you and your love one to show public affection and tell everyone “we are an item”.

[you are sexy 1 (edited).jpg]

It is pretty cute set of tees! My favourite is sexy girl vs. sexy boy set.

[soulmate 2[3].jpg]

[classic nurse (edited)[3].jpg]

If tees is not enough to show the world that you are together and you want “indirectly warn” his ex not to call him anymore, you should get a matching couple necklace.

What a LOVE….

Visit Red-104 shop

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Erra Fazira baby

Move away Suri, you’re not on the top of my list anymore. The cutest baby on “CuteCarry Most Cutest Celebrity Baby” chart goes to Engku Aleesya Binti Engku Emran.

 She is like a perfect creature, from the combination of two most beautiful people and get all the attention since she is as a 2 months fetus. You can see her in Erra Gugu Gaga on Astro RIA,Tuesday 9 pm and Sunday 1.30pm.

 Watch this magical Engku Aleesya Majlis Cukur Jambul.

 Comelnya anak Erra dan Emran ni! Oh… I desperate to have baby!

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How to avoid swine flu

This is the best way to avoid swine flu.


Enjoy the sun and beach but don’t forget the mask while posing for paparazzi.

I just love Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt!

CuteCarry ‘heart’ Speidi (only for how they become famous)

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Name the sketches in 3 seconds (don’t cheat)

It is fun to see celebs in a different form like in ridiculously brilliant sketch. The Gallery of the Absurd sketch some controversy in their latest work. Can you name the celebrity sketch.

Rule: you only have 3 seconds for each sketch! (scroll down for answer)



1. Sarah Jessica Parker (that perfume ad)

2. Paris Hilton (that burger ad)

3. Brooke Hogan (that album cover)

4. Karl Lagerfeld (that doll of him)

5. Lisa Rinna (that Bride of Restylane)

6. Tori Spelling (that torpion)

7. Nadya Suleman (that mom with 50 to 160 babies)

8. Jessica Simpson (that cover sans fat)

9. Madonna ( that matured icon)

10. Sarah Palin (that doll)

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